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  1. When I installed this new version, I got an error message, during installation, saying "unable to find Second Life Crash Logger". It allowed me to ignore this and completed the installation. I have just started using it and no problems so far.
  2. Does she also have the system that can cause all the satellites around the earth to crash to the ground and end the world as we know it ? Does she drink a lot ?
  3. Furball is a good sim to log in to. Firstly, because it is quiet and your inventory will load faster and secondly, I like the name as my little doggie is called Furball.
  4. Just the last couple of days, some profiles have been hidden from me too. If you get a greyed out profile, look to the top left hand corner and if you see a padlock, closed, then click it. This will give you the normal SL log in screen. Just log in with your SL user name and SL password, then you should be able to see the profile.
  5. LL do have facilities to charge you in £. If you register a UK credit card on your SL account, then when you come to buy L$, using the inworld buy L$ facility, it will show you the £, not the US$ amount, for the L$ you want to buy and your card will be charged directly in £. Note that you will be charged UK VAT as part of the transaction. You have to set up the payment facility within your SL account, not in-world and you have to register that you are in the UK.
  6. I have just been walking down a street in Second Life, when I came across a man carrying a sign that read "The end of the World is nigh". Obviously, one sees this quite often in Real Life, but I was somewhat surprised to now be seeing it in Second Life. I approached the man and enquired of him, "Why do you say this Sir?". The man then pulled out a mobile device and read the following to me, (presumablky from SLGO); Then spake the Lord Ebbe unto them, saying, look unto the heavens, and see; and behold the clouds which are higher than thou and the sky builds are higher than the clouds, no mor
  7. Currently, on my world map, a lot of sims are showing offline (see Blake Sea area). Is this a problem with the world map, or are the sims being restarted because of a problem. There isn't anything showing on the girid status page. OK, yes it is the world map showing offline sims when they are online.
  8. Oh Cupidity I do so wish you every success with your new club. The amount of annoying gestures and chat spam at clubs is a real pain. Actually, if you banned gestures and chat spam completely, you may well find you are one of the most succesful clubs on the Grid.
  9. Just noticed the RC rolling restarts for tomorrow have been cancelled
  10. ...and this too http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Account/Market-place-web-page-not-showing-pics/qaq-p/2724368
  11. You can also use ADD if that is available. However, there are issues with SL at the moment - [postED 4:43 PM PDT, 30 April 2014] We are currently experiencing connectivity issues to Second Life and our websites. While this issue is in progress, some users may experience slow or failed connections to Second Life as well as secondlife.com, JIRA and other features.
  12. Absolutely agree with Rolig, leave your preferences set to manually update the SL Viewer and download and update manually. Check SL Downloads frequently to see when there have been Viewer updates. They are quite frequent with the SL Viewer.
  13. I get the quick flash of the crash screen too when closing the viewer since updating yesterday to Second_Life_3_7_5_288464_i686
  14. Hello Caleb I filed a jira with the sim details under reference BUG-5663. Thank you.
  15. Since the last deploy, there are a number of sims that are impossible to cross in to with boats and planes and teleporting out of them, when you crash, is also an issue. Is that because of the multiple restarts on the last deploys? No deploys and therefore no restarts, means another bad week in Second Life. This is all very disappointing.
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