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  1. Linden Lab or Linden Labs. I think everyone would agree we all know who the OP was talking about. Playing foolish games such as discounting a resident's complaint due to a spelling or mispellings is one reason why the overal numbers online has fallen so drastically. Its just such an attitude from those at Linden LAB that cause people to say "Whats the use?" I log in, I crash. Nothing works correctly. Why bother? But "HEY!! I can use display names to copy cat other well know avatars and cause all kinds of grief for them on the grid". "So maybe I will try to log in one more time." (Just one of the waisted resources that I can think of.) I found that the OP did give some details. Most Specifically The BlueDog ( BlueSteel) Server. Or did I read that in there mistakenly? With the Lab/Labs controversy I think I must read it again to be certain. I for one have seen this issue many times and most significantly on the bluesteel server. With this being said. The operating system of the user is an insignificant detail and it is highly unlikely a mojority are running the same or even similar systems. One would think the Shill's of Linden Lab/Labs would have more to say in the forums that is constructive. Instead they take the attitude of a jesture that most of the long time resident have determined to be the norm.
  2. Tell me Linden Labs. Why I should pay tier or buy things on the market place to use on the grid when the grid is constantly being restarted with no explaination other than unscheduled maintenance. 4 times this week my region was restarted. All 4 times my clubs were busy. This costs me money that I give to you each and every month for tier. Do you not want my tier money? Your making it impossible to maintain a business here. For those who do not have an inworld shop, club, or business of some sort this is no major big deal, but to those of us with clubs and game rooms where the actual pressence of live avatars spending lindens it's killing our income. Now you tell us it could take up to 5 hours to cycle? Where is our compensation for your lack of service to us your consumer?
  3. Sorry Janitor I was mainly slinging off at LL. That is their typical answer.
  4. Ok LL... There have been several Post here in the past few days over issues that are plaguing a lot of us. We have had excuses handed to us that range from faulty alternative viewers to our own ISP connections to out dated equipment. One unmistakable fact I am seeing is it all seems to have happened in the past 4 to 7 days. The issues seem worse in some regions than others. There is something wrong and I for one am tired of the guessing game. All of us that are serious players here spend a lot of money each month. We need to see faster fixes to issues. Responses that contribute more than the expected typical responses we all seem to be getting lately. Its odd to me that one person has issues even in an alt avi yet another seems to be ok on an alt avi. I have my serious doubts that everyone has outdated equipment, faulty viewers or bad connections. Especially when just 3 or 4 days ago things were working good. LL bans gambling in Second Life but Lately is is a crap shoot if you can log on at all or you can even function once you do. What is draining the System so badly that this log jam of information can not function like it should. Find and remove it. Please!!
  5. May want to check and see if your eqipment is up to date or maybe check your connection with your ISP. Thats what they always tell me. Oh and never use a third party viewer.
  6. LL is gonna send one of the shills to tell you this is your connection or outdated equpiment like they have several others this week. I am however convinced even more so now it is an LL issue of which they wish to cover up for what ever reason cause they have no clue how to fix it yet.
  7. Wow Yet another member with rez crash issues.... I wonder if their equipment is outdated as you stated mine was a few days ago or is this the new go to statement LL has handed down?
  8. lol.. You must be one of the 1%. Or you never visit the grid everyone else is using. With very little effort I can show you 3 or 4 dozen bot farms. My equipment is top of the line and constantly updated. I use it to make my real life living so lets not go there with old outdated equipment as a reply. Surely LL sent you back with a better comment than that one. come to think of it I just fell through a floor yesterday on a teleport. Then subsequently crash shortly thereafter. I will agree graphics are better. Build tools are also better but even those now are never used by a lot of builders. If you have never lost any inventory that's wonderful once again your probably in the 1% Again. As far as keeping it in order to not have to search and insinuate people are slobs and do not categorize their inventory is ridiculous. That is not the issue for losing it and assuming it is in inventory. One day you will rez something that is no copy and when it disappears for ever you will understand. But you have to actually spend time on the grid to do so of course. When you rez a no copy item and it never rezzes. It never goes back to your inventory and knowing its correct name is not an issue cause your looking at the folder it actually came in..What is the cause of that problem? ohh let me guess. Its my viewer. My connection and now my old out dated equipment. hmmm? Yeah I will agree griefers do not routinely crash sims. Now they just release bugs into the entire grid which call for unplanned rolling restarts to correct the issue. As is what took place tonight. I think this just about wraps up stability.
  9. Typical shill response... You re correct. It is far more predictable. You can now count on crashes. Irreverent lag issues. Constant loss of rezzed items that never seem to ever find there way back to lost and found. So yes I will agree it is far more predictable. As for stability. That is as you put it a matter of preference. I prefer it to be much better than what I am paying for now which is nowhere near what it was 5 years ago.
  10. In the nearly 5 years I have been in Second Life. I have never seen the teleport crashes as bad as they have been since the sim idling process began. I seldom ever crashed before this. Crashing for me on my computer was a most rare ocassion, Now if I teleport or open inventory while chatting to someone in IM. I crash. It seems as if half the resources to keep us online has vanished or rerouted to other things. Could the idling of sims cause lag spikes when they become active that act as a power surge and knock any number of people offline? All I know is this is very annoying. Please do not tell me it is my ISP or viewer selection, I experience the same issue with the SL viewer as well. And have the same ISP as I had 5 yrs ago with the exception it is faster and stronger now than it was then. Secondlife is a very good product. The instability cause a lack of luster to a lot of game players. Facebook as boring as it is attracts people for what reason. Ease of use perhaps? Maybe its time to stop all the copy cat waist of time projects that no one uses and is in-house sponsored by only a few department heads that think it is fantastic. For example the Facebook like Profile copy cat thing that less then 10% of users even know about and is a total waist of resources. If we wanted to follow someone like we do on twitter or face book or leave comments we would go there, Why log into Second life to do what we can already do in real life. The overall experience in second life is nothing like it was 3 yrs ago or even 4 yrs ago. No I 'm not ready to abandoned it...yet.. But the frustration level is getting far more intolerable than it ever has, For me to come here and post my personal feelings means there are others just as frustrated over the toys of personal interests superseding the common sense use of the average players. There is by far no reason Second life is not a much larger success than it is at this very moment.
  11. Said by Marigold: People may well be "leaving in droves" - but again, with my rose-tinted spectacles I don't actually see that. I'm a relative newbie, only having been here for little over four years, but in that time I've seen a small number of people leave with a bad taste in their mouth, because they've "invested" a ton of money into Second Life and believe everyone should therefore bow down at their feet and be grateful to them, or even help them to pay for it. I have also seen a lot of people simply move on from Second Life because of real life tugging them away, just like it would have done any other pastime. And I also see new people arriving in world every single day. Concurrency figures are no lower, the same number of people are logged in as ever there were when I log in. ** Care to guess how many are bots? ** With the dwindling numbers, traffic has to be upheld somewhere by those you claim want people bowing to their feet. And by the way. Do they sell those Rose colored glasses on the Market Place. I think I may need a pair myself.
  12. Filing abuse reports in most cases is a total waste of time. Prime example. Shouting objects with repetitive spam, I have personally reported this thing 8 times in the last 2 weeks. Nothing done. Today it is still shouting and rendering about 1/2 of my sim unbearable. To reply to the IP info gathering being illegal in SL and RL... That is false. Every known website has that capability to include SL. Most of them do collect such information. Example. Search Car insurance for a couple of days then log into Facebook and observe some of the side bar ads you get. or better yet search Models or singles dating sites. Any thing you choose. That info is gathered from your IP and direct ads are sent to your face book.
  13. There used to be a device that would IP ban alt accounts but due to LL's ultimate wisdom they decide to ban this device. They could not do their jobs in enforcing the TOS so they banned the object that performed this task for them. God forbid they are made to look bad. They claimed as a few others did that it was a privacy issue. Personally I think it was an issue of a few controlling the masses. It was kind of like the Hometowners didn't want the wal-marts to sneak in and make them conform to a higher standard of service or organization. That device revealed nothing more than banning mischievous alts hell bent on making a persons life miserable. Once again devaluing the game. You would think LL would have atleast took that technology and implored it into the parcels so parcel owners could have this ability to improve their quality of game play. We all know now it is not quality of game play LL is worried about. Or so it appears.
  14. I have to say after reading a few comments. Things today are not near as smooth as they were when I first started in SL. As I too agree that many long time members have left SL. Many were personal close friends. Performance is key. Who wants to play a game they can not use inventory. Or their inventory only loads after 4 or 5 times of relogging and dumping cache. Next once they have inventory loaded and spending an hour to get it all intact they wonder off to buy something or build and then sim performance goes to crap. Especially on servers such as Blue Dog ( BlueSteel). This server is pathetic. You can predict on this server when your gonna crash if you spend enough time on it. It does seem to me however that more attention is being spent on toys such as the Facebook Twitter spin off. Come on LL. We have that already. Most of us here that are serious players came to SL cause we wanted more than a stupid motionless page. Who in their right friggin mind logs into SL to check their Twitterface account. Hmmmm? I can't wait till you waste valuable resources to get farmville here. Such needless things are a total drain on the system. Other examples of wasted resources. Bots.... No matter what they do. They are not real in any life. A total drain on resources. Newcomers to SL find a mall or club full of these and soon think they are here by themselves. All alone. How fun is that when you advertise its a 3d world to interact with others and built by others. I know I know. The bots do not produce traffic now.... ok and I have 400 beach Sims too all rented out. So many times I have seen things that benefited SL taken and removed. Things that actually helped you do your jobs. Like Griefer control.. None existent for the most part. Abuse reports are a waists of time, I personally have reported atleast 8 times a shouting object from the next sim over and that was 2 weeks and it is still spewing repetitive spam. One whole side of my sim is unbearable, try enforcing the TOS. That would improve quality of game play as well. To much time and resources are being used for crap that is useless. I spend about 6,000 USD a year on SL, in some people cases that is small Potatoes. For me it is huge. I employ a great number of people I own more than 15 different businesses in SL. Is it to much to ask for you to get back to the basics of what made this game attractive like simple things as inventory loading properly or lag reduction by removing excessive drains on the system such as ALL types of bots. Improving game stability and performance is what we need. Not gimmicks we can find somewhere else that we all didn't like in the first place? We need performance quality. Quality of game play (enforce TOS) and reduction of resources by things (bots) that we all know serve no purpose other than traffic building regardless of how you try to spin it.
  15. I don't agree with "DT" on most issues and that is no secret to anyone who knows us both, I assume he will agree that we don't always see Eye to Eye as well. However I must agree with him on this issue. The use of the name Zindra for private sims is a betrayal to everyone in the adult region and as an investor in the Zindra Continent I know it will give the owners of these sims an unfair advantage and will even give them an edge in search. This will affect anyone who has invested in the Real Zindra. Even though that most individuals will not use the name Zindra to search for a specific adult location, there will be a percentage that will see & know the adult continent name and use it to locate various adult locations. This is especially true when it concerns new Residents to Second Life. It has been a tough 2 years building a continent that has been hidden in the shadows due to lack of exposure, Now we are faced with a misguided attempt to hijack a percentage of of new Residents. This is most definitely a betrayal to all of us. From the ones that have only spent a few thousand to acquire a small parcel for a home or those such as myself that have invested several 100's of thousands in Land and Businesses. This latest news of Linden Labs debacle needs to be rectified. "DT" you have my full support on this one.
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