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  1. I know it's against the TOS to "post, display or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy," which includes (or at least CAN include) calling out griefers by name. A couple of people have recently reported griefers by name in notices in a group I own. As a group owner, can I get in trouble when that happens? Or can the group get shut down?
  2. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: Hi Starchild, It could be http textures. Try disabling it in Phoenix. Have you contacted Phoenix Support yet? It has a support email address and support people inworld. http://www.phoenixviewer.com/support.php Nyll Thank you, Nyll. Looks like it's working again - must have just been weekend lag. But I'll keep the HTTP texture thing in mind for if it happens again.
  3. I've been using Phoenix for a while now with no problems. But today, I've been struggling with severe drops in client-side FPS. I mean, all the way down to two frames per second. It's been driving me nuts. I haven't changed any settings recently, and it's been working perfectly until today. I've already cleared my cache and relogged several times, rebooted my computer, reset my modem and router...still at 2 FPS. What's weird is that Imprudence and V2 are getting really good FPS, so all I can figure is that it's something wrong with Phoenix. The settings are the same in all of my viewers, so I can't figure out what the deal is. Anyone have some insights? I won't use Imprudence because it's too unstable, and I REALLY don't want to switch back to V2!
  4. The ability to Like and Tweet profiles is a feature many users have been reacting to. This feature isn't new and is already available already on the old profile pages, i.e http://world.secondlife.com/resident/8f014fb1-a47b-4cec-be9e-064268cc9b1a. We're investigating whether to make this opt-out or not. Sharing a web page on Facebook and Twitter is something we can never block I didn't even know I HAD an old web profile until I read this post. I understand that nothing can be done to keep people from copy-and-pasting a link to a web profile into a post on FB or Twitter. But I'd like to be able to choose whether or not the "Like," "Tweet," and "Email" buttons appear on my profile. Please do make it opt-out. That's the only thing that really bugs me about these new profiles.
  5. Okay, after looking again at my web profile and after reading what everyone else here has to say about it, I'm convinced that these profiles are NOT a good idea, or at least not well planned out. Facebook and Twitter buttons: In SL, my RL is more or less an open book, but I still choose what parts others get to know. Also, I'm one of probably just a few people in SL who has nothing on my profile that I don't want my employer or my RL friends to see. But SL is what I do on my own time, and if I wanted my boss to know about it, I'd tell her. Now, what's to keep anybody from "liking" my profile on Facebook and linking my RL and SL identities? Seems to me this runs a risk of violating the "disclosure of private information" clause in the SL TOS. Viewing profiles in-world: I haven't tried the new viewer, but it sounds like looking at profiles in-world is awkward at best. Profiles serve lots of functions besides telling the SL community about ourselves. I use them to find new places to check out around the grid, and having to switch between browser and viewer to do this is definitely a hindrance. Also, I hand out notecards to people frequently. Not being able to drop them on people's profiles makes this much, much more difficult. I've been willing to look past the clumsy sidebar, the increased difficutly in giving inventory items to others, the scrambled-up menus, and not seeing people's titles when I hover over them with my mouse pointer. But I'm switching back to v1.23 until this latest mess is cleaned up...although since the web profiles are already in place, I don't see how it will help.
  6. This may be a nit-picky thing, but one thing I'm seeing is that my picks are all out of order on my web profile. I wrote the titles so they'd be in a particular order on my in-world profile, but these web profiles shuffle them all around. If I re-title them to be in the right order on my web profile, they'll be all shuffled up in-world. Like I said, it probably sounds retentive, but it's important to me, and I'm sure there are others who care about it, too. Otherwise, I do like the web profile. It's easier to read than in-world, and it's nice that I can edit it without having to be logged in.
  7. Kwant Capalini wrote: get real, who apart from CDO people read all the terms of service? If it is that important it should be writ large. Whether or not it's easy to find in the TOS, it's common sense not to impersonate a Linden in any way, shape, or form. And the fact that she knew who the Lindens are, knew she should not use "L-i-n-d-e-n" in her display name, and knew that she should put something in her profile saying "I am not really a Linden," shows that she has been around long enough to know that it was a bad idea. There's no excuse for what she did and rightfully was banned for.
  8. In Viewer 1.23, you can go to Edit...Detach Object, and this will show every attachment point on your avatar and whether there is something attached there. If the snow generator doesn't show up as an attachment, the only thing I can think of is it's an object that's somehow following you from sim to sim. Try teleporting to a sim where scripts are not allowed (Dance Island comes to mind), then relog. The item's script will not be able to start if you log in on a sim with scripts disabled, so you can teleport away and it can't follow you.
  9. An alt detection system is absolutely the WORST way to go about dealing with griefers. What it will do is ban the spouse/roommate/sibling/child of someone who the landowner decided they didn't like. What it won't do is keep out the griefer who will simply take their laptop to a coffee shop/library/bookstore and go about their griefing. Best way to deal with griefers is to lock down rezzing, object entry, and scripts. Or set the land to Group Access Only. Or both.
  10. I didn't think of it being a ghosted avatar. I've filed a ticket with LL to request a sim restart. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Caitlin.Tobias wrote: Hi, This happens to me too, when I eject and ban someone from our sim..they will be send to the outside of one corner of the sim and hang there in oblivion (on the outside of sim, unable to re-enter). They are not bots though (sometime they keep IMming me) , and the only way to get rid of them is to restart our sim. Or when they finally decide to TP away themselves. Ejecting this one hasn't budged it. Neither has banning it. It's in the same place it was when I found it. I've IMed it - no response. I've tried pushing it to the edge of the property - it won't move. For kicks and giggles, I even tried to blow it off my land with C4 - big boom, but that's it. And it's a mainland sim, so rebooting would have to go through Linden Labs. I've IMed the owner of the group the bot belongs to and asked her to have someone remove it. She's offline, but she looked like a nice enough person, guess I'll see what happens.
  12. There's what I believe to be a bot parked on a parcel of mine. Bots have their place, but it's not in my garden! I've ejected and banned it, but it's still showing up on the map and on the mini map. I can't see the avatar, but the green dot is there. What's the deal, is it really gone? What else can I do to get rid of it?
  13. There are snow textures in the Library under Textures - Terrain Textures.
  14. Irene Muni wrote: Tolya, I love your signature . I do, too. Tempted to ask for permission to use it on my profile somewhere - with proper credit given, of course.
  15. Love it. Sounds like great machinima material. I would definitely give it a "thumbs up"/"like"/whatever if I could!
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