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  1. Thanks for your reply, Theresa. I'm trying to use a walking AO and a standing AO. They work fine in Phoenix and Firestorm, but my avatar walks like a geek in the SL viewer. You mentioned using a HUD in the SL viewer. I know generally how HUDs work, but I am not familiar with an AO HUD. How do I put the AOs in the HUD? Presently, my AOs are in my Phoenix folder. Thank you.
  2. I normally use Phoenix viewer because it is most like the original SL viewer that I was used to when I was in SL a few years ago. I would like to become familiar with the new SL viewer, but I was disppointed that I was unable to use my AOs using this viewer. Does the SL viewer recognize AOs? If so, how do I use them in the SL viewer? Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. Peronsally, I think mesh is one of the worst ideas that LL has come up with, and I don't even think the mesh hair and clothing looks nearly as realistic as what we've had. And flexi isn't even an option with mesh.
  4. Since I don't think LL will ever change the mess they've made by having all new accounts with the same last name (Resident) and bringing display names into the mix....in my opinion, I think both user names and display names should be viewable as a default. That way, everyone can see the REAL name (the user name) and they can also see the preferred name (the display name). JMHO
  5. A lot of the shapes are modify, so you can make them less muscular. A place in-world that I get my skin is Sexy Freebies. They have male skins too, and they are modify. Good luck.
  6. Since LL changed user names for new accounts after 2010 to a single name with a last name of Resident, and also allowed display names, I have seen a lot of confusion in-world. To simplify this mess, why not have both user names AND display names viewed by everyone by default, without an option to not view one or the other. I think that would make everything consistent and easier to identify other avatars. As it is now, those who choose not to view display names end up calling other avatars by their user name, which may not be the preferred name they wish to go by.
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