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  1. Not my shapes, they're not that narrow. Looks to me to be Tonic Fine.
  2. Cool stuff, thanks for the answers. Glad I have a character with Freya then. Will be fun to play around!
  3. Can someone explain to me the significance of the bodies being mod? Like, what does that mean to people? i imagine it means script removal which is helpful, but what else is there?
  4. A bit gratuitous perhaps, but I’m in love so sue me. Today we’re trapped in the 1850s and life is good.
  5. Hey all. I'm wondering if anyone knows a place online where I can download the mirror water windlight that comes in Firestorm. I want to use it in Black Dragon and I went to Strawberry's blog to DL it but box.com is being stubborn and NOT downloading. SO! If anyone else is able to assist with pointing me towards the xml somewhere, please let me know (IM is quicker, but you can reply here too). Thank you so much!
  6. Took a few shots for a new composition. I liked this one because it makes my eyes sparkle. Anyway, finished shot is in the thread "How does your avatar today?".
  7. Hi Asha! it was great reading a little about you. I too am a huge Harry Potter fan and tend to spend a great deal of my time in second life role playing a fourteen year old hufflepuff. It would be great to welcome you into the RP fold if that’s something that interests you. But it’s not all I do: I also enjoy playing board games, going to concerts, shopping to a fault, and taking photographs. The friends I have in world also play some games outside of SL like Star Wars the Old Republic, jackbox, and phasmophobia. We’re a bit irreverent yet easy going, and I for one am always happy to expand on meeting people! If you’re interested in hanging, hit me up inworld. My time zone is SLT+2 but I work nights so my hours are alllll over the place. Hope to chat soon!
  8. Just a couple of fun shots from summer 2019. Our roleplay sim threw a rave and it was off the hook!
  9. ?שלום, מה שלומך I'm not Jewish, but I AM studying Hebrew currently along with my partner. If you ever want to correct my horrible attempts to hold a conversation, we should talk! !תודה, תהנו
  10. I hid my ugly sweater behind my partner, but both have abominable snowmen on them. XD
  11. Hey OP! I play a variety of characters at a Harry Potter based sim called Mischief Managed. We have players and characters of all ages, and a burgeoning adult RP with events hosted regularly. My oldest character is Sylvie "Red" Desmarais, a nano-genarian American export hailing from the bayous of Louisiana. Bonus points: she's a very skilled witch, which means I get to cast all kinds of wicked crazy magic on her. It may not be exactly what you're be looking for, but if the interest strikes you, by all means, join us by filling out an adult application! Sincerely, Talula www.mischiefmanagedsl.net
  12. Called it. Fill out your profile for what you want, I think that's the best advice I've seen in this thread thus far. I see you took your RL pic off, and the harsh wording. That's a good start! Be approachable, friendly, and CLEAR about your expectations, and I'm sure you'll meet more people who share your take on no voice/cam. Because believe me, there are PLENTY of those folks on the grid. I hope you find them.
  13. I wasn't sure if my girls were showing too much, hence the added bar.
  14. She works at Exhale, an EDM club which I ASSUME involves DJs streaming music. She's in a work environment where people don't have voice enabled at all, if standards serve me correctly. So, by that logic, maybe just continue to spend time there, and places LIKE there? Live music venues are in fact awesome for dodging voice/cam requests. Nobody wants to talk over the music, and you're there to dance, not to stare at each other on Skype. The grid is FULL of places like this. But something tells me this is a girl spurned by some fellow or another who left her hanging when she said she wouldn't voice or cam. Which is kind of a d*ck move, but SL doesn't pretend to be some safe space from that. People want the real sometimes, and sometimes people don't care about that. You'll find plenty of the latter if you just look.
  15. Links to the destinations included! Mischief Managed: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/patronum/100/141/1004 Babylon Berlin: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blazing Star/66/135/2997 Backdrop City: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop City/135/181/22 The Firestorm Gateway: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Social Island/46/69/33 Paris for Ara: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Simpson Bay/122/80/26
  16. Another shot for the challenge! IDK if self promotion is allowed, but the pose is available as part of a set on the MP, in my store. Easy enough to find, if you're interested.
  17. Anyone else have a lens flare addiction? lol
  18. Thank you for those who reached out! The position has been filled.
  19. Clickie for my dance video. And here's a still from the dance. Fun challenge, Berry! Shame that Flickr cuts off at 3 minutes. And yet, I might have to make more of these!
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