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  1. Hi :) Anyone seen any good second life relevant tutorials for 3 D Coat that they would care to share ? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hi, been googling for hours and getting nowhere :( All I want to do is cut a simple shape into a face of a prim, ie lets say the back of a chair and I want a heart shape there ? or a simple flower pattern? Its easy enough to cut a round or square, but what if you have a specific design in mind that you want to cut out ? Hope you can help :) example pic: http://www.frodshamroundtable.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Wheel-back-chair.jpg
  3. Hi That was the simple solution Works great now Thanks But naturally another issue appears lol, the entire building is fine except for ONE section of a wall which has become phantom ....
  4. Hi, yea, I also had that, when uploaded they were phantom Is rediculous that it should be so difficult, is nothing more than a prim with walls, so not rocket science I would have given up had it not been for the ONE I somehow managed lol
  5. Hi, this is driving me nuts as I managed once but never again... I made a very SIMPLE mesh cube which I made into a base floor, extruded 4 walls and left one bit open as a door. (simply a floor and 4 walls and a opening for the door) Upload into SL. I have tried EVERY combination possible: Surface (High/Low/Normal) LOD High etc BUT once the model is in sl is is inprnetrable... behaves like a solid cube. What am I doing wrong? Is the error already in blender ? I export as Collada file and have tried both from object and edit mode... The weird thing is I managed it once.... Now the exact same m
  6. Ok I don\t get this... I made a pose in Poser, 2 frames in all, first frame is the T. Saved at hip, exported. Once in sl the pose looks fine... but then suddenly it moves, not much but enough to annoy, after sometimes as long as 5-10 seconds it returns to its original intended pose. I have gone back to Poser, made sure I have moved each and every joint... (It also can stay stil up to a couple of minutes even) So 2 questions: 1) Why is this happening? 2) Why doesn\t it happen with Blender (and a little extra question :) Why doesn\t Blender need the T pose? The weirdest part for me is this, I ha
  7. Hi, was irritatingly simple.... I have Program files, and program files (86) , you need to put it in the first... another way is to open Poser, go to your library, if you have follow breadcrumbs clicked then you can see exactly where your folders must be
  8. Hi :) I have downloaded the SL Avatar folder and am trying to install it in Poser. I have done : Runtime:Librays:Character and copied the folder there, but no ways I can find it in Poser itself under the Characters button? What am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance :))
  9. I made a sit pose, works fine inworld, but when I put it in an AO, and then try and sit say on a cube.... then it forces my avatar to the edge of the cube ? Anyone know why and how to fix?? (Apart from poseballs which don´t work in a AO anyways) Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hi :) I have made great progress thanks to you guys, but now I have another issue :/ I have a pose that I have created in Daz. Later when I want to maybe adjust it a bit, I import it to daz. But to be able to import it I have to load the sl av which is always a t-pose....and no matter what I do, when I export the pose, the T-pose (on frame 0) ALWAYS shows- and ruins the pose. If I make my pose from scratch and export it I don´t have the t-pose issue as I simply use the starting frame to build the pose. Any way I can sort this ? No ways I can delete the T-pose either :/ Thanks in advance :)
  11. I have also reached the same conclusion, trial and error, which I find totally rediculous.... Would think that that was an easy issue for somebody to figure a work around. I have noticed that even some of the better pose makers in sl have their poses either half a foot above the ground or partially in it, leaving pose balls as a only realistic option. I have taken a bit of the guesswork out by creating a scene and building prims at the approximate sl ground level.... I also got a tip from a guy on Daz which I unfortunately dont undertsnad! "If it's always half a metre inside the ground, just
  12. Hi thanks for the tip, will definately try that Have uploaded X nr of duds
  13. Thanks Darren I have tried every variation possible, but just guessing where my avatar will end up is totally hopeless for me, think I will just have to give this up The Inworld u-poser is so simple, I simply move the root prim to where it needs to be and the animation works fine, regardless who uses it. Only minus with it is that its so much harder to get the body parts in the right place, ie hands Take care and bye for now
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