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  1. Ariel, Thanks. I think it's a good question too. I realize that it can be done in Firestorm. And in Singularity as well, fyi. Ms Loon, There does not appear to be such a thing as: Show IMs in nearby chat window... in 'Chat' nor in 'Notifications', nor in Advanced.. that i can find. valerie, Sorry to confuse you. And I wouldn't THINK of starting a new thread! Your welcome. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read and reply to my question. Sincerely Charlotte! :) As i thought! No current solution on the available SL Viewer became obvious when the previous 4 smart users (incl
  2. I must have missed something during the breakout of the newer SL viewers because I cannot figure out how to bring up profiles that in anyway resemble the old format, with pic and info. Not at all sure how to make the link to web based vs SL based profiles. Any help will be appreciated.
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