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  1. This keeps up and I guess I will be gone too. SecondLife is definately not as good as it once was. Ofcourse LL ignores that fact.
  2. All of us in this line of work have had this problem at one time or another. Personally I just tell them, You knew what I was when you picked me up. Deal with it. If they get real nasty I tell them to go to hell.
  3. We are not talking about your favorite places being online or offline. We are talking about places that are favorites of someone other than you. Then again maybe your one of the ones LL caters to with what one poster said." All the Bells Here and Whistles there. No offense but your not the only on in the game.
  4. When the sim is crashing is when there are less than 3 people on the sim, I have greatly reduced script count and prim count as I too thought this was a factor and yet today it crashed again so that theory does not hold much water. All of this down time has started since the Friday fiasco of multiple restarts. This sim before never crashed had very moderate lag. In the past during events we have had 40 people on the sim with no issue and only moderate lag.
  5. I would some what agree with this. However. I am not the only other sim with this issue. There are many others. This all started at last weeks crash and burn fiasco where we hand multiple restarts. I just happen to be the only one here in forums having anything to say about it. Since Last Fridays crash and burn restarts we have seen drastic traffic count issues. Rez issues, Log in issues. Sim down issues. There have been no added scripts to the Region and all worked prior to what ever screw up LL did last Friday. Wouldn't the responsible thing for LL to do is let people know what scripts are being effected or at the very least somewhere between the 3 rd and 14th restarts come and check the region. They have a counter that shows how many restarts a region has gotten over any period of time. But known the less it is something I can check.
  6. Yes Echo I have reported it. 14 times to be exact. I do realize this is a resident to resident forum. I also realize Linden Agents monitor this forum. I am not a first year player. There are very serious problems. From the way things look they are being ignored by LL. The great thing about this and any other place I can find to rant is you don't have to read it, agree with it or comment on it. But you will have to admit one thing. The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets oiled first.
  7. Maybe SL should not charge tier this month. Really, not charging tier for a month makes sense, Because if people abandon sl and leave. LL will loosed the tier anyway, But if they don't charge tier this month they may stay and LL has a chance to correct this problem and keep them and their business
  8. Traffic problems still continue. Last Fridays problems have nothing to do with yesterdays traffic counts. Let me rephrase this. It has everything to do with it. Something went horribly wrong. and it continues to this date to be horribly wrong and if not fixed soon could have catastrophic effects Wake Up LL!!! Its time to go to work!! Hmmmm..Maybe it should be School.
  9. I expected to get an answer like the one you gave and I am well aware of the questionaire. Thank you.
  10. Live Chat is faster if you have a concierge account but when it is closed the ticket filing for a down region is the next best thing. For the 2nd time in the last 3 days I have filed a ticket on my own region of Zerango which has been offline 14 times in the last 10 days. I don't know where or what LL did to screw this up so badly but one would think they would make this priority as so it doesn't cause people like me to say what's the use in paying for it if I can not use it.
  11. Display name do cause confusion. Especially with owners of active regions or parcels. When reporting a griefer somethimes you get the wrong name and waist your time and in most cases have to redo everything again. Display names ad to the over all resources on the data base and it is my opinion a total waist. There is no individuality in display names. Any number of people can have the same name. For example: This is a true fact. A griefer for instance can take the name of a well known club owner in their display name copy the profile and go around claiming to be in troubled and about to loose their club. This is a true story and happened to about 5 or 6 major club owners in SL. I say go back to account names, save the resources and scrap display names. This is a world of imagination. SL should give out last names and let others use their imagination to achieve a first name.
  12. For the 14th time in 10 days that I am aware of the Zerango Region is offline ....again!!!. LL, I do not know what all your doing to try and fix this but I have all but made my decision to close my premium account and move to another virtual world. This has gone beyond ridiculous. This is not a viewer issue, Its not my operating system and it not my cache or cookies. . Its your system/ data base/ server!! I am not the only one with region issues I know. I have seen, heard and read about others. There are people who can not even log into SL now. Please tell us how what your doing is supposed to be better?
  13. This is an ongoing issue since last friday. Only to have gotten worse since this past Monday. Our region has been restarted 13 times that I am aware of and offline for as much as 3 to 7 hours in some cases. It is effecting Log ins. Region stability, Traffic Counts, Script Errors. Funtionality of some objects primarily cars and airplanes from what I have seen. Many other things. But not to worry. Tomorrow may be better. Think I will go play spider solitiare now.
  14. More than 1 dozen times the Zerango Region has gone offline since Friday of last week. Yesterday it was down for 7 hours and now it is down again. And from the looks of things it was down earlier today at some point. Before I could check to see when that took place it went down again. Not to mention it took 4 log in attempts to even get things stable enough to even go see if the sim was there or totally gone. Now when I try to contact Live chat.Guess what??? Its down too... LL isn't it time to put something together that actually works? Upon inspection the neighboring region of Galattica is also offline.
  15. I am the owner of the Zerango region and this has been a plague to us since Friday's fiasco and yes Merigold this is could define it as being victim to what ever screwup has caused it. I personally do not see anything funny about it. I will also add there is another region of which is also on the main server that has experienced the exact same issue. Webwinder region. I formally owned a large parcel there at one time and now only have an investment interest in the region. It to has experienced the same issue. I don't find this to be coincidence.
  16. Where I tested it at the traffic was about 500 to 800 points off or below and in another region i expected to see 3 to 4k traffic and only got about 1600 or so.. so it is not consistant and in one region i saw 4k traffic that at best should not have been more than 3k traffic, But I understand there is a Jira on it so i will post what I find there and set it to watch as well. Thanks
  17. I am not sure how this thread got off on how foolish someone is or is not on investing money into something that can go poof in a split second. I for one can afford it. Sl is my relaxation. I have chosen to invest a lot of money here but this is no different than those that gamble away a large amount of money at Vegas or donate to the cause at their local Bar. This thread was intended to point out the lack of customer service. Whether or not my clubs or businesses in SL generate enough funds to pay for themselves is irrelevant. I will pay the tier amount not covered. As I stated. I can afford it and I know all to well it is all at Risk. There have been some dumb decisions made as of late that has literally crushed the SL economy. One does not need to be a genius to see and understand this. It just seems that LL would have enough business sense to also see what is taking place. Sometimes it is best to get back to the basics. Stop all the special interest improvements that waist resources and improve situation of just a choice few. Can LL actually survive with only its special interest groups?
  18. Thanks Dilbert. I am aware of the changes of a few years ago. The counts per avatar should be calculated as 1 point per every 1 minute an avatar stays on any one location. That's 60 points per hour or 1440 in a 24 hour period. With the avatar only being counted for every full one minute period. Partial minutes not being counted at all. With this being said. An avatar that does not move for a full 24 hour period should post to any location 1440 Traffic points. I know for a fact this count is now being affected by something and is now inaccurate..
  19. I am seeing definite traffic count inaccuracies. Can any of this be affecting the traffic counts? Or has calculations Changed? Tests I ran yesterday showed traffic counts to be inaccurate on both the mainland and adult continent.
  20. I had been suspecting the traffic counts were off for the past several days. Yesterday I ran a test on one of my inactive lots and was able to confirm that calculations are most definitely off. Traffic for a single avatar should be 1440 traffic points in a 24 hour period or has this changed? I can confirm this is happening in at least 3 regions and not limited to just one continent. I am getting the same results in both Moderate and Adult regions, I can not confirm it is the same in PG regions. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
  21. This seems to be an issue with many residents this week end. You make the 8th person so far that I know of that is having this issue. However The other 7 I know are all on the secondlife server. I am a bit curious if yours is also the secondlife server. My main sim is on the second life server and as I do not have issues getting to my home in a skybox. If I teleport to ground level I become totally immobile and in short time crash off the grid.
  22. Appears to be only second life server regions
  23. Linden Lab or Linden Labs. This was a recent controversy in a earlier post by what was most likely a Linden Shill. Playing foolish games such as discounting a resident's complaint due to a spelling or mispellings is one reason why the overal numbers online has fallen so drastically. Its just such an attitude from those at Linden LAB that cause people to say "Whats the use?" I log in, I crash. Nothing works correctly. Why bother? But "HEY!! I can use display names to copy cat other well know avatars and cause all kinds of grief for them on the grid". "So maybe I will try to log in one more time." (Just one of the waisted resources that I can think of.) I found that the OP in the post (Basic Functions and their consequences) did give some details. Most Specifically The BlueDog ( BlueSteel) Server. Or did I read that in there mistakenly? With the Lab/Labs controversy I think I must read it again to be certain. I for one have seen this issue many times and most significantly on the bluesteel server. With this being said. The operating system of the user is an insignificant detail and it is highly unlikely a mojority are running the same or even similar systems. One would think the Shill's of Linden Lab/Labs would have more to say in the forums that is constructive. Instead they take the attitude of a jesture that most of the long time resident have determined to be the norm.
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