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  1. It's a short none looped animation, I've tried adjusting the length, the frame rate, the easing, I've tried BVH, ANIM. No matter what I adjust or mess with it always glitches out and freezes up between the pre jump and jump, I tested the landing, and its the same with that as well. It plays the prejump, pauses (and goes to the default animation) for a second, then proceeds onto the jump animation. During the landing, it goes smoothly from the jump to the land, at the end of the landing animation it does the same thing in that it pause/glitches. It's starting to drive me insane at this point be
  2. What sort of specs does the prejump animation require? It seems to lock up for a split second between the pre jump and jump animations, just wondering if there is specific settings, or how long the animation needs to be in order to make it flow smoothly.
  3. is there a way to dislocate joints and move the two bones somewhere else(whilst still parented)? When I attempt to bring it into SL it seems to default back to the bones being directly connected. Wondering if this is even possible to have them be seperated. 
  4. So what would be the best way to compare vectors? I mean this line worked for what I'm doing, along side rewriting how I set the two positions, but it seems like the slight variation when it happens will eventually cause the object to move out of its place over time. Is there a better way to get smooth movement that would be more useful besides the keyframe motion? I've tried setting up an incremental set position, but no mater how I work it it always looks incredibly choppy. if ( llVecDist( pos, pos_A) < 0.0001 )
  5. /////////// vector pos_A; vector pos_B; integer toggle = 0; ////////// float speed = 10; vector pos; default{ touch_start(integer poops) { if(toggle == 0) { pos_A = llGetLocalPos(); llSay(0, "Aset"+(string)pos_A); toggle = 1; } else if(toggle == 1) { pos_B = llGetLocalPos(); toggle = 2; llSay(0, "Bset"+(string)pos_A+(string)pos_B); } else if(toggle ==
  6. Is it possible to reduce the server impact any longer then 0.5? Seems that even a single triangle cant go lower then that or am I missing something?
  7. I'm using the SL viewer currently. Also it might not be clear in the screen shots I chose, but the parts that get distorted in the second image are the exact gaps from the uploader screen. heres the upload settings I have marked: http://i.imgur.com/fPz7KmI.png Edit: Okay.... So I've messed around with the viewer settings and something odd is happening... Apparently if I adjust the settings in any way it seems to fix the problem. the distorting only seems to happen when the graphics settings to "Mid" but if I change anything at all it fixes it. Should I trust this though or will it stil
  8. I keep having the same issue with rigged up loads, where it leaves these gaps, so I went and grabbed the premadie skeleton rig from the wiki, but I'm still having the same issue, thought it might be something with the vertex groups, but I checked them and they all seem in order. http://i.imgur.com/17TfBob.png http://i.imgur.com/6DecyRi.png
  9. that did it Thanks :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  10. I know it must be an easy fix, but I'm at a loss at this point... The mesh shows through its self. http://i.imgur.com/AR8OLxL.png http://i.imgur.com/DE2vJMT.jpg I've checked all the normals and they are all facing the correct direction.
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