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  1. Thank you so much. My longstanding question was resolved just now. I wonder I pushed wrong hot key. A camera icon of an object on outliner was gray.
  2. I could logged in and uploaded , too. But my alt could not. If I can not use beta grid, probably I will lose a few several thousands of L$ for next my project.
  3. I got same error messages for a few hours. I want to upload a lot of meshes to test for free. Beta grid is acting up in various ways recently.
  4. You did a fine job. Your days are and will be very busy for a long time. I had a good time to join here. Thank you.
  5. Meshes that we have already uploaded until right before rollout are valid after rollout? Will the meshes be deleted? I hold back upload because my meshes might be deleted in Agni.
  6. According to the last of Mesh Project Viewer FAQ  "How do I mirror a mesh? Sorry, we don't support this feature yet. We do plan to support mirroring later on."  So I uploaded left and right sandal meshes.  PE of left mesh is different from right after the decimal point in small measure somehow. I found that LL is thinking about other additional features also, but will not implement in first release. Mesh/Technical Overview
  7. Please upload one of samples from Mesh/Sample Content . If you can upload a sample, there is a problem in your model or exported COLLADA file. What is your 3D modeling soft? We can not figure out without seeing your model. Upload a screen capture of your model. I am not good at English, too lol.
  8. If polygon faces of meshes are so, lod levels are not making any sense. I didn't know the meaning at first . I knew what you're saying soon. Meshes have up to 8 faces of surface texture. The number sholud be same in every LODs to keep painting area as far as possible.
  9. Because of fudge factor of size conversion, unpainted area of textures is shown. These show up as black lines. Sometimes, Lower LOD causes black lines also. Painting surrounding areas of island widely prevents from this problem. I think there is more to learn in UV-mapping. 
  10. If you uploaded "abc.dae" file, "abc.slm" file was made for cache in same folder. The file keeps previous settings to be used for next upload. Physics shapes also. This is convenient, but confuse unaware creaters like the old me. Delete ".slm" files or set FALSE in following, if you dont like it. . I am not sure below link is related to your issue. viewer crash using slm file when order of tags is changed in a multi-object LOD mesh file
  11. I succeeded in logging in another sim "Mesh Sandbox 1". Please input region name like following picture. Now I can upload meshes there. 
  12. I logged in aditi and tried to upload meshes a little while ago. The same issues happened. I could not see neighbor sims and could not  upload a mesh. I only rezzed a new box prim lol. I tried to teleport then viewer logged out. I could upload some meshes a couple of hours ago. It seemed normal at that time.
  13. Then go to Mesh-enabled regions.
  14. I am using Blender2.49b and Gaia's scripts when doing skin weight. Gaia, thank you very much. Spikes after Mesh upload to check no weight paint vertices. Gaia's script said no error about skin weight when export as dae in my cases. I only copied skin weight from original avatar mesh to my avatar mesh seeing the following. Rigg your Avatar The difference is I copied skin weight head, upper_body and lower_body separately before join them. Following pictures are results. There are no problem in separated meshes, however a joined mesh spikes. And I copied skin weight after join body pa
  15. This bug occurs.... The bug happens in different parts of car by location.
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