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  1. It's second life. I just assume everyone is looking up everyone's skirts ..
  2. Well, give it some time. Also, when you message someone, they will get a notification in thier email. Worth a shot anyway
  3. I wasn't attacking anyone, just stating what I thought. And frankly, when you post on a public forum, people know there will be responses.
  4. As much as I can appreciate your wanting to form a "sisterhood" for lack of a better word. You sure seem to have your mind made up about the men of second life, or perhaps men in general. with all due respect, how can you give explanation for something you do not understand. You are a woman, not a man, so I think that presuming you know "how they tick" is rather unfair and not as enlightented as you may think. We can only draw from what we personally experience and nothing more. Take care
  5. Hi, Surrius, you could head over to the AVMatch website and check there. It's a dating website specifically for those in second life. The nice thing about said website, is that you can fill out a profile, explaining exactly what you're looking for. Good luck to you, hope you find what you're seeking
  6. Thanks for you replies everyone, I've tried all of these things and to no avail as far as restarts go. My sim has been getting restarts for days as part of the maintenence .. and the sim owner has checked in to make sure the sim is up and running .. In spite of all of these efforts, I am still having issues. Been in sl almost 4 years now and have never experienced this before. I did submit a ticket though, hopefully someone can help. Thanks again!
  7. Hey all, I own a 1/4 sim parcel on a full sim. For the past few days (since all this unscheduled matenience has been going on)... I've not been able to log in to my home location. I immediately get sent to a nearby safety hub. Once this happens, I can tp out (eventually) and then get home from there. I know the region is not down as this is just happening on MY parcel .. which makes no sense to me at all. Even setitng the home button and trying that from another location, still fails to get me home. I have a commerical parcel and need to be able to access it at all time .. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Gothic Savira
  8. Very simple solution to issues like these .. Be upfront about your intention if someone shows interest in you. You know .. just simply say, I'm a big ole ho bag or I'm really very loyal. This way, you know what you're getting from the get go .. On the other hand, I'm about to counter my own point as there are so many dishonest people on the internet. So really, you might be screwed either way .. pardon the pun All in all, I suppose everyone should just do what they want too but if you get crushed in the end, don't be shocked. It's a virtual environment where the consequences are nothing like rl and people are keenly aware of that fact.. As for your question "Is cheating, dating?" No, cheating is cheating ... & dating is dating. They are not really interchangable situations. As for the post written by Storm Clarence: Let me see if I got this right. 'Him' and 'her' were one. 'Her' caught 'him' with a different one. 'Him' said him was playing. 'Her' said 'him' was cheating. 'Her', 'him', and 'different one' did not have sex. 'Him' dumped 'her' before 'him' was with 'different one.' 'Him' was now single. 'Her' was now single. 'Different one' was single. 'Him' wanted 'her' back after 'him' dumped 'her'. 'Her' didn't want 'him' back. 'Her' told *you* 'him' and 'different one' ran away together. 'Her' told *you* 'him' dumped 'different one.' *You* can't make sense of him, her, or different one. *You* think 'him' was only cheating. Because 'her', 'him,' and 'different one' were all single. 'Her' also found a 'different one' too 'Him,' being a cheater, stayed single. *You* want to know if 'different one' (not 'her' different one) had really been 'him' girlfriend *you* think 'different one' and 'him' would" still be one, right? But 'her' insists 'him' and 'different one' were dating. 'Him' denies it. *You* ask now if cheating is considered dating? Because 'him' and 'her' were single, so how could it be considered dating. /blinks I hope there isn't a test on this either .. But seeing this transformed into a Haiku might be fun!
  9. I am currently renting out 8 lovely shops on my parcel. They are 350L per week for 150 prims. This is an adult rated sim so if your creations are of an adult nature, that is fine. Just be tasteful about your displays. ~Mystic Mall Shopping Center~ is a darker themed parcel as far as design goes. Picture a gothic town square if you will . I also plan on holding hunts and events here to help showcase all the merchants renting @ ~Mystic Mall Shopping Center~. Details about said hunts & events will be announced via Notices. If you choose to rent a shop, please add yourself to the group after paying your first week's tier and I will get you your Merchant Tag asap! Shop Info ~Medium Sized Shops with custom texturing! ~With or without shelving (complimentary packs) ~Your custom logo above the shop! Take the tp below to the mail office and read the rental information on the wall, And of course, check out the shops too! If you see me online and have a question, please do not hesitate to IM me right away. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Romance/9/222/22
  10. Hey all, I'm ripping my hair out here. I have been learning the art of furniture making which is going quite well. The issue is, the furniture looks quite nice but the menu's I am trying to add to the bed's are really giving me some grief. Here is what's going on .. I put the menu into the contents, everything loads fine. But when I go to use said menu the pose balls are behind the bed or 10 feet above it etc etc etc .. Now I know that I can adjust each one and fix it that way. However, there are a ton of poses in this menu and I don't have a second person who is willing to sit on the opposing pose ball .. This will literally take me HOURS to fix and I just want to get this stuff listed on MP. I should also add that I purchased this menu and all it's full perm contents as a package, so it's all set up as it, already. Any suggestions, fixes .. anything, would be so very appreciated. You can contact me here or in world under Gothic Savira. Thanks so much! :smileywink:
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Visual/Audio War 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~ When: FRIDAY, August 12th Starting time 10am SLT Where: PARTY On!!! Sign-up deadline: SATURDAY, July 30th Sign-up fee (for prize lindens): 100L DJs will get a two hour time frame to play their sets. UNLESS we are booked by a lot of DJs, the set will be broke down to an hour (with plenty of notice for you to change what you need). Tipjars and group joiners ARE allowed to be out. The hangout area is on a 'M' sim, just to keep that in mind when entertaining your crowd. PARTY On!!! dancers will be permitted to work if they want to, and will help promote your set (but are also allowed to have a tipjar out as well). PHOTOGRAPHERS will be able to put up 3 of their best pictures AND advertisment of their business with a donation box (max of 5 prims). Because the photographers are NOT required to be at the event, they MUST put up a profile picture with full name so patrons are able to vote. There will be ONE voting station for DJs and ONE voting station for Photographers. There will be a BASE prize amount, but your sign-in fees (100L) will be added to the pot, meaning the more DJs and Photographers joining the event, the more the prize money will be. The votes will be open during the whole event and winners will be announced after last set and put out in PLAY On notice (you can add to the group if you would like) as well as an IM sent out to each (DJ and Photographer) winners. If you have any questions, you will need to IM Cherie Listern and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration in entering and best of luck to you when you participate. Please go inworld to the doorway of "for the FUN of it" to fill out your form and drop it in the mailbox. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vendor%20Island/16/195/24
  12. New Location, New Musical Styles Wanted!!! The BEST in :Industrial, EBM, Rock, Metal, Goth, DnB, Aggrotech, Darkwave, ElectroNoise, House, Trance, Techno, Dubstep, Urban Metal & Punk Music!!  Do you want to work in a wicked atmosphere that's more focused on the music than anything else? Are you seeking to be part of a crew that knows how to have fun and makes that the top priority?? We showcase some of Second Life's best DJ's & Dancer/Hosts as well as live music acts & tribute bands. If this sounds like it's up your alley, keep reading this ad! We are seeking people who can commit to two, 2 hour shifts per week. Our current hours are from 2:00 pm SLT until 10:00 pm SLT. And everyone gets Sunday off!! We have a great crew of people working here and terrific patrons as well! Willing to train if needed so don't be shy, come and apply today! :=) We currently have openings for: DJ's - 100% Tips - stream is provided for you. Dancers/Hosts - 80% Tips - male and female's encouraged to apply. You can find our application boxes at our club, located by the door panel inside the entrance. Please fill out the application that your interested in and follow the instructions at the bottom of said application to return it to the appropriate person in charge of training. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vendor%20Island/28/95/25 We also have a brand new facebook page, come check it out and join up for the latest info and events at the club :) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002644840722#!/profile.php?id=100002644840722&sk=wall
  13. Hi Millie! Feel free to check out my ad here and contact me in world if your still looking for work :=) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/LICKQUID-UNDERGROUND-IS-HIRING-DJ-S-amp-DANCERS-SHIFTS-AVAILABLE/td-p/839429
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