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  1. We feel confident that they'll be valid after rollout. We had to make the qualification because we were in the final stages of test and couldn't be positive. It's looking good now. Note: objects left on the mesh sandbox will be deleted at some point - take things into inventory if you want them. Cheers, Chalar
  2. Sorry for the confusion: LeTigre Release Channel purpose is to test fixes before rolling them to the greater grid. As such, you should expect that things may change. Your meshes are unchanged, and should be fine. Megaprims will be fine as long as you don't rescale them. Since mesh is not officially released, this is not a regression. cheers, Charlar
  3. Workaround applied. You should be good to go! Charlar
  4. thanks for bringing this up and discussing it. I've heard a number of good points. This (and all forums) are for you, so I'm hesitant to make any changes unless I hear a significant majority of you chime in for a specific change. Charlar
  5. Hey folks, Hopefully you won't be surprised by any of this, and hopefully you can reuse some of it with your customers :-) We have posted new documents to the wiki that explain the Mesh rollout plan in more detail and describe the implications for the various types of users: Mesh Rollout Plan How Mesh Content Affects You This was also posted to the Merchants forum.   Cheers, Charlar 
  6. thanks for coming; We'll be on agni going forward, currently in a mesh sandbox. Eventually we'll move to a more permanent home. Agenda and Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Archive/2011-08-08 Charlar  
  7. Hi - I just saw your posting. I have performed the workaround on your account. You should be fine now Charlar
  8. Thanks Daniel Hitomi - what region are you on in agni when you have the problem? What region on aditi? Do you have build permissions on those regions? Charlar
  9. Rage, you look like you should be mesh enabled. What are you seeing as an error? Are you a member of mesh volunteers group? https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers#Non_Region_Owners Charlar
  10. Agenda and Meeting Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Archive/2011-08-01 Thanks everyone for participating. As with other meetings, we got a lot of good feedback and are investigating how to merge that with our overall priorities and strategy.    We're seeing a lot of new faces, so we may need to get a little stricter until everyone is used to it. For instance, we stick to the agenda. It's important because otherwise people just try to yell their questions and it degenerates into madness. Also, I try to keep things moving so we can get to all the agenda items. Sometimes I might appear to be shutting things down, but it's unfair to take up a majority of time on one issue. Also, if you attack or personally insult one of the Lindens - or any other participant - I will kick you. The team desires engaged, passionate, discussion, but you must act like everyone else present is not insane, stupid, or some other category. If you can say it with an insult, you can also say it withou and insult. If you really think that about someone, mute them, or leave, and please IM me with your concerns. I reserve the right to be a jerk.   Charlar
  11. Plant - as far as I can tell you should be fine. Are you talking about Agni, or Aditi? For Agni, did you join Mesh Volunteers? What exactly is different from when you could upload? Also, I saw and approved your region update. It should be happening sometime in the next day. Mesh vegetation FTW! Charlar
  12. Sorry you missed it York. Drongle, very nice understatement: "It was recognised that this is not entirely satisfactory." We do indeed recognize that this is not satisfactory, and we're continuing to try and improve our accuracy when weighing objects. I admit that we're erring on the side of too high, rather than too low. I know you do believe we are erring. The idea is to give an accurate reflection of the impact an object has on overall performance. Current prim count for prims and sculpts is effectively arbitrary, so any comparison to how they work is fatally flawed (although it is natural to do make those comparisons). I know that in the marketplace, consumers will make that comparison; we're actively exploring ways to help them get better information to compare. I'm very excited about the next few months. Charlar
  13. Rage - you should be fine now. Sorry for this little bump. Charlar
  14. I made the manual fix for you - you should be good to go. As for Aditi, it's a separate environment. The accounts on it are based on the last time you changed your password. If you change your password on Agni again, you'll find that your aditi account will have current inventory. We recently loaded everyone up on aditi with Lindens to ease testing of mesh upload. Charlar
  15. Actually, you only need to take the tutorial if you want to upload mesh. If you're just going to play with new megaprims, you only need to belong to mesh Volunteers (so you have access to the mesh sandboxes). Charlar
  16. Ranya and Tommi - you both should be good to go now as far as mesh enablement goes. You do need to make sure you're in a mesh sandbox or other mesh enabled region, on agni, and are a member of Mesh Volunteers. Also, it's not a test - it's just a tutorial. You don't have to get any questions correct to become enabled. The purpose is to help those who might not be aware of some intricacies with intellectual property in SL. Charlar
  17. Yep, this is a known bug, which is on our list to correct. Charlar
  18. Froddo, I just checked and you look like you're fine. What is the error you are seeing? Did you check against the instructions in https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers?
  19. OK, you should be good to go. Sorry for the delay. Charlar
  20. Regarding more and better documentation - I hear you. Writing up concise, correct and clear (3 C's!) documentation is a professional level task for something like this. Our intrepid doc team has been feverishly working, but they only have 2 hands each so it can seem like slow going. We lean on some of our more caring and involved members, like you Gaia, to fill in the blanks. Your Kettle Quest series made my jaw drop. Awesome. We have some highly technical documentation now (Nerd alert); our next step is to distill that down to something that a normal resident creator (and then a normal resident) can fully grok. All the questions and answers that have been posted to this forum are helping us understand what we need to communicate. Alright, I need to go write up an explanation of Prim count and PE... Charlar
  21. We're looking into this issue - thanks for reporting it. Charlar
  22. We are looking into this problem - it seems to happen rarely; I'm sorry you got hit by it. We'll review your accounts and see if we can fix them individually. I can't promise anything until we find and fix the bug, but we'll try. Charlar
  23. Based on the results from you all testing, I updated some of the caveats. If you were holding off volunteering, you might want to reconsider. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers Charlar
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