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  1. Besides its not just creators who are in this position, sim owners, event organisers, club owners, etc, are all seeing their costs go up and although you could increase what you charge for stuff you sell, increasing the rent in your sim, charging people to visit your experience, etc, is quite tricky as well.
  2. If you own a group you can actually remove members who haven't logged into SL for a while. Simply sort all members by date they last were online, select the ones you want to eject and do so.
  3. Ok so if I understand correctly; -cashing out is becoming a lot more expensive. -tier goes down a bit -basic users get fewer groups, premium members get more groups. To me it seems like being a premium member hasn't become more attractive but less so, I think that for most of us 60 groups is a fine amount, I don't think I need more, especially if that means basic account users get fewer. After all, they need to join my groups! Groups are the best way to reach the people who visit your sim, come to your shop, are part of your community, if they start leaving our groups because they only have so many they can join, it's not good. I bet we can think of a few ways to make being a premium member a lot more interesting without having to damage basic accounts. After all it is not only important for LL to keep premium members happy but to also try and convince more people to become a premium member. If you make being one more expensive you need to offer a lot more than now. I remember becoming a premium member because of the 24 hour a day chat support... ah those were the days. Premium becomes cheaper if you pay annually, that is great but I can't afford to just pay 99$ at once and I'm a SL sim owner who is doing rather well compared to many! Tier going down is great but does it outweigh the increase in cashing out fees? I don't know, I can't calculate myself out of a paper bag, but in the end how much money is actually left in my wallet is what decides how much time, money and effort I can convince myself to spend in SL. Event organisers, club owners, sim builders, content creators, shop keepers, etc, these people are the backbone of SL, their costs should go down, their lives should be made easier. If cashing out keeps getting more expensive, people might just start asking tenants, customers or clients to start paying them directly via paypal.
  4. Sorry about this very late reply, but someone may be looking for an answer and stumble upon this old post so I'll add this; For me this is a bit easier, simply add _popup to your slurl. So; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eruhkz7DTTY becomes; https://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=eruhkz7DTTY That works
  5. This has been going on since the beginning, I think we brought up that the landing point should be something we can change or alter in the place pages thing but nothing was done with it apparently. Maybe it's just me, maybe I just haven't been paying attention lately, but it feels a bit like the places pages project has been neglected a bit.
  6. We're celebrating our 10th anniversary next month I've only been in SL for a decade!
  7. That's what I'm planning. I want my Berlin to be the same time of day and season as real Berlin. People will always be able to override the setting with their own choice. But I'm going for realism. Which means I've been manually setting the windlight of my sim twice a day for years...
  8. Sorry about posting to an old post but just had to add a small correction. We do not insist on realistic size. We suggest it but if you go to the city as a very tall person you will be fine. Although some streetkids may point and mock you and you may bump your head a few times. Also, today I look like this. I always look like this.
  9. 1920s Berlin has events every day at 2pm slt, which is 11pm Europe time. But theres plenty going on in the sim before this time usually.
  10. I'm just happy we'll finally be able to have 24 hour days Mind you I'm also excited about the idea of being able to use the sky for animated textures, like maybe have hundreds of planes flying over....
  11. 1920s Berlin is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
  12. I'm late to the party, sorry. But do we have an idea about when the EEP is going to be available on the main viewer(s)?
  13. The Time Portal sim has an 1920s-1940s New York neighbourhood, you could hang out there for the time being. I am planning a WW2 UK based sim, but I fear it will be some time before that gets off the ground, with tier prices being the way they are.
  14. Historical roleplay sims seem to still do pretty well though, at least the ones I've been to, nice active communities
  15. 1920s Berlin is pretty realistic.
  16. You don't have to do roleplay to visit historical roleplay sims. A roleplay sim is also a destination. If I'm looking for a RP sim I'd look under destinations. If I'm looking for discussions about the subject of rp I'd look under rp. But I never do because for some reason to some people rp means doing something kinky.
  17. Nah, come visit Time Portal, the time machine works perfectly. It is just that 1920s internet providers were pants.
  18. There is no dress code in Time Portal, besides the obvious; Don't show up as a nazi. Don't be naked. Don't be a naked nazi. For 1920s Berlin we have the 1920s dress code.
  19. You're not in 1929, I am! Internet speed is dreadful here.
  20. We have our open day in 1920s Berlin every year during the anniversary celebrations, around the month of May. However you can also visit with an invisible avatar or as a realistic animal. As long as how you look and act doesn't distract from the immersive time travel experience of others. BUT that is only in 1920s Berlin. My other sim Time Portal is open to everyone and you can come as you are.
  21. I'm glad people think I am telling lies when I call everyone around me in my 1920s sims a bunch of lazy drunks and when I tell them jazz is evil and they're all lazy no good tarts who have no idea what life was like when the Kaiser was still around. Pesky kids.
  22. I'm 45, Dutch (yes those people who invented THE stroopwafel), live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I've been in SL for about a decade, when I had only just joined I started the 1920s Berlin Project, a historical roleplaying community, which has been going very strong pretty much since day one. I enjoy standing behind the bar there for our daily (!) happy hour, pour drinks, chat, listen to 1920s music, be grumpy and complain about young people, jazz and not getting enough tips. I also own the Time Portal sim where people can visit several historical zones. You may have guessed it; I love, nay I'm obsessed with, nay I'm addicted to history, both in SL as in RL.
  23. More historically accurate items. I have an 1920s sim and a sim with zones that have Roman, Tudor, 18th century France, Victorian London and 1930s New York areas and it is such a hassle to find people who actually do their research before they start making clothes and other objects. I invited some of the best creators I could find to open a shop in my Time Portal sim but am always looking for more and still find there just aren't enough people making stuff that looks halfway decent historically speaking.
  24. Medieval or fantasy?
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