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  1. We had a brief problem with one of our systems on Aditi; this should be fixed so please do try to get to aditi and respond if you still can't. We encourage you to test uploads on Aditi. You won't have to pay real $L, and can work out details of LoD, collision and rigging without spending money. Charlar
  2. if you're having a problem with Aditi, please don't post to the threads talking about maingrid. You confuse my simple tree brain. We're looking into the aditi issue. Charlar
  3. we have discovered a little problem with aditi - please stay tuned... Charlar
  4. bunny, take a look at your billing info. I think you may need to reenter it. Charlar
  5. to be specific, you need o be able to rez on the parcel to have upload show in your menu. charlar
  6. ok, everyone (except for people I called out specifically with a response) should be good to go. Charlar the mesh enablement fairy
  7. please check your billing info...
  8. everybody here shoudl be fine - and Johan I double checked, you shold be good. Do you have rez permission where you're trying to upload? You need it. Charlar the mesh enablement fairy
  9. ok everyone on this thread should be ok now. Charlar the mesh enablement fairy
  10. everybody on this list should be ok now Charlar the mesh enablement fairy
  11. OK, if you posted prior to this message, you should be mesh enabled. Please check. The mesh enablement page should show green. Charlar
  12. (Cross posted here and the merchants forum) Hi all, As many of you may know, today Mesh was deployed to the entire grid, and an updated Second Life Viewer was released.   What does this mean to Merchants?  If you are certified to upload mesh content, you should now feel free to list mesh-based items for sale on the Marketplace. (You can mark items as partially or fully mesh when editing a Marketplace listing.) We’re very interested in getting feedback from Merchants who are selling mesh objects, and hearing about additional mesh support your customers would like to see on the Marketplace.  Based on that information, we will be working with the Mesh Team to determine what improvements we can make. Brooke (& Charlar)
  13. thanks for writing it! Account management is a little outside of my portfolio, but I do have an interest in it as it affects creators. Charlar
  14. SL is more things than I can grasp, but one I do believe is about being able to create, and make a durable mark on the world. If _only_ 'professional' artists were able to make things, SL would begin to wither. Also, without a path for people to learn, then we lose a training ground for professional creators. Oh, and then there are the people just creating art... I want to make the in-world tools easily accessible and discoverable by new folks. I could talk about this for a while... Charlar
  15. thanks Leviathan and Arton - very interesting. We have had one other report that sounds vaguely similar: STORM-1551 Can you review that and if it seems to match your experience as well, add any notes? Charlar
  16. Can you rez that somewhere and then let me know? Preferably before the usergroup so we can better address your agenda item (which btw, is a bit more of a rant than anything else ;-)). Charlar
  17. hmm, you don't look like you have a problem (not a visible one, anyway). Can you try again, and tell me where you're trying? Also, and this applies to everyone, please grab the latest viewer beta:http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/?lang=en-US (bottom of the page) cheers Charlar
  18. good to go! I'm sorry you waited a few weeks to mention this. Charlar
  19. Yes, I'd like this to be fixed as well, beleive me. We have finite resources and I want all the smart people working on the important stuff. Which leaves me... you should be working now. Charlar
  20. Diana, you should be good to go. Charlar
  21. you should be good to go, I think. Charlar
  22. You need to give some detail. Where are you trying to upload, what version are you running?
  23. Well, first, any valid billing info is acceptable. Also, there is an upload charge, so you'll need lindens. There are no plans currently to apply the payment info on file requirement to other content creation areas, including sculpties. That said, I can't make any promises that it won't change. We introduced this requirement to as a way to force some small amount of accountability for residents hopefully to deter internal IP theft to some degree. We know it doesn't prevent IP theft, but if it stops a few punks, then it will help a few legitimate content creators and that's a good thing. I believe the hobbist is a critical component to the ongoing success of Second Life. This requirement does not seem to have any impact at all to them. hope that helps Charlar
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