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  1. I have registered with PayPal. How do I go about getting my converted L$ to US$ into my PayPal account? Kindest Regards Yolandi Parkin
  2. Hey girlfriend! Yep... has been a long time... but this lag monster is/was killing all the passion!
  3. Hello Cinnamon Thanks for that... will keep my eyes open next time I log in...
  4. Hey Irene Amazing what information is around if you just know where to look. Sent the web addresses to my ISP. Thanks for the help. Will keep the followers of this discussion posted. Ciao for now...
  5. Hey Fabubio Thanks for getting back so soon. Set graphics right down to low... other than for local lights and one other setting - shiny or bumpy or something... Draw distance down to 64m. Dumped cache a few times. Viewer 1.23 or 2 - same story. Used speed test and ping test - results so so... ping 600ms, packet loss 2-4%... distance 10,000miles or there abouts... Bandwith settings from 300 to 512k does not really solve the issues... ;-( ....
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    Hey there fellow "lifers"... Have this lag problem for the past few weeks.  Game play for me has come to a virtual standstil.  For nearly a year with my current service provider everything relating to SL was great.  Voice, rendering (rezzing)... everything.  But these days voice sounds like a bad cell phone connection and I can never seem to get my clothes on .  I always seem to be a "cloud".  Believe me... I love to be on "cloud nine" most of the time... but this is a bit much. Now my service provider wants to know what is the IP address of the server we are logging into so that they can start tracing the problem with the lag (long ping times, heavy packet losses etc.) Can someone please help? Regards Yolandi
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