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  1. Another suggestion is to go to your Billing History, which you can find on your Dashboard. Click on Account to find Billing History. At the top of the Billing History page is a box that shows both your Linden Dollar Balance and your US (or whatever currency your country uses if you are not in the US) Dollar Balance. If the US Dollar Balance shows the amount you paid for the L$ you purchased, then there was a problem with the Lindex, if you used the Lindex site. If you used a third party site, then all I can suggest is to contact the Support for that third party site.
  2. I use the Phoenix Firestorm-Release V4.0.1.27000. At the Log In screen, there is a small dropdown menu called Default Settings. The settings you can choose are Phoenix, Firestorm, V3 and Hybrid. I use the Hybrid setting all the time. With that, I only have problems with textures loading when I'm on a laggy sim, but I findjust right-clicking, like you are going to Edit them, the unloaded textures will force them to rez for Me.
  3. If the shortcut still works, use Ctrl U and you will be able to upload a pic from your PC to SL. I'm not sure of the layout of the Ascent viewer, but if it has a Menu bar at top, Click on File, then Upload, then Image. It'll cost you L$10.
  4. Thanks Irene! That did the trick... I keep forgetting about the SL wiki!
  5.   Earlier today, I changed my email address in my Account's Contact Information. I thought that would also change my email address here in the forums that I get my email notifications from various threads I follow at, but it didn't. Can anyone tell me how to change my email address here in the forums so that I get my email notifications at the new email address I listed for my account? Thanks!
  6. Moon Firegrave wrote: I have been turned into a vampire and this is not for me. I have spent a lot of lindens on my avatar and dont want to lose my avatar and inventory but if i dont drink blood I have been told I will be destroyed. Please can someone help me so that i dont have to do the blood thing every 2 days etc. i just want to go back to being me. Anyone please? First) You have nothing to worry about. Your avatar will not be destroyed nor will your inventory disappear. Second) I am assuming you are talking about the game The Thirst:Bloodlines, which I am in. If you have only
  7. Thanks for the advice, Cinn. It worked. ;-)
  8. Ok, my problem is that I cannot get my cam set right. By that I mean I cannot get my cam to stay in a position that allows me to see things very well when I am walking or other-wise moving around. I know where my problem is at, I just can't figure out how to fix it. In Preferences, under the Input & Camera tab, the Camera View Angle is doing the job of the Camera Follow Distance, while it does nothing when I adjust the slider for it. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SL main viewer, the SL Release Candidate, Snowglobe,
  9. Nyll, I remember the thread you mentioned. It was in this forum that you saw it as I've never used the old forums.
  10. Nope. The show who's episode you mentioned is on my "so stupid the writer needs shot" list. lol!! What I said in my comment is how I feel about SL.
  11. *laughs* You beat me to it, Eternus! I was getting ready to make my own comment about reac.Feden's last post when your's popped up. I've noticed that about 95% of the time a question is asked several times in different threads, it's worded almost word for word to the other threads. reac.Feden, that's why some people seem to be elitist/dismissive/vitriolic/self important/self promoting/unsupportive/etc to you. They're tired of seeing the same question time after time after time after time...Get the idea? Not meaning to be sarcastic (much) but I'm going on 48 hours no sleep! It never hurts
  12. I have to admit, I more or less laughed out loud (good thing I live alone!) at the tone of the blog's writer and her "reason" for being in the sex sim in the first place...How can it be a TOS by someone if they approached, especially with how polite the guy was, the blog's writer in a sex sim such as that one when you know you will get approached sooner or later? I do hope the sim's owner/manager banned her. The commentor "Evenios" fortunately does not speak for most of us guys. I personally have never seen a woman lead any guy on, unless she was acting out a scene for a movie or show. Most
  13. *laughing* Don't you wish more people would be like me and take your replies/comments in a humorous tone? Some people are just too bloody sensitive nowadays.
  14. That's what I plan to do if he starts his sh*t this time..Just stay cool, file ARs and enjoy being with my lovely lady and our SL family and our friends.
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