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  1. Sky Drive was the culprit for me. Uninstalled thru the control panel and the browser is running perfect
  2. Give them time When it hits the fan remember, they have a bigger fan than you do
  3. I'm sure they are working on it, it must be a major issue to be going on this long Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
  4. Server rolls and updates Can we have some peace in here and settle with some tested server software? These updates are getting old. q
  5. Feet have never been on of the Avatars best assets, can you fix that Linden Labs?
  6. Sl is designed to run in their software (ie... viewer 2 or The 1.23 version (Which now is unsupported)) I think of Emerald, and then Phoenix, rising from the ashes? The ashes of Emerald? Just a thought. V2 is a bit unstable at times, and we all must ponder if the basic server software is to blame. Things ain't what they used to be. Personally my company, which is active here, uses V2. One tempts disaster with third party viewers. I don't understand why the server software changes every week, and with that, I think, the browser must change too. Why can't we just settle in with something that works and leave it alone. As for advice, use Linden's Viewer 2 and make that the only one you have resident on your computer. Just my thoughts Kelley
  7. Firestorm returns from the ashes, ah Phoenix, which resembles Emerald. Hmmm Rocket Science Kelley
  8. I would take a course in programming and customer service skills. This would be a 101, which apparently has never been focused on at Linden Labs There are a few other courses, as in anatomy (feet don't look like ours), maybe an MBA, so one might learn the theory of business, those things work for me. Kelley
  9. We are very exprienced in OS, and are a bit dissappointed at this point. From what we have seen, and we won't mention names, they are laggy and unreliable. There is still the Ruth thing when you enter, and a lack of creativity as far as animations, and scripting compatibility. We have several that we are trying to put online at this point, but because all of this stuff is still thinking in a windows mode, and not in Linux, Open BSD, ETC... it's not going anywhere, fast. I personally think that Linden Labs is restricting it's developement, but that's just me. One day Open Sim may become the thing that will give Linden competition, until then we all just stumble around. Kelley
  10. Yes Kelsie, we are in the same situation, and Paperdoll tells me to stop paying. I wonder about the logic in this place, I really do.
  11. Restarts mean server restarts, Magnum, etc... It seams like everytime I log into me land they have done a rolling restart. If I stop paying I lose my payed assets. Wait, so you are all not experiencing difficulty? Oh, it must just be me. Paperdoll tell me you haven't seen a problem A sim restart, you have never seen one? LOL V 2 is a piece of work. Come on your SL is a perfect world?
  12. Good grief, restarts every other day, a browser that is disfunctional, (Firestorm is the only thing we can trust), inventories counting differently at each login, not being able to log in, to name a few. I pay for this service and I pay alot. Just make it stable, if thats possible. Test your stuff in another place not on us, I'm so tired of you Lindens Kelley Yes, I did all that browser, cache, driver crap
  13. I know this is for the ladies, but Ladies seem to determine what we, as men, wear. Why is that?
  14. Raising or lowering prices won't make any difference, till Linden decides to give us a quality product. I haven't seen mucWquality recently. It seems like we have daily server upgrades, browsers that are buggy, and lag. Why should I rent a full sim, in fact we just downsized. Why? Lag, upgrades and poor quality. Just from a few people that have been around awhile BTW I still have tickets that are two years old that have never been answered Kelley
  15. It seems like everyday there is a restart, deploy, whatever. I believe in moving forward but can't we have a breather, and enjoy things like the old days. I think there are too many changes without time to enjoy. I guess it doesn't matter, it's your site, just a suggestion Sighs Kelley (tired after too many years of games with you)
  16. It's not what you know... The way of the land
  17. I have pretty much given up on everything here. It seems like everytime I turn around there is a restart, new server rolls. and the like. When is this going to stop, and when are we going to get consistancy. Quit tweaking this thing, please. I give up, probably deaf ears
  18. 2.4 is great, but...... Still can't select custom ports when you check the box custom ports the window that tells you that it will take effect when you restart the browser, freezes and you have to restart the browser. This has been going on for several months now with out a fix
  19. We are using the beta viewer on our private sim today, and find it awesome. We don't see any problems with the people impersonating another that couldn't be done by using group tags. There are a few bugs, as this is a beta, and have submitted them. Actually we are finding the display name function very useful. Just our 2 cents
  20. What a cheerful bunch Happy Halloween Have a room full of people under numerous browsers and we are getting along fine
  21. I like it but did find a silly bug. When trying to change ports from 13000 to whatever the popup that say Change will take effect when you restart... locks up viewer. Have tried it several times with the same result. Besides that it's great
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