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    September Update

    Caius Septimus:
    Mesh is one of the biggest changes to Second Life. Minimizing its impact just showed willingness to be negative.

    Persephone Emerald:
    you didn't understand at all how Social Profiles work, thus your comment doesn't make any sense.

    Victor1st Mornington:
    ...you immediately signed to Premium just to use the sandboxes? That's hard to believe. Anyway you lost exactly nothing.

    la Marama:
    actually Premium sandboxes make a lot of sense for many Premium users. If you only have 512mq of land you're not going to do much with them as a sandbox, unless your only use of a sandbox is unpacking boxes.

    WolfBaginski Bearsfoot:
    some public LL sandboxes are unusable at times, but there's plenty of usable public sandboxes, which I daily use - with zero griefing acts. Anyone who has basic knowledge of Second Life can find a good sandbox - provided that she's interested in that and her only intent is not spreading negativity ("none of the new features [..] are worth anything" - this is priceless).

  1. 18 months ago, I decided that LL is no good - incapable of running SL and intentionally going against their own paying customers - and I decided to close my store. I'm not stupid enough to turn off the flow of money while it's worth having, so I've been allowing the store to run down ever since then.

    I think this is the kind of users Linden Lab should not pay attention to.

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