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  1. This is what you said - this is your start... I think the resident you had the argument with is watching this unfold and laughing at you, feeling empowered because they have caused such trouble to the point where they could actually cause you to leave the forum. That's the scenario you invented, and that's what you tried to help me through. <isn't there an emoji for shaking my head?>
  2. I just have to say that I was so affected by my last suspension that I didn't even know when it was over. I got back a day or two late. That's how hurt I get by such things
  3. LOL. A much lesser amount. And NO ACTUAL HURT IS INVOLVED. Goodnight.
  4. The reason I don't believe you is because you invented 2 things about BilliJo and stated them as though they were facts. Then, given that they were facts, you offered help. In other words, you invented a false scenario and then rushed to help someone through it. It was all fraud which I am told is your MO.
  5. LMAO! You really are something, Luna. Exactly what you are, I've no idea, but whatever it is, you are it Oh, and I didn't say anger. I said annoyed. You know the difference?
  6. No I'm not an exception. Being hurt by a 3 day suspension would be an exception. Annoyed, yes, especially if it weren't deserved, but hurt, no. I expect you'll now say that you don't know what difference there is between hurt and annoyed lol. ETA: Incidentally, your help was all about BilliJo. She doesn't have any power to abuse. The ones who do are the moderators and, yes, there was an abuse of power, but your help was all about BilliJo. It's interesting to see you switch streams
  7. D Don't forget the inventing of things to be compassionate and caring about
  8. I have an alt called 4times Nitely. He was created many years ago but I no longer use him because I can't perform as well as that any more.
  9. The reason you can't imagine any is because there haven't been any.
  10. You did not see it happening with me. It was a figment of your imagination. If I thought you might actually learn from being told the truth, I'd tell you that I have not been hurt - not even by the moderators, let alone a user. You must think that I'm really weak-minded if you think I can't cope with someone disagreeing with me <sigh>. But I don't think you'll believe me so I won't tell you. Instead I'll leave you to your imaginations. Tip for the future: Don't try to help people unless they ask for help. You're not good at spotting where help might be useful and, when it's not usef
  11. Rubbish! Your post was about drama. She started the thread, for goodness sakes, and you thought you'd help me by telling me that she's watching the thread? lol. I just don't know where some people get their brains from. I really don't. And you add that she's laughing at me? Did she tell you that? or was it a lie? Then you helpfully inform me that she feels empowered because she's driven me out of the forum. Did she also tell you that? or was that also a lie? You seem to have forgotten the reason why I'm leaving SL. You also seem to have forgotten that I said I might pop into the forum occasion
  12. I already responded to this but I'm going to make another response to it. What you wrote was a bare-faced attempt at stirring (which comes under the heading of trolling). You failed, but it does show me one reason why people make the comments they do about you. A few posts ago you wrote that you prefer truth to connection. It now appears that you prefer neither. Your preference is probably drama.
  13. You didn't need to post any of that, Luna. I doubt that you know the moderatorS (plural) in question, so you're barking up the wrong tree there. Multiple penalties against me have been subsequently overturned, y'know I know that 'the other person' is in the thread, and I'm certain that she isn't laughing at me. She was suspended too, y'know. She didn't cause me to leave SL. Perhaps you would like her to be responsible, but she isn't. I explained all that to you, so you should know all about it. It's the unjustifiable heavy-handedness that finally switched me into quit mode, but, as y
  14. @Luna Bliss There were no emotions involved in that 'discussion', and nothing else involved that could remotely be considered as being worthy of a penalty. There was no reason for either person to be suspended from the forum, and definitely no reason for a suspension from SL. One of the participant's penalty was overturned, but not until after it had been served because I was penalised and couldn't get in to make an appeal. I don't know whether or not the other participant's penalty was overturned after it had been served. Just out of interest, the other person served the penalty and
  15. So that states very clearly that the Username is the "account information", which doesn't even hint that it might also be used as the avatar's name. The stupidity knows no bounds.
  16. Back in the early times when users had a last name, perhaps informing new users that the name they choose will be their avatar's name wasn't so necessary, because common sense told us that having to jump through hoops to find a reasonable first and last name combination simply wasn't necessary if it's just an account name. So it was reasonably clear that the name would be the avatar's name. Unfortunately, some people at LL don't have the wherewithal up top to realise that, since new users now only choose one username, it is necessary to tell them that it will apply to their avatar. It's just a
  17. I suppose it can still be a topic in 2019 because LL don't always enforce their ToS when breaches are pointed out to them. That's my guess, anyway.
  18. Be careful there. LL will auto-renew your premium account so, unless you've taken steps to prevent that happening, they'll take the money if you haven't downgraded.
  19. Suspending people from SL accompanies being suspended from the forum. I don't think anyone gets suspended from the forum these days without also being suspended from SL. And you don't have to break any rules or guidelines for it to happen to you. Example: A says to B, you are a member of a group. B says no I'm not. A says yes you are, B says no I'm not, and this goes on maybe a dozen times. Both participants were suspended from both here and from SL. That actually happened. That's how stupid some of the moderation here is these days. People are suspended without breaking any rules or guid
  20. Oh I'm sure there are some hobbyist net-nanny tattlers (I've never heard that expression before) here. I don't mind them. It's the penalties that should never be issued that I object to. Heck, more than one of mine were subsequently overturned, one of them without me even suggesting it lol. Issuing such penalties wrongly is abominable when it includes a suspension from SL. Many such suspensions are illegal, and would cost LL if they were taken to court. Not having enough time to learn the forum rules and guidelines doesn't excuse it, and not having time to check if a post breaks the rules isn'
  21. You can judge it. In times past I've had the odd penalty - way back. But, until recent times, I hadn't had one for years. Then we get the current crop of moderators and suddenly warnings and suspensions become common to me, some of which are subsequently overturned. And that's what's so idiotic these days - penalties that should never be issued, but are issued because some moderators ignore the fact that the forum rules and guidelines haven't been breached, and penalise just because they want to. And what makes it really bad is them being in the new habit of suspending people from SL and well
  22. Addition: I can't complain though. I made a lot of money out of SL, and I spent plenty of years throughly enjoying SL. It's only in recent times that I've run out of things to interest me in it. If I were still enjoying it like I used to, then I'd just stay away from the badly-moderated forum and carry on inworld. I'm not quitting to make a point - as if! lol. SL has run its course for me, and I've no desire to hang around in a place where the stupidity that I've mentioned reigns. That's all there is to it.
  23. I don't mind you asking, Luna. It's no secret. It's mostly because I don't really do much of anything in SL any more, and I haven't done for years. Because of that, it didn't need much for me to decide to leave, and my quit switch was finally switched by some of the idiotic moderating that occurs in this forum, this forum being pretty much all that I've had to do with SL for quite some time. Both the previous Admin leader (Tommy), and the current one (Kristen) know about it but they've done nothing to stop the rogue moderators, other than overturning bad decisions when they become aware.
  24. What other people have done is of no interest to me. But I do think that downgrading an account that's been premium for over 11 years indicates some strong intent. Having said that, I can't say that I won't look in the forum occasionally. It's SL that I'll be done with. I won't even have a viewer. I know it doesn't take long to download and install, but that's a whole lot longer than just popping in because it's there.
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