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  1. Venus Petrov wrote: I was informed as a newbie that those who are subs have a small character leading their first name. I was certain this was a gross generalization but it was amusing at the time. LOL ;-)
  2. Is it possible to never use links that are "provided by any website" and always use just the shortcuts you created yourself on your computer that you know always go to the legit place? Kind of like, I never use any link in any email to go to my bank. The only way I ever log onto my bank is through my own shortcut that I created with a URL setup to go directly to my bank. It seems there ought to be some way LL is able to provide better security for this type of thing. It sounds like it could be really easy to fall for one of these scams.
  3. Wow, thank you, what great ideas. I like Venus's give-away idea and I really like Lyra's idea or putting stuff away in boxes. I'm sure it will take me some time to figure out how to do that but that's exactly what I need to be able to do. I really appreciate all the great comments. Thank you all so much.
  4. Just wondering, why would you EVER have a legitimate reason to give anyone your password, or any account information. Seems if there is any suspicion of any wrongdoing or mistake, there would be proper channels to follow without giving up that information.
  5. That is definitely one of my big problems. I'm scared to throw stuff away yet. I am still figuring out what is just junk, what are the messages and instructions, ads, and landmarks, and what are all the parts of things that you need to keep together. Like shoes, You can't just keep a single entry for a pair of shoes, (that I know of), It seems you need several parts just to make up a single pair of shoes. But then there might be several other things in the same folder that are just the creaters advertisements or notecards. Might be a good thing to keep. But I have found that I have a couple things that I might have two or three of the same thing. I have started to carefully examine those things and if they look absolutely identical, i might delete one. But I figured, if I have two, then I can use one to move into a proper folder and after it's in there and works, then I can delete the other. I guess I am way to **bleep** that way. But I guess I'm that way in RL too. I do like the "Outfits" folder. I am slowly starting to build those. But there again, you can have several differnt versions of the same outfit. I guess it's a lot of work any way you look at it. Still lots of fun though. :-)
  6. Thank you SO much, I didn't think of using a mouse, that would help immensely. And I started to create a little bit of a folder structure like you described but it seemed that I was buying too much faster than I created places to put them. And I was frustrated because some things you can "Copy" to other folders and locations and some things you just have to drag. And I kept buying because it seemed like everything I bought was really cool but then, I never had total outfits that matched. All part of exploring my new found life I guess. I think it's so cool to learn new stuff. I think when you quit learning, you quit living. All I want to do is explore now and have fun now. I think I should follow your advice and quit "buying" for a bit. I probably have more than I'll wear for years now. Maybe someone could invent a "Closet" on SL, something you could buy and put in your inventory that already has a predefined folder structure for all your stuff. Then you just have to put your stuff away like you do at home. Just a thought. I'd buy one. But maybe not enough people would. But thank you so much for your advice. I really like the people here.
  7. Being a gypsy does have its advantages and seems to bode well for a beginner just trying to find his way. There are just so many places to see and things to do that it seems impossible to keep up with a home at the same time. And it's even worse when you only have a limited amount of time you can dedicate to SL. I think it comes down to priorities. And priorities shift with age. When you get my age, it's easy to look forward and see time running out and look backwards and see things you might have done differently. But I am happy with all my decisions. I have a great house by the beach and everything I ever wanted. I had to work my butt off for it and still do so that means budgeting my time very carefully. But SL is awesome. It is an extension of life that allows us to be even freer than we ever imagined possible. And I want to do is do it right. So far, I have spent a fortune, my inventory is a friggin' mess. I am just now learning what it means when they say "no copy", "no transfer", and "no modify". These are things they should have a class on before you start. I still can't figure out how to organize my inventory the way I want it. I am a neatness freak in RL and my inventory makes me crazy. I would gladly pay someone to help me with it but I doubt that's even possible. But most of all, I am getting tired of not having a real home. Someplace to go and just be alone so I can work on things like my inventory. So far, I have met so many incredible people. Some people that I already dearly love. There are so many people that love to help and are so charming and sweet that they can melt a guy's heart.. But then there are a few that you have to watch out for. And it's so hard to tell the difference when you're new. That could be a good job for a SL person, to be just a guide and show new people around. Not all people are cheap. I would have gladly paid a small fortune for help. But now, I still need help but a little less. But I do need to figure out how to find a nice place to call home. As I said, I own a beautiful house by the beach in RL. But I have learned the shortcomings of ownership. In this economy, to own a home locks you in one spot. Fortunately, I made good decisions and my RL house is paid for. But in today's world, I think renting might be a better idea. It opens your options and makes you mobile. You can move around to where ever your work is in RL. In SL, it could help you avoid getting too used to one place. I don't need to fix it up too special because I spend way too much time fixing up my RL house to be a show-piece for company and parties. That's enough work. I just want a nice place that is upscale because I like having nice things. I have found in RL that you always get what you pay for. You pay cheap, you get cheap. I like nice, But I am very frugal, that's the only way a hard working person can afford nice things. So I need advise on how and wear to look for such. I want a place that I can afford but a place that keeps the property value high in the neighborhood. Someplace that I can rent that I'm not tide to forever. But a place where I can always run home and do the things I need to do. And of course, if I need to converse with a friend, a private place can always come in handy if you know what I mean. I think it's going to take me a year just to organize my inventory. I bought so many things and it seems I have to drag each thing one at a time to a new folder. I've already lost some jewelry, (I don't know how), but a touchpad on a lappy can be dangerous. I can take my time and do it right if I have a home to hang it where I can pipe in some good tunes. I love all the clubs and cool places in SL. I especially love the dance clubs and shopping. I never liked shopping in RL. Here, it is so cool especially with a friend showing you around. SL is so cool. Open to any help or suggestions.
  8. TY both, very good info! I actually like the face of the skin I got, just thought some additional make up would be appropriate for certain club atmospheres. Tried a tatoo so far, that worked. Running SL-V2 but not sure about the version level till I log on. I've spent a dang fortune on clothes and accesories to find that nothing matches or looks good together. So before I start buying eyes and makeup, I guess I'm going to need a real girl's opinion. It's a heck of a lot harder than I ever imagined.
  9. EDIT: I still think we are running the same rig but since I did a complete recovery, I'm running the original Nvidia graphics driver, (10/16/2010 v8.17.12.6099), and I'm running withOUT the Nvidia Control panel loaded because I figured that was just another load on the system. So, I don't see where I can change those settings you mentioned unless, maybe, if I load up that control panel. Total Graphics Mem=2811 and Dedicated Mem=1024 so I'm experiencing no lags at all so far but I'm not doing anything too intense yet either. Not sure how to figure out where I might run into problems or where I might over-stress this lappy but I did figure out that the fan only runs on medium speed the majority of the time with an occasional jump to high speed if I visit someplace really busy. Tried to get wife's new lappy, (Toshiba w/onboard video) up on Pheonix but lag is just too much. Looks like we might be buying another one soon. So I need to figure out what video adapter is best suited for a lappy and the future of SL.
  10. It sucks, it's gonna suck even more, but it could be worse. I think 5 people have been killed so far. We can only hope and pray that's it. But we just have to hang in there. We will pick up the pieces and make it better afterward. I still remember the intensity of getting hit by Charlie, then Frances, and then Jeanne, one after another. We thought we were all doomed down here. Power out for weeks in some places, telephone poles snapped like toothpicks, it was all pretty crazy. But it brought people together. Everyone banned together and we fixed it. Irene will definitely do some damage and I pray the loss of life doesn't increase. But we will rebuild. We will be stronger for it. Just be careful and don't be the reason some fireman has to come rescue you, be safe. :Edit: Just looked at the forcast and it looks like it may be falling apart... https://www.gplus.com/Hurricanes/Insight/The-storm-cannot-master-its-own-strength
  11. Well, I just learned some more about video cards and laptops, and it turned out to be a not so happy day. My laptop is a year old but it's a decent rig. My wife saw how much fun I was having so she finally decided to try it again. We both played around with SL years ago but we gave it up when SL outgrew our computers. She just bought a nice Toshiba laptop a month ago but I just discovered that it uses a basic Intel graphics adapter. Every time we tried to install SL, it fails for detecting video hardware. She is bumming out big time. I told her she could use my old desktop but she wants to sit next to me so I guess that means another new computer. I started lookig at SL minimum specs and the problem I'm having is that all the info I see refers to a "PC" or a MAC and fails to address laptops. So it is tough to know ahead of time what laptop may be capable of running SL. The graphics adapter on mine is an Nvidia GeForce GT 230M and I assume the "M" stands for "mobile" and all the specs I have found so far look like specs for a desktop PC. So the real question is, what is the minimum "Mobile" specification to be able to run SL?
  12. Hello, I bought a skin that I thought was pretty awesome and I still really like, but I don't know if the face was something I could modify. Not on right now so I don't remember the name of the skin but is there a way to know if I can play around with the face? I don't really have any issues with the shape. I would just like to be able to buy and experiement with makeup and such. This seems like an awesome venue for exploring bits of ones character that aren't easy to play with in RL. Also, if you have a picture of a face in RL, like a model or someone you like, is there any way to copy the features of that face to your avatar?
  13. Now that sounds scary, having the ground moving that much under you. I had some family in CA and they used to talk about the quakes like they were no big deal but they lived out in the Valley in a one story home. Not too much to fall on you. I think I would freak in a tall building. I never heard of those "flooding" parties but I can see that. I'm guessing people are also really busy trying to prepare and shore up their homes. I saw some really creative levies that people built around thier properties in this recent flood from the Mississippi. But I guess flooding can be just as devistating as anything else. That has to be just awful but I guess that's what insurance is for. The worst time we had was that fall of '04. Living half a block from the beach meant no electricity for days at a time and three of the four hurricanes directly impacted us. All three times we went days with no power. I boarded up the house pretty good and we ignored the evac orders and rode them out right here. We even got some video of stuff flying down the street. It's alway fun to see who's going to stick around and who's going to leave. And it's funny how when you don't have electricity, everyone comes out of their house and it's a big social event. But soon as the power is restored, people suck back into their houses just because of the air-conditioning.
  14. Thank you, and you're right! I have met a lot of very friendly people that have helped me with everything I know so far. I get messages warning me about staying away from cretain types of people but I don't understand that. What can they do to you? I assume you can always just leave or log out, so what's the big deal, I don't understand what there is to be afraid of. But the people I have met are as amazing as the things they create. It just makes me want to go out and exploer more places and meet more people. This is almost like an adventure inside your imagination but it's everyone's imagination piled into one place. It's absolutely amazing. And I have to add, the Ladies here are enough to rock anyone's world.
  15. I think it's all a bit overwhelming at first. I went a week before I realized that it's the same concept as if you were "buying" the tip jar. There is just so much to learn that it's mind-blowing initially because there is so much to see and do but instructions aren't real clear. I'm still trying to figure out how to give people money just to show my appreciation for the incredible things they have made. It's not like I'm rich, but I work really hard and so I appreciate all the hard work everyone here puts into their creations. The tip jars are pretty brainless now but there is so much more that I find so amazing and I have no clue as to how to give the people who created these things some kind of monetary gift. They certainly deserve something for all their efforts but like the one place recommended to me for changing clothes, obviously, someone spent hours of work creating that atmosphere and making it beautiful beyond belief. But I have searched everywhere for something like a tip jar but I still have no idea how to give that person something. It's almost like you should go to a class on how SL works before you even join. We just jump in here and wow! But there is definitely plenty to keep anyone busy even if they aren't housekeeping. I can see how I could spend months or years just looking around without ever considering the need to have a place somewhere in particular.
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