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  1. Same here, all my sims, shops, places are in skyboxes, which means I simply can't use the pages yet.
  2. There is no way for us to fix that, it is something the Lindens need to do so I'm afraid we'll just have to wait
  3. I'll be repeating a few suggestions, simply because I'm now rebuilding the page and thinking of them again and I'm old and forgot all the things I said before I would still like to be able to set the exact coordinates to where visitors land. It is set to 23 meters high and although it does seem to follow the teleport routing, it sends me to that exact spot when I click it while others go to the teleport point. That might be because I can bypass the routing but maybe that means that people who click the page when already in the sim also get send to that point, which in my sim... is the sewers. Also, assuming that some of the people who use the page to find us may be new to SL or maybe just because for whatever other reason, we may want to teleport them to another spot entirely in stead of the router point. In short, it would be swell if we could put a landing point at the page and then let that override any routing you have or have not set in the parcel. Some regions can't have TP routing set but don't want visitors to land in the middle of the sim. I'd also really like to have the opportunity to remove all text and overlays from the 'hero' image. Place the name of the sim and SL logo below it. That way we could make a hero image with the name of the place, go nutty with a sexy font And please allow embedding Vimeo as well as youtube. And can we also have a video in our Region page? I think you can see a youtube on our page but it may not work due to youtube restrictions Also is/will there be an option to modify the url? Parcel info is totally uninteresting to 99.9% of all visitors of that page, perhaps move it to the botttom of the page or replace it with a spot where we can share links to Facebook, websites, flickr, etc. Also please more than 3 pictures in the slideshow, 5 or 10, I need more to give visitors an idea of an entire city And for regions you really need at least one for every parcel, can you imagine having a shopping region and telling all your shopkeepers you have to pick just 3 of them to show on the page? Or having a Time Travel sim with 6 time zones and one time machine and wanting to at least show one picture per time zone? I already see 5 dots even though we can only upload 3 pictures, does that mean it will be 5 soon? Or maybe that was a glitch. Small suggestion. Please don't make the entire page reload when you click update while editing it. It is so much easier to just click update and stay in the edit window. You can just refresh the page in another tab and see how the changes work and then return to the edit window and keep working in stead of clicking froward and back. But that may just be a personal preference. I prefer switching between tabs in stead of going back and forward on the same page. Also, replacing the pictures in edit is a bit wonky. You need to delete them but no new browse button appears, so you have to delete them all and then refresh and then upload them all again. And yes, please please please, events calendar/schedule for page and region. Having one spot that shows visitors when the next event is and where in the region would be a dream come true. Also I love the idea of showing all parcels on the region page, but it would be cool if you could sort of organize them. For instance use paragraphs or lists. So you could have the social hang outs grouped together, the rentals, shops, etc. Visitors can then easily find the kind of destination in your region they are looking for and then check out that page without having to scroll through all the parcel pages on your region page. Anyway, here is the page to our region with the link to our page at the bottom; https://places.secondlife.com/regions/3484/1920s-berlin-project (bit of a long url, I'd love it to be www.secondlife.com/1920sberlin or something!) And here is the page to Time Portal; https://places.secondlife.com/regions/3482/time-portal
  4. /me adds a few linden dollars to all the bar taps Lindens have in 1920s Berlin. I'm glad the landmark for skybox thingy didn't work now because otherwise a lot of work would have been lost, for now I just sit and wait till that gets fixed and thus most of my pages were left as they were. Still some were reset so that is annoying and even more so for those of us who did a lot more work on their pages than I did. So yes, a well meant D'oh.
  5. Yes a nice clear list of events on a parcel place page AND region place page (that shows all events in all parcels in that region) is a must. Having just one page that shows you what event happens where in your region when is a dream. One extra request, allow us to put repeating events in that calendar, we have events in our sim that happen every single day and putting that on the calendar manually would be hellish.
  6. Great, I hope the teleport thing gets fixed first so people can also get redirected to skyboxes and I can start using my pages
  7. Any news on when we can expect an update to fix some of the issues? I'd love to start using this but until it can direct people to a skybox, I can't.
  8. In an ideal world you would be able to set an exact grid reference where you want people who found your sim via the place pages to land, overriding even the forced redirect settings and landing point you've set for that parcel. After all, people who arrive via an inworld landmark or via search might be more experienced than someone who arrives via the place page or maybe you just want to give them a slightly different experience. If you have a shop you may want regular visitors to arrive in the for sale section while you want place pages visitors to arrive at a nice fancy welcome area. Either way, you shoud be able to set the landing point for place pages exactly.
  9. There is nowhere where you can actually change or set the grid references in the place pages edit. It is stuck at 23 meters high at the Z reference and even if the parcel has a forced landing point, via the place pages I still end up at the 23 meters Z location.
  10. It seems they put the feature live without fixing the most important bug? If you choose to visit a place you get send to the wrong spot! ALL my places, sims, shops, etc, are in skyboxes, it is where you arrive, usually above 1920 meters high. If you go to a parcel place... you end up on the ground. And Time Portal is shared as one of the example place pages (yay!) and for the region place pace it somehow works, you do get send to the skybox arrival area, but if you then choose a place page for a parcel (like every single venue and shop in that region) you end up on a barren wasteland down below. And as the shops are rather important for me to pay the tier, it is really rather inconvenient. But the place pages teleporting doesn't seem to work very well in general, often when I click the visit button nothing happens at all, sometimes it opens another version of SL! Maybe that is just my bad old computer (someone buy me a new one) or because I use Firestorm, but when I click the Visit button in Firefox, nothing happens, nothing at all. It doesn't start SL and when SL is already running it doesn't take me to the location. Same in Internet Explorer. It does all seem to work with google chrome although there it opens the map window and then a teleport window in the viewer. So in short, till that gets fixed, I can't really use them, as I fear they will either not work or send visitors to the wasteland below where I keep my killer rabbits.
  11. So now I'm here, anyone want some schnaps?
  12. Just wondering when we can expect an update on this project.
  13. Medieval or fantasy? I've looked for authentic historical medieval rp sims for a while but most I could find were either historically inaccurate or allowed fantasy elements.
  14. They work seperately but somehow you cant get to them via the region page.
  15. Phew, finally done. What a job! Anyway, I have 2 main sims in SL, 1920s Berlin and Time Portal. Because the slurl still directs you to a random spot, you'll have to manually change the last grid reference to 1930. For Berlin I'll share this place page; https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/46919/the-1920s-berlin-project-weimar-republic-role-play-sim I can't wait till I can add an events calendar there. And here is my Time Travel sim; https://places.secondlife.com/regions/46933/time-portal I really like that it shows all the parcels, as most of them are shops, this is a nice handy way for people to find where they want to come spend their money. This sim will have six different zones, I'd love to have at least 6 pictures there to show people a taste of every zone. I'd also love an events calendar here, links to social media, etc. But as requested, I filmed jiras for that. Personally I also think the font below each parcel in the region is too big and I miss the short description.
  16. Troy Linden wrote: Thanks Whirly and Jo! Keep them coming! We're a glutton for punishment :smileylol: :smileylol: :smileylol: Famous last words!
  17. Well someone has to keep the Lindens busy, otherwise they hang out in the mall, chewing gum and getting in everybodys way till someone calls their parents! /me salutes
  18. Ok, you've asked for it, I'll start filling up the JIRA I won't share any pages yet because the 'visit' link somehow takes people to the wrong spot, always, as it doesn't give the right height grid reference. But I'm making them already, got a lot!
  19. Also, maybe it's just me, but clicking a place in a region on a region Place Page doesn't load the actual page for that place, it gets me a page that won't load.
  20. Noob question (I've only been in SL for 7 years); How do you set a landing points for these place pages? The regions and parcels I've got all seem to connect to a grid reference I don't want. The landing points regions have set in Place pages don't work at all, they give you a N/A TP inworld. The landing points parcels have seem random or the middle of the map, even with teleport routing activated.
  21. The train at the entrance of our sim does not move, just sit on the bench and it will teleport you to Berlin city. The train at the station starts moving regularly, just like in RL you'll just have to wait till the driver starts.
  22. We really need a way to let outsiders see these pages though, without them needing an account first. Use these pages to lure non-sl people in Perhaps a little disclaimer about possible maturity issues or something, but these pages should be viewable for everyone. Can't wait for the calender, hopefully with option for repeat events so we don't have to make an description every single day for those daily events. Also the option to contact the parcel/sim owner, like a name and IM inworld or email option. I'd LOVE to see these pages also for groups, perhaps with chat or forum function and photo album, so we can stop using facebook. The album should be added to the Place Page as well, a slideshow perhaps of say a dozen or so pictures. Or maybe a Flickr plugin? And maybe some layout options so we can move things about, like wordpress.
  23. It sometimes takes a while to load, maybe lots of people are checking it out at the same time or maybe the server still needs warming up and extra coal on the fire. When it takes to long I just refresh the page or click the 18+ button a few times
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