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  1. hey DragonLady, I found out what to do about that problem. even though you deleted the folders in world, on the mp store it still registers as the item still being there, so you have to make a listing, i type in random gibberish, picked a random category and put 0 for the price. after all that, i was able to delete the listing. strange, huh?
  2. hi, i was wondering if there is a place on the forums here where people can advertise their MP and in world shops? i looked at all the threads but haven't really seen anywhere. any ideas? thanks.
  3. I'm still looking to sale the remaining time on my parcel. I have 6 weeks and 3 days left. Price have been reduced from 7,809L$ to 6,247L$ plus the 1L$ for sale of land. Price of tier is 1,562L$ a week. You will only be paying me for four weeks and will be getting two weeks free plus the 3 days. You will be renting from Estia Estates and they will transfer the remaining time on my tier box into your name. The price of tier will be grandfathered so you will still be paying only 1,562L$ a week. That's only one 1L$ per prim. The land measures 5120 sqm. Interested? Contact Gamja Myanamotu in world
  4. Estia Estate's Covenant: ◄► * ESTIA * Estates ◄► ★ Owner: Antikratis Nirvana ★ Co-Owner: Destiny91 Resident ★ General Manager: VictoriaElina Resident Find all Estia Estates staff list to contact here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Estia/192/180/3003 ◄► Estia Rules (titles)◄► 1) Ground level 2) Sky level 3) Physical movement (breedables) 4) Residential / Commercial use 4.1) Parties 4.2) Avatar capacity (per parcel) 5) Tier / Payments / refunds / transfer 6) Land Owner rights / Support ◄► Estia Rules (extended)◄► ━━━► 1
  5. hi there, quick question. i know what a parcel owner is, but can someone tell me the difference between an estate owner and a region owner? thanks.
  6. Hi, I am looking to sale the remaining time on my rental box at Estia Estates. The weekly tier is 1562L$ for 1562 prims. That is only 1L$ per prim! The land is paid up to 6 weeks and 5 days to this day. I am only asking for 7,809L$ plus 1L$ for sale of the parcel, therefore, you will be getting 1 week and 5 days for free if you buy today. My tier box will be transferred to your name and you will be paying Estia Estates directly after the current 6 weeks and 5 days run out. Estia Estates is a good, classy, and dependable rental agency. I have rented from them for years. Please contact Gamja Mya
  7. i deleted folders inworld under my marketplace listings but they still appear as unlisted on my marketplace listings on the website even though i deleted them. can someone tell me why this is and how to get rid of them?
  8. OK I get you. So, if I buy a full private island, i am the estate owner. If I assign someone to estate manager they can sell the estate but I can always get it back, right?
  9. Hi, I understand that an estate manager can do the same as an owner, but can an owner override it? For instance, can an estate manager sell the land? I know they can make it so an owner can't sell the land, but can the owner override it? Also, if I just give them options in the group, will they be able to perform those task on parcelled land that is being rented? Thank you.
  10. Hi there, I'm looking for a black long sleeve t-shirt (like a henley) and a black t-shirt on the clothing layer for the Male Slink Mesh Body. Can someone please tell me where I can find them. I am also willing to pay someone to make them for me if I can't find them anywhere. IM Gamja Myanamotu in world. Thanks
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