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  1. Video made by Amelie Marcoud filmed in the 1940s London during the Blitz in Time Portal.
  2. Berlin, 1929. Music, schnaps, good company, jazz, a bit of dancing, a bit of flirting, something to smoke. Just another evening in the Bierkeller.
  3. Ok, I'm either a bit dim and/or impatient, but I couldn't figure out how to have a 24 hour day EEP with sun up, sun down, night, etc. that also has the setting of 'foggy' that I like, I guess when you choose a setting like 'foggy', thats the name of the windlight, it overrides the natural setting of the sun going up and under. So it seems like either my sim is 24 hours Foggy or have realistic sun movements but I want both! Could someone explain to this eejit how I can have a setting that looks like it's winter, nice cold light, bit foggy perhaps, like the already existing setting called 'foggy', AND a realistic 24 hour setting with sun rise, noon, sun set, night, etc.?
  4. I don't remember, I visited a Western sim even though I don't like that theme but it was the only historical themed sim that looked even remotely authentic. I only stayed a few days and then realised that if you can't find what you're looking for in SL you have to build it yourself.
  5. There is no dresscode in my Time Portal Time Travellers sim though and theres an 1920s zone and a Victorian London zone where people can steampunk all over the place.
  6. Depends, the subtle ones you may get away way but cogs sticking out of your face, top hats with steam engines, etc, nein.
  7. 1920s. And not the fantasy idea of the 1920s which somehow always includes flapper dresses so short they would have been considered shirts back then. So no mini dresses-skirts.
  8. Only realistic avatars are allowed in my sim and you have to wear authentic historical clothes as well.
  9. No anime characters in my RP sims. There you go.
  10. You don't need a bunch of money, you need enough to rent a bit of land, upload a few textures and buy a few bits and bobs. Just start small. I've owned 1920s Berlin for over a decade, I still roleplay in it pretty much every single day.
  11. Finding an actual Medieval rp sim is very hard, I've been looking for years but haven't found many that are actually historically authentic Medieval. They're pretty much all fantasy in SL and I'm allergic to that genre. Or when they do claim to be non-fantasy, the houses, streets, clothes, etc, aren't really accurate. Eventually I had to create my own medieval zone, although I picked a slightly later era, I went for Tudor. But managed to make a pretty decent medieval city neighbourhood for it, although it is open to the public (with other words, non realistic avatars, modern clothes, etc), it is generally quiet enough to make hanging out there with medieval friends possible, a few people live there currently, doing their own thing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time Portal/154/225/1503
  12. 1920s Berlin might be for you, just avoid it the next few days as there are riots in the city.
  13. Yes sure, if you happen to be a good creator who can make something that keeps selling well enough for years to pay the tier for a full sim and you don't mind sticking your profit into it, then it could work. But to reach that is quite a lot of work and involves talent, luck and expertise, such as knowledge of 3d software. Your case is rare and not as easy as it sounds to achieve, especially for people thinking about starting a RP sim or who are here because theirs is failing.
  14. If I had to pay for a region with I make with my shop my sim would last less than a month. You'd need a proper business with plenty of sales for that, which indeed means spending lots of time regularly creating new stuff, taking part in fairs, etc. Running an active RP sim takes a lot of time. The only way to make sure it doesn't cost you any money is by starting small and getting a few creators to rent a shop and finding tenants to live in the houses.
  15. It also wasn't very funny, perhaps even a tat irritating. While watching the video all I could think about was about how much better Torley was at making these kinds of videos.
  16. Another thing I'd suggest people to consider is building to RL scale. It takes some getting used to, especially camera wise, but if you make things according to the scale of a prim, you can fit entire city neighbourhoods into one region. I managed to squeeze about 100 tenants in one region and the place also just feels busier, dark bars feel more dark, rare open spaces offer more enjoyment, etc.
  17. I know, we have that in 1920s Berlin, but for Time Portal I've chosen to allow people to explore the areas as they are.
  18. Without wanting to blow my own horn, the Tudor London zone in the Time Portal sim is as historically accurate as I could get it. It is open to the general public though so you may bump into people not dressing properly and finding good authentic shopkeepers is a huge challenge.
  19. Yes perhaps, but the people a small sim scares off are the people you don't want anyway or the ones that will return once you grow Besides the main attraction of your sim should be the theme. If you are looking for a historically accurate medieval place to rp (why are those so rare!) you'd rather spend your evening in a sim that is no bigger than a small Inn and a street than in a huge multi region sim that has elves, orcs and magic.
  20. Yes good point, keep all the community activities in one area, one region is more than enough. I have seen sims die that had several regions which made them always appear empty but also meant people would hang out with friends and not know or visit other regions to see what was happening there. Even though my 1920s Berlin sim is pretty much fully rented I always decided to keep it all in one region and it works. I did add a few homesteads for those people who want to live in a villa in the park in stead of the city but there are no or very rarely any events there. Keep it all in one region and don't overdo it on the social venues, you don't need a dozen clubs.
  21. Why not start small? That's what I did with 1920s Berlin, a sim that's been going strong for over a decade now. Many sims make the mistake to start big, get a full region, spend a fortune on buildings and stuff and then assume that the first waves of visitors will keep coming. I started with a small skybox in a rented region on the mainland, just a square, a club and a few shops. Then when there was enough interest I added a few apartments for people to rent. The sim did not expand unless I was pretty sure there would be interest from people to rent the new houses, shops, etc. I couldn't afford to run a sim as a charity, I tried to at the very least break even on costs/income from day one. With a small location this is very do-able and you can always expand when the sim works or cut back when it doesn't.
  22. For historical have a walk around the Time Portal sim. There are 6 different time zones there; ancient Rome Tudor London Victorian London 1920s-1940s New York. 1940s London during the Blitz Although these are small places open to the general public (no dresscode) people live and RP there. It can also just give you a bit of an idea of what era you like the most before moving on to another sim. Next door is also the 1920s Berlin sim, this is a serious historical rp sim that has been going for a decade, strict dress code but very active community.
  23. I've run 1920s Berlin for a decade, with a little profit, but yes, it is not cheap and it took a lot of time, effort and money to move to a full region and to start my second sim in a full region but you sort of have to. Even with the lower price we have now, it still is a pile of dosh. Remember that once you rent the region it takes you at least a month, mostly more to get it up and running, which means you will have little to no income being generated from it for that amount of time. And that is not even counting all the textures you need to upload at 10 linden a piece, the rental system you may need to buy, buildings, roads, trees, etc, etc. And even after you made this substantial investment you still have to hope people actually want to live there or tip you enough to keep you out of the red. But I doubt anyone gets actually paid properly for running a RP sim compared to the huge amount of work and time you put into it. I do think tier will go down eventually, LL knows it has to and is moving their profit system away from land related land to sales sort of taxes and so on. LL is also moving to the cloud which would make running SL cheaper for LL and hopefully we see that reflected in lower tier. LL knows that if tier is lower more people will rent sims and thus create more experiences and thus make SL more interesting and appealing. But we can only hope.
  24. I'm afraid you'll have to put on something 1920s and struggle through the city to get there Follow Unter den Linden, go under the Brandenburg gate, there it will be. https://secondlife.com/destination/1828
  25. No worries, I wasn't sending goons over to break your kneecaps... just yet But check out Tiergarten Park in Berlin, it is 3 full regions next to the city with just nature and a few villas. Oh we also have a sort of lake beach. But it is rather cold now, as our sim has the 4 seasons.
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