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  1. Awesome thnx I'll have a look see :).
  2. Hello. Ive made a script that asks a riddle or question on touch. It listens for the answer and says either correct or incorrect. All is good except I want to change it so all you have to do to change the question is do so in a NC within the objects inventory instead of changing it in the script. This will make it a lot easier when using multiple objects with different questions say for events. Ive looked and looked, tried this and that and can get the script to read the NC lines fine, except i cant figure out how to get it to listen to the message and link it to the answer/s in the note
  3. Logged in was online about 40 seconds got message you've been logged out of secondlife. Now can not log in again. Tried different locations nope. Tried beta nope. Checked grid status no mention of residents having probs logging in.
  4. I guess this is what SL gets for being associated with twitter twits and fake book.
  5. I dont use avastar but you could try setting your hip Z height to 0. Good luck
  6. If you want the animation to play the laying down part repeatedly, then you have to set a loop begining and ending at that part of the animation, this is a % value (start and finnish must be the same). When the animation is manually stopped it will stand your av up....otherwise youll stay laying on the ground. When you save a AVM file for secondlife it is saved as a BVH file. This is why you see all the frames full. Go back to your AVM copy to modify in QV.
  7. Ok seems I hadnt tried everything...found a fix. Phew.
  8. Hi there, congates on experiencing the mess LL made with its system animation priorities when they updated their system anims . I prefure to use the standard sl pre jump and landing as the main base of those animations...and just change arms legs slightly...as the transition from prejump to your animated jump is smooth this way. If you want to continue with what your doing..then maybe set your pre and landing anims to run for 2-3 seconds and make them -1 priority to your jump. Good luck .
  9. Hi all I have been making animations for quite awhile now. Anyway I making some custom anims for another person. I have the animation set to loop at frame 60 (52.631%) to frame 80 (70.175%). Now Ive never had any issue's with setting loop any where in an animation before..well until now. The only real difference with this animation is that there is waist, torso and chest movement during the loop. But seeing frame 60 and 80 are identical there should be no issues right??. Playing the animation inworld during upload test..the loop has a very noticable jump when the loop restarts..its as if
  10. Dont matter what programme you use if you havent made the animation properly you will have the same problem. Follow the advise the previous posters have given.
  11. I like the functions of this programme alot. has alot of handy features that QAvim is missing. Think i will be using this SLat along with QAvimator as ive used Qavim for around 2 years and its limits are annoying now, though its still a fantastic programme. Ive made weapons, dances AO animations with Qavim with alot of good success, but having Slat is going to make things more refined and quicker . Thanx for sharing
  12. Warning long post ahead ... lol if killing one another is just human nature then why are we punished for what comes natrually? Is more the way we live is against human nature and the flow on effect of the un-natrual stressors we have to deal with day to day that causes the killing. We not designed to deal with un-natrual stressors, in response we will do anything to end the stressor or direct actions towards something we assume will make us feel better and relieve the stress. Unfortunately..its the system and ways of the modern life that is the stressor..one we are told we are powerless to
  13. I did a speed test with the three locations where sl severs are...worsed was 4.80 MBS upload with 485 ping ..not good. best was 6.56 Mbs upload and 212 ping, packet lose was 0%. From what i have read 150 ping is the max you really want for a good connection. Ive opend up all the ports in my fire wall as suggested in the knowledge base Ive also discovered yesterday that when i lose the server, I wear a prim or object..edit it then detach it..then I can usually rezz that object to ground and delete it. Takes about 20 seconds for it to be returned to my trash...when it is, Im reconnected. Th
  14. Im hard wired DSL. Some days are fine but they are too far inbetween. Ive been in sl over 3 years and things seem to have gotton worse over that time. I upgraded my comp to keep up with the graphics demand of mesh etc. Packet lose was 0.1%. I enjoy sl dont get me wrong, its a great gamming platform but lately is causing nothing but frustration...I was just logged in over an hr and inventory still not loaded, then SL logged me out......sighs.
  15. Ok Im having some major issues in SL at the moment. It seems the SL servers wont connect with mine or SL servers keep dropping connection with me. I cant TP, I cant cross a sim with out floating away through everything till i crash. I cant rezz objects though I can wear them. My inventory will just hang on fetching even though all items are present. When i try to look up a saved TP info i get this message..Information about this location is unavailable due to access restrictions. Please check your permissions with the parcel owner...ummmm???? what??? These are places i go all the time o.O.
  16. I cant help you with Daz as i dont use it. use a viewer like phoenix or imprudence to view your animations inworld as you AV before uploading your animations. The SL 3 viewer wont allow this which is absolutely stupid, they should give the option how you view animations before upload because the model in that little box is a waste of time. If there is an option to switch to the inworld view in V3 i havent found it in debug yet. Good luck.
  17. hello Litella and grats on becomming an animator . First thing to do is have a look at the animations already in your AO, i figure you have a free mod AO that your adding your own too?. have a look at one of those ani's and youll see that the animations used do loop for stands. At 30 seconds play time for your animations thats very long and remember sl has to pre load all that before playing it out for you. i would cut each of those 30 sec anims of yours into 3 meaning 10 seconds long so you have 9 animations not 3. One other thing to consider is where each of those animations will reloo
  18. OMG they fixed it??? No more fists turning to open palms??? YAY!!!!!!!!!
  19. I use Qavimator for couple poses static and live. make the first pose how you would like it, then save and make the other pose to go with it, select ADD then select the pose you made first, from there you have to tweak one of the poses to fit, save both poses. Now uploading them and play them inworld (put into pose balls first is better) with another person youll see how accurate youve been with taking body mass into account, remember 1 animation wont fit all AV sizes and body masses.
  20. The best one is the one you like to use and find easiest to use. i use Qavimator for everything, its fast easy and effective once you understand it. Learning how to make animations and how they change inworld depending on AV body mass etc is something you'll have to experience for yourself . Good Luck!
  21. Ive had a look at Daz but Im to busy to really get into it atm, that and Im so used to QV lol. When i have abit more time on my hands i'll look into it more as i like what ive seen from your other vidoes. Thnx for posting the vid.
  22. Yes agreed Med, thats how I would do a punch if I were to make the stance as part of the punch animation, 0.50 is the slowest of my strike type animations. It really depends on weapon type as well. Typically for weapons or melee attachment your stance is 1 animation, the actual strike animation is another seperate one made to blend with the stance animation etc..
  23. Hmmm 1.5 seconds to throw a punch is fairly slow..that would mean 2 punches seen animated every 3 seconds. If the animations are for combat then you may want to speed them up abit. Typicaly my martial animations are around 18 frames for hand stuff and 50 fps. This gives a play time of about 0.36 sec if i remember rightly..and going by some punch animations i have seen, 0.36 is on the slowish side of things but still gives you good detail The first punch animations i ever made were 4 frames at 18 fps..they were hyper fast lol and look like a fit of rage .
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