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  1.  As the topic - I wonder, what are your opinions. I'm doing a work, that uses OS and writing a essay about that. I wanted to put some information about it from what you may encounter and write a small review. Anyway, it should be research, so I do not want anything more to suggest. I will be grateful for any help.
  2. Why dynamically ? I wanted to make the simulator. From the notecard, loading data of patients. Then I make that patients and I carry out the simulation. Ps. Yeah, patients are objects. I think it's pretty obvious (from the context).
  3. I should understand that it is impossible to link the patient to the bed (without asking for permission), or make the patient to follow the bed (like Lee said)?
  4. How can i make patient follows the conveyer ? Could you give an example ? This is the code, which I'm using to move the bed (yes... it's non-physical object...) : go(vector position){ vector last; vector new; vector krok = (position - llGetPos())/100; do { last = llGetPos(); new = last + krok; llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(1,[PRIM_POSITION,new]); llSleep(0.1); } while ((llVecDist(llGetPos(),position) > 0.1) && (llGetPos() != last));} Ps. I was thinking about transparent bed, but it is felt to be somehow odd...
  5. Hi, I do not know how to move groups of objects. I will describe porblem: In the first room I rezzed a few objects (patients), sending information about the number of objects (their position, etc.) to another room. From the second room comes conveyor (mobile bed) and move the objects into the third room. Conveyors are rezzed as needed I do not know how to combine objects with conveyor (move patients along with the bed). I wanted to link them, but it requires permission from agent. Ps. I hope I described it clearly...
  6. I wanted to make a moving platform. Send this platform to object (which I know the exact location and ID), and the platform takes the object will carry it to another place (clearly defined position, or it may be another object), and there leave. Has anyone an idea how to do it? What simpler the better;)
  7. hmmm... most like visualization all situation at the hospital. I have 4 oparting room, 2 preperation room, 3 room for patients, a one room for staff. It's a lot of scripts. You can set the number of patients, sequence of operations  and start the visualization. but you need to wait long if you want to see what's next. I wanted to improve this.
  8. Yeah, it's impossible, but not everything is random. eg Step 1 The patient lies in a hospital ward. (until it receives message) Step 2 Patient transported to an operation (depends on the distance) Step 3 Operation (divided into stages - random durations of each stage) Etc. I would like to move between these stages, eg from Step 1 to Step 3.
  9. Hi, I am making simulations of the hospital. Simulation is performed in the cycle (eg. the patient accepted, the patient is waiting for space in the operating room, patient transport into the room, etc.) The time is not specified on a permanent basis (eg time of the operation is random). I would like to be able to see what will be the next step, or what will happen in 10 minutes (in the simulation, one hour is six minutes). Is it even possible? Ps. Sorry, it's hard to explain, and my English is not the best:)
  10. Sorry, it sounded rude. I should have written earlier that I use OpenSim Anyway, thanks. I will try your idea. This should help (unless there are more problems...).
  11. Yeah.. It would be very useful, but it's new function and I'm using OpenSim server Some other ideas ?
  12. Hi, Do you know, is it possible (somehow) use this function in OpenSim? It would be very useful.
  13. Hi, is it possible to send message to the specified obcjet (determined by key) ? hmmm... Let me start from the beginning. I got a few key objects (I used llSensor and llDetectedKey). Now I want to send message to the selected object (for example, the nearest object). Objects have the same name (copies). How is the easiest way to do this?
  14. I can not pre-determined actions. To make this looks realistic , some of the scripts should have a random execution time. such as duration of surgery (or waiting lists may have 1 or 5 items) etc.
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