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  1. Grid status currently says they are investigating the problem, but I was just able to log in 2 times in a row. I had to setup the toolbar buttons in firestorm because they were reset but that could be unrelated. Glad to be able to log in again. Thanks Linden Lab !
  2. I have been having trouble logging in to the test grid as well. I have been lucky to eventually get in the past few days but I am not having any luck today.
  3. I have not been receiving emails from marketplace sales for a few days. It seems when it first started it was just missing an email here and there but now I am not getting any. I had already tried the things mentioned above to kick start it but no luck. Today I even changed the address I use from a yahoo account to g mail and a few sales have shown up on the dashboard but no emails to the g-mail account either. I came here to the forums to see if it was just me or a more widespread problem but this is the only thread I have found that mentions this. I will be watching to see if anything more comes of this situation. I also should add that I have received the confirmation emails from selling lindens and offline group notices. It just seems to be the marketplace sales email that is borked.
  4. Thanks for the reply Pamela. I created all the mesh that I use in the builds and I am looking through some of the other builds right now. I tend to build groups of castles or cottages when I come out with new mesh and other sister cottages built using the same mesh objects work fine. The only difference I can tell between the builds is the way the walls are arranged. This is the craziest thing I have seen in all my years in SL
  5. Whirly Fizzle Thanks for the reply. The link you gave me BUG-7504 - Physics Setting for mesh object reverting on rez (Public) is very much like what is happening to my builds except it is not the doorways, the problem is with steps and stairs in the build and they dont have the issue of being smaller than .5 like a doorway. Before your reply came in I was doing some testing based on the questions that Klytyna asked in her post. I tried changing the physics type of the entire link set to prim and putting it back in the rez box and that did not correct the problem but I did discover as in the link you gave me above that if I rez the item from inventory while in edit/build mode or dragged it from the rez box to the ground in edit/build then everything in the build worked as it should but if i just dragged it to the ground without being in edit mode the stairs physics were not working. Its very strange that if i right click the build I dont even have to click edit from the pie menu to cause everything to work properly, just by right clicking the link set and then the ground to get rid of the menu is enough to correct the problem. one other thing I should add is that I am 100% sure that these builds worked before I released them so something must have changed that is causing this problem.
  6. Hello It was brought to my attention that the physics were not working properly on some of my builds. I had experienced this issue a few months ago on a build and thought it was isolated, now I am not so sure. If I rez a fresh copy of a build and try to walk up the front steps, the path is blocked, but if I simply right click the link set then left click the ground to get rid of the menu I can walk on the steps as normal. I don't have to click edit on the right click menu I just have to right click. If someone wants to try this you can grab a copy of one of my builds to try for your self. The easiest one I can name is the "Stoneshield Castle vampire edition DEMO REZ ME" it is available on the marketplace for free. The main steps at the front appear blocked until I right click them. This is also happening in some of my other builds, maybe more of them than I know of. If anyone has a solution for this, or if there is a linden that sees this that can assist me, please let me know. Thanks Horatio Clawtooth
  7. Hmm maybe it was just me,,, rolled back firefox to previous version and all is good now
  8. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with uploading images and creating new ads in general. I was trying to create new ads before the site seemed to crash and they say its fixed as far as logins go but i still have the problem uploading images.
  9. Yes it is not taking the customers money and on the merchant side of it my report shows that the state is undelivered and the payment status is Not Paid. These normally clear themselves out but I have one from yesterday still showing.
  10. I also am seeing the same problem. I have not seen any notice about this so I wonder how wide spread it may be.
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