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  1. It is happening all over sl and getting worse Don't hold your breath waiting on LL to fix it or even acknowledge that there is a problem, and get ready for a barrage of post blaming this on anything but LL..
  2. Yes, but are the isp problems, caused by the isps which generally in the US at least have gotten stronger, or by LL who has somehow muffed the connection. That excuse is at best a two edged sword which more often than not cuts both ways. For the record my isp currently is very strong, having just gone through a major upgrade, and is having very few dropped connections and these are as likely as not caused by power loss due to weather or some other short term problem. SL on the contrary is undergoing a host of problem from sim crossings, crashes, at times massive lag, and lock ups. This has
  3. Apparently these problems are still going on and now the question is, if LL cannot provide basic services like stable logins and inventory do I renew my account next month, go basic or just leave LL entirely.
  4. Might also want to ask why today's work resulted in more of the same problems and worse. Not only could I again not log in until I reloaded inventory, when I logged, I had to load it again, also I entered in a place I had not been for hours and not the place I had logged froml a good bit of time was missing from my record and the notecards I had gotten during the lost time were missing. It seems apparent that LL has serious problems at the moment and that many of these revolve around log ins and inventory and other basic game functions . A this point it is impossible to say whether these
  5. Or considering the recent instability of SL it could be a SL problem as teleport issues have existed for years and so far LL has yet to find a way to stabilize them completely or to keep them stable for any degree of time. Given what has gone on in SL this week it seems more than a little possible that LL may be responsible for these and the other problem we are experiencing and not our isps or routers.
  6. Doubt this is weather related as I am from Florida and having the same problem, my guess is it is a code or setting change made in preparation for a coming restart assuming we have one this week. As for crossings this has been a long standing problem since before the move to Zindra and I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon given LLs dismal record of failure in this area. Also I have noticed that the problem of latency and packet loss are at their worst immediately following a port into the sim and they effect everyone not just the person arriving or leaving. This too is an old problem that h
  7. Good idea, but for what it is worth, other than problems with teleports the RC seem to be doing pretty well.
  8. Will we have them next week, since I believe there is a holiday coming up then too?
  9. About two hours ago there was a serious problem with teleports in the Blue Steel particularly the Turnip server, not only were teleports leading to crashes, when they worked internal ports were ending up in areas of the sim not requested or the avi went to a no requested area and did not appear at all. In the last two hours this seems to have changed, but the problems were serious for about an hour and followed a pattern that I have never seen before. Because of this they seem worth reporting here and at least noting in case they return later. Also it should be noted that these problems did
  10. Let's hope that in the process you fix some of the problems with missing inventory, failed teleports even inside a sim, lag, crashes and slow or aborted log ins that have plagued us since the last restart. At this point SL is becoming more bother than its worth and the impact of this instability is more than apparent in the decreased numbers or veteran players online and the continued decline of what little business is left in SL. It is one thing to upgrade and improve a system but when you take on this task you need to make sure what you are doing is actually working and stop assuming that
  11. This weeks restarts seem to have fixed some problems in the Le Tiger servers but created or made some much worse. On the plus side memory allocation and some lag is greatly reduced, but on the negative side ports and the rezzing resultiong from ports have created new sources of lag. Also there is an increasing incidence of teleports failing and leading to crashed and these are beginning to cause major problems on login, for instance gestures not loading and creting more crashes, inventory problems, and very slow log ins in general. Overall while the restarts led to some improvement in sp
  12. This problem was bad yesterday, but seems better today in the sims I use most often, though I am still getting reports of it from various people who work with me. My guess is like most such incidents the execution command is getting timed out or lost for some reason, and the button either does not appear or is not activated. Oddly this does not happen to everyone and does not seem to depend on either the nature of someones computer or where they are connecting to sl, so my guess is it is purely random and is occuring due to someting going on within server timing and not the scripts themselve
  13. If you are indeed monitoring this thread, please do not be fooled by the apparent lack of response, for things have gotten no better since the last restart and, in fact, have gotten worse, so rather than reflect player satisfaction in this lack of response take it instead as a total lack of trust in either LLs interest in making things more stable or ability to do so if they want. Right now rather than rush ahead with more changes LL needs badly to step back look at the current problems and fix them, and then and only then decide if the course of change they want to follow is possible or even
  14. I think at this point no one bothers to complain because they have learned that it will produce nothing but excuses and suggestions that it is really our connections or computers. The truth is this is happening all over sl my connection is solid and my setting are basically the same as they were last week before this mess began. But really it is probably unreasonable to expect stable service from Linden Lab for player needs are not a priority with them and it has yet to dawn on them that players are the ones who pay their wages and that paying players are fast becoming a vanishing breed.
  15. Yesterdays restarts, apparently did not go well, as we are getting reports from through sl of massive lag, failed teleports, slow or aborted ports, massive crashes, huge inventory problems, and massive script times all over sl, along with larger than normal memory allocations. These problems begain over the weekend with the run up to the restart and have only gotten worse so they may be an issue of server setting rather than restart code or changes. At this point sl performance is worse than it has been in years and unless this matter is fixed we all are going to suffer greatly. Hopefull
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