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  1. thank you i have Phoenix and I have Nivdia with 296.1 version plus i think i see an update on there 1.7.11. i am not very tech but i will post this unless you have a better way to ask the question please?
  2. hello, i am still having an issue with my Nvidia card, SL and Windows 7. Nvidia says its a time out issue with MS, MS says, The TDR registry keys IS honored by Windows 7 as well. It does not exist by default in Windows 7, if you need to modify the DEFAULT behavior then you need to create the registry key and provide new values. Please note that, the registry keys are intended for driver testing and debugging only. "You can use the following TDR-related registry keys for testing or debugging purposes only. That is, they should not be manipulated by any applications outside targeted testing or debugging." http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff569918(VS.85).aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff570087(v=vs.85).aspx If you are having issues with GPU response, you should instead try changing the driver or investigate the Graphics hardware. from what i can see i just want to increase the TDR to 3 or 4 seconds. Is this wise or is there a better option? Thank you,
  3. I apologize for not being clear. Wkat i would lile to do is increase the time ou based on below if this makes sense. OpenGL message “lost connection”Answer ID 3007 | Published 07/14/2011 08:14 AM | Updated 09/07/2011 10:11 AMOpenGL message "lost connection"I have seen this Event Log Message: The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close. What does it mean? If you received this message from an application (on a pop up message or in the Event Log), the application was unable to continue rendering because the Microsoft Windows imposed time limit (TDR) was exceeded. This is normally the case when the workload sent to the Graphics Card is greater than what the graphics card can process in the normal timeout of two seconds. You can find more information in this page: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg487368.aspx How can this be fixed? Two possible solutions to try would be: Reduce the graphics workload if possible, such as rendering to a lower resolution or with less detail.Increase the timeout to allow more time to complete the really tough rendering parts. Microsoft provides the information on how to modify the Windows Registry to achieve this.
  4. LL getting ready for the usual weekend nonsence but its earlier this week.
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