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  1. Codewarrior thank you very much for this very detailed info! Thank you thank you!
  2. Hi! First of all im very new in working with mesh so please bear with me ;) I have a noob question. How can you export your own avatar shape, skeleton and all the needed files to be able to work on creating rigged items to Maya? I've been searching for tutorials about this but unfortunately i can't find one. I've heared about the new_architype.xml but i dont know the work around or how do you actually use the .xml file. I hope someone could help me about this. Thanks in advance!
  3. That's one of the reason why i always delete my payment info everytime i'm done buying L$ hehe. Since i'm not a premium member i dont need to have my credit card always ready to purchase plus it also helps me control my online spending.
  4. did you try to deactivate the automatic video card switching? I'm using a mid 2010 mbp with NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 256 MB graphics and i can enable everything but ofcourse with dramatic drop of fps. i only do this when taking photos. I was in a apple store yesterday and check the 15in mbp with retina and i was surprised when i tried to zoom in photo file in preview i got lagged. (id checked some forums about this and what i got is this--- https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4210406?start=30&tstart=0 ) I hope you post here if ever you enable the ultra settings. I 'm still holding my self to get the new mbp.
  5. copied from cp fb page : Unfortunately some older video cards have been blacklisted by firefox or chrome due to WebGL instability. This is up to the browser, not us. Chrome has a different list than firefox, so you may have more luck with Chrome.
  6. Try to visit Hollywood airport it is located in blake sea and there are lots of connecting airports around that area. They have also flying groups like hollywood airport association and they do rp atc too. They also made airport maps with "low lag" flight route. I always go there to fly my planes and i love that area.
  7. True that. Even in rl, the best time to take photos is 9 -10am and 3-4pm that's when the sun is in 45 deg angle.
  8. wasn't able to join the new year new you contest.
  9. I am a content creator in my own right and also a consumer her ein Second life and i am totally against copybotting. How would someone especially a noob know if the certain item is copybotted?
  10. Wait we have a "LightNing" effects now in viewer 3 or it's just a typo?
  11. Yarn Factory Art Projects is on exhibit at NOVA GALLERY( a real life art gallery in Manila, Philippines) from december 8-18, 2011. Projected live on the gallery wall for the whole duration of the festival. A project of FETE DELA WSK 3rd Annual modern art & music festival. Fete dela WSK! is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental sonic art, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of digital culture in South East Asia. WSK! — three cryptic letters, which can only provide as much as the sum of the parts. It is organized by SABAW Media Art Kitchen – a not-for-profit organization whose primary interests lie in curatorial and research-based production towards the imminent intersections of art and technology. [ENGRAMA] one of the most sought after band in Second life will play live at Yarn Factory Art Projects' main gallery TODAY at 4:30am SLT. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL!;) slurl:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ni/116/146/27
  12. [ENGRAMA] will have a live performance at Yarn Factory Art projects TODAY dec 18 @ 4:30am SLT. This show will be broadcast live at NOVA gallery ( a real life art gallery in Manila, Philippines) This event is in cooperation with FETE DELA WSK! 3rd Annual modern art & music festival. Fete dela WSK! is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental sonic art, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of digital culture in South East Asia. See you all!;) SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ni/122/145/27
  13. You need a specific script for that. Your animation will not stand alone to simulate linden waters' buoyancy. Im not a scriptor but i think boats/water vehicles and surfboards has a bit the same script for swimming hud or attachment. Check out "swimmer or swimmer's hud" in marketplace, one example of a swimming hud or attachment that can follow or simulate the buoyancy of linden waters. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Swimmer-206-from-Waterworks-Swim-in-prim-OR-sim-water/908729 Also try to post some help of question in the LSL forum category.
  14. I think we need one here. Lots of resident doesnt know how to JIRA including me so having a forum exclusive for beta viewer user's will give more help in reporting bugs. Thanks!
  15. Is this problem isolated with mac or OSX users whever the Shadows and lighting is toggled on the Alpha texture and anti aliasing missing? I tried both macbook pro late 2010 model 2.66 ghz, intel core 2 duo with 4gb memory + nvidia geforce 9400M AND a super upgraded MACPRO. I thought v2.8.1 already fixed this problem but unfortunately it's still not. Anybody knows the work around?
  16. After i turned off the VBO everything works awesome now. I have a higher fps in high settings. Im using a 2010 macbookpro version 10.6.8
  17. Not to mention the exploding heart particles right infront of that building every 2-3 minutes :matte-motes-crying:
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