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  1. I just tried Alchemy and I'm really very pleased. It does fly along as someone said so, from from point of view of this thread, I would say it's the best. I was disappointed because it doesn't have a button in the Edit box to get an object's UUID like some viewers have. I asked about it in the Alchemy group and someone told me where to get the UUID. So I'm happy. I'm happy because, I really dislike what the Singularity viewer does with script menus (dialogs). So I'm on Alchemy now.
  2. And that was why I made the suggestion :) I can't argue about which is better, because I'm only used to one of them. I'm just saying that, imo, having it as the default, which it is, would be off-putting to some people. It was just what I believe is a constructive suggestion, that's all.
  3. For me, it's a case of being able to move reasonably well on the ground, instead of arriving at a club and waiting until I could move before going in. I'm not interested in the pros and cons of this and that. I just want to be able to move ok when there is plenty of stuff (inc. avs) around, without having to wait for a minute or more, and even then not moving particularly smootlhy. Simples
  4. In your download page you suggested reading some pages first, which I did. Well, I read the one about the camera anyway So I wasn't surprised when the default camera operations didn't cause the camera to stay behind the avatar when the avatar changed direction. Instead, the avatar is viewed moving sideways etc. on direction changes with the cursor keys. It can stay behind the avatar if the Alt key is pressed along with the cursor keys. All other viewers that I've used cause the camera to stay behind the avatar. It can be changed to the more SL norm with a few clicks in Prefs if you read how t
  5. Thank you all for your replies. EEP is of no interest to me whatsoever. I'm only interested in the FPS rates. I've now tried those that have been suggested - Black Dragon, Cool Viewer, Singularity, Firestorm, and the LL viewer. I knew Firestorm and the LL viewer so I logged in with each of the others, and just stood still on my sky platform, where there is a little bit of activity, and watched the FPS rate. And, purely on FPS, with my hardware (below), I have a winner. Singularity shows a significantly higher FPS rate than the others. I would like the FPS to show in the top bar, but it do
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I didn't expect the answer to be perfectly straight forward, and it isn't lol. I had no idea that EEP causes such a problem. It's of no interest whatsoever to me. I'm back on FS 6.3.9, but I will try viewers like the version of Singularity that was mentioned, and Kokua - and even Cool viewer. I'll give them a shot. Thank you again for your very helpful replies.
  7. Generally speaking, which is considered to be the viewer that gives the highest FPS? The reason I am asking is because I finally decided to update Firestorm, but Firestorm made a right pig's ear of it. I ended up have to remove some it's stuff by hand. I did eventually get the current one running though, but the FPS was much lower than the previous version. So I've downloaded and installed the previous version, but I'm wondering which viewer is considered to have the highest FPS rates, because I'd like to try it.
  8. @Charlotte Bartlett I should bother reporting this thread, Charlotte. The one at the top of GD in Technology went rushing off it a silly direction from the very post post. This thread was the sensible one
  9. Traffic numbers are back to normal now. I think that's what it was - LL doing something that reset the counts, so that there were only small numbers when yesterday's totals were taken.
  10. Yes, the traffic count is down on 2 parcels that I know about, so I assume it's down all round. It may be that, at some point, LL did something and the counts were reset at that point in time. So, when the next reading came along, they hadn't had time to reach the normal daily figures.
  11. And today he proved it! Thank you for that Cindy. xxx
  12. Thank you @kali Wylder I appreciate it.
  13. I've been racking my brain trying to think of RL embarrassing moments but I can't come up with any. They are there, but they are hiding from me. So I'll write an SL one. Sorry to those who have read it before but I'm sure there are some who haven't. I used to rent out skyboxes. They were in a pile in the sky but with a suitable distance between them. And they were side-to-side staggered, so not directly above each other. I rented one out to a guy and immediately I decided to do something with one that was higher than his but not directly above it. I positioned myself on the ground so
  14. Well, I 'liked' your post, and I'll tell you now that it's a very good post. That's 2 random acts of kindness for the day, so now can I get back to being mean and nasty to everyone I see? 👿
  15. I've just logged a few alts and me into the dashboard without any problems at all.
  16. I popped over at half-time and I can hear the music there now So all it well again.
  17. Some one inworld sent me instructions on removing the IP from the 'don't listen' list. I've done it but haven't tested it yet because there's a big match on. Although it's half time just now so I could get over there and try it you.
  18. I have to listen to it, which is exactly what I'll be doing very soon
  19. Not long ago, every time I went onto another parcel, I got a pop-up asking if I want the music, and also if I never want to receive music from 'this' parcel. They were a total nuisance. I don't generally listed to music in SL so I clicked 'never on this parcel' every time. I'm sure there was probably a one-click way of stopping them all. Now I actually do want to hear the music from a particular parcel, but I can't. I'm using Firestorm (not the latest). In Preferences>Sound & Media>Sounds I have the Master volume up high and 'Streaming music' checked. In Preferences>Soun
  20. Still diagonally across the viewing area :) Unless you mean those TVs I occasionally see in a film where the viewing part really was round, in which case, it would have been any direction, including diagonally with respect to the floor :)
  21. Not just laptops. Video screens (TVs) have always been measured diagonally.
  22. I never heard of anything like that. The most I came across was 3L/10m. There were a few of those, but mostly camping was for 2L/10m. Then it started to decrease.
  23. @arton Rotaru I got into bots purely for the traffic, as everyone in the forums knew back then, so I can imagine how quick they can be at occupying camping spots. I remember avatars, some of whom had real people behind them, waiting for a spot to become free, but I never got involved in that. In fact, after traffic gaming was banned, I actually put 8 camping chairs out in my store. They were on their own little parcel, which wasn't listed in search, so no rules were broken. I still dabble with bots, but purely for the pleasure of doing it. I have no use for them at all.
  24. Hehe. I offered it back but he said no. I probably didn't blow it at all, as I've never been a shopper.
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