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  1. Well done LL's! I saw some results, but a continuing effort is needed here. Anyway, I have to admit you "smashed" some bones! Well done and keep it up.
  2. I admire your knowledge about algorith updates, but in World search giving me opposite results and I always find such places on top. Removing that option in search it's more logical by any other algorithmic change method.
  3. Please don't do that! As I said, I'm an old and experienced resident to make a thread for this issue without a serious investigation. I'm talking about sims with very little real traffic and also I'm visited those places for months and different hours!!! NOT TODAY!!!! LL's can easily track the violators. So you don't worry, instead you have a reason of that. Reports are already in LL hands, so don't try to make an excuse for them in here. There is no reason
  4. After long time inWorld allow me to have a very good experience in this issue. I worked a lot in many projects and I have created tons of content inWorld so I care about this platform a lot. I saw friends to be acused for traffic violation, me also. Some of them without a serious reason (Club owners). But....there are residents and sims owners who continuing do traffic violation without even a warning. Enough is enough. I can accept a good Dance Club or a Mall can achieve a traffic indication above 5000 or more. A place with an avatar (agent) 24/7 on it can make a 1500 traffic indication, with 2 agents 3000!!! I can understand a content creator or a sim owner that need to watch hes/her place for any reason (security-statistics) and he can have 1 or 2 alts (that can be acceptable also). But I think LL should set a traffic indication as a limit and above that should investigate all the sims that have.... over 5000 for example! Above that 80-90% it's a result of traffic violation, using camp/bots and illegal methods. After 5 years inWorld allow me to be sure about it. That's one reason that SL lost reliability. Someone who visit those places (most of them are also very ugly in enviroment and decoration setup). I saw already a dramatic reduce in my friendlist from ppl that stopped to login, it's almost time to do that myself if this doesnt stop now!
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