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  1. Unfortunately the 2PE is the lowest it will ever go, its a hard limit even if you upload a cube, however, once you start making more complex models the PE is comparable and if you optimise your mesh (remove vertice and tris you dont need) and use a very basic lowest LOD you can get a very convincing model with much lower PE compared to an identical prim model. To give you an example, I designed a basic house that came to 19 prims, after i had optimised it, it went down to 13 prims without losing its shape at all. The thing with mesh that I've noticed over this past few weeks since I started making them, is that there are a lot of little tricks to pushing down your PE, one thing im currently testing is windows and doors, i know it sounds silly but with them built into the mesh the PE starts going up dramatically, so im testing if its worth while uploading the windows and doors as seperate meshes and linking them inworld, ive no idea if it will push down the PE but initial results seems to suggest i can get 20 PE with seperate windows and doors, compared to 30PE increase if i have them built into the mesh. So far my little project has resulted in a 80PE mesh house compared to a 168 Prim house (its almost identical) The best thing to do is play around with different ideas about how you want to construct your model, and settle with what makes you comfortable.
  2. On the viewer,if you click Me > Preferences > Advanced. You can tick the box that says 'Show Grid Selection at Log In' You can then switch between Aditi (Beta) and Agni (Main Grid) from the log in menu
  3. Nix Manx

    LOD Ratios

    Ive been having a good old fiddle with LODs today and there are some interesting results, specifically, the object detail slider has a huge impact on when LODs change over. The most interesting part of this is if your slider is all the way over to the left (lowest object detail) you will never see the 3 highest LODs unless its a small item. However if its 1 notch up from the lowest it will go, you will see the the second lowest LOD at about 60m away, as many are using billboards for the lowest LOD, anyone on the lowest possible object detail setting will be out of luck for meshes. Its going to be tough to find that acceptable medium on LODs i think.
  4. Phate Shepherd wrote: Nix Manx wrote: Marcthur Goosson wrote: Rusalka Writer wrote: How to be sure? Make your products from scratch yourself. And be sure not to be inspired by anything :matte-motes-big-grin: Or if you are, don't tell anyone :matte-motes-grin: Its getting to the point that if you want to make, say, a 3D horse mesh, you would be good to visualize a cow while you work. A thin cow would do it...
  5. I know these 2 very important aspects of meshes are under constant review but I for one would personally like them to remain as they are for the full roll out phase, the upload costs do not financially punish creators to the extent they did but they are high enough to encourage much better mesh uploads, in addition PE counts as they are make meshes competative against scuplts and prim builds, this will in turn hopefully encourage residents to shed thier lag-tastic-scuplties in return for lag-reducing-meshes, its a win win win situation right now, please keep it this way!
  6. Marcthur Goosson wrote: Rusalka Writer wrote: How to be sure? Make your products from scratch yourself. And be sure not to be inspired by anything :matte-motes-big-grin: Or if you are, don't tell anyone :matte-motes-grin:
  7. Full Perm mean Full Permissions within the use of secondlife object parameters, not full permission to use it how you wish outside of those parameters. Its an easy mistake to make but thats what full perm means.
  8. If you used the high LOD for physics then what about the windows and curves? Surely if you filled in the windows and made the curves more squared you could probably shave off a hell of a lot of PE? I would even consider using a large cut cylinder prim for those end parts? I can just make out the 200 part of the PE on that but personally, for what it is, I would be devastated for that much PE lol.
  9. Great tutorial Gaia, its always nice seeing the difference between scuplts and meshes, especially when you see how much better meshes really are!
  10. Yes but like most companies in the west they are bound to IP/Trademark/Copywrite laws, Lindens are no exception regardless of the nature of Second Life, to be fair IP/Trademark/Copywrite infringement is very hard to prove, if someone designs a model of a car that looks very similiar (not exact) to a ferrari for example, then sells it as a 'sports car' then there isnt much ferrari can do, however if he sells it as a 'Ferrari lookalike' then he is using a trade name to profit. I agree there are people who beat the system, there are also people outside the jurisdiction of some IP/Trademark/Copywrite laws or in countries that dont enforce it, however, if someone in the US or Europe did this then its fair to assume they could be subject to court action depending on how far the original creator wants to go and/or how serious the infringement is, in which case Linden Labs have a lawful duty to provide the courts with a name and address or they could find themselves in court for aiding infringements.
  11. I completely agree, IP infringment on SL is already out of control but thankfully meshes will be under new rules that protect merchants here as much as out of world IP holders, If someone spends a significant amount of time creating thier mesh models then by rights thier work should be protected, with the possibility of quite frankly, breaking the law in world has real world consequences then these criminals will surely think twice or have someone knocking on thier front door. I have no sympathy for those who steal other peoples work and profit from it.
  12. Nix Manx


    I agree, starting to see everything coming to life, I cant wait to see all the great models over these coming weeks and months I just hope PE and upload costs stay as they are, right now I personally feel they are spot on!
  13. Aye the link isnt working unfortunately, ler-us in!
  14. You can always get free L$ from Oskar Linden or any other Linden if you ask nicely , I believe they are hoping to make it much easier to get L$ tho without the need to contact a Linden.
  15. Thanks for the info Vivienne, I think i under-estimated just how ready mesh is, for the purposes of what I want to use mesh for (selling) taking part in this would be out of the question, I think ill wait until its fully rolled out or at least guarenteed to be relatively free from angry customers hehe. It seems they are going into a full voluntary testing mode with this rather than an actual working roll out which is understandable, its a big update and needs to be working properly before merchants start selling. One thing is for certain, we all have alot of work to do, things are happening fast! :matte-motes-smitten:
  16. I think if we are selling mesh items then it is our job to educate the customer, it serves two purposes, it lets the customer know what to expect and it reduces the repeat IMs from customers who are confused.
  17. I have no problem with the No Mod version of mesh, to be fair why would they need to be mod anyways? They are in most cases complete models without any ability to modify them except in scale. The other option is to ensure the customers are notified when purchasing that rescaling the object will change the prim count.
  18. From the last meeting and some subtle comments in this forum today i get the impression they have a working first build ready for the grid, Nyx said they hadnt changed thier roll out plans in the meeting a week last monday and those RC updates were way before that meeting. But unless a Linden gives us some info I guess we will have to wait and see
  19. Hum wierd, from the blog it said there would be some regions enabled at the end of this month with a full roll out completed by the end of august In July, we will enable a limited set of regions to use Mesh and will roll it out, in a phased approach, throughout August. By the end of August, everyone in Second Life will be able to import Mesh objects. Of course, if we run into unforeseen issues or bugs, then this time line will need to shift.  http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Mesh-Coming-to-Second-Life-This-Summer/ba-p/902061 From what I understand they roll out RC builds on wednesdays, which means we have 2 left this month (tomorrow and 27th) I guess we will have to wait and see but I expect it will probably be the 27th
  20. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: I remember this being quite common in MMORPGs like Everquest and DAoC. A lot of newbies tried to earn a little money by posing as highwaymen. I always gave them a little something for their RP effort. In other MMOs, such as UO and Sociolotron, the muggers were very real and often murderers to boot. SL is different insofar that the muggers don't rob you at gun- or swordpoint. Instead, they play on your heart strings and your gullibility. Ohh I remember the UO robbers, I had been playing for about 3 days sticking to the city of Britain, I worked hard mining ore, wheeling and dealing until i had an 'adventure pack' (few potions and bright blue clothes, and a katana of course) I was so excited, headed west out of the city and came to some very nice crossroads ... within about 3 seconds some guy with a red name popped on my screen and like a true newb, I asked if he was a dev. Bing Bang Whop oOOooOOO, lost all my stuff Those were the days.
  21. Dont confuse arrogance with passion for wanting meshes to be as good as we can get them. But out of the 5 pages of very intense and important discussions on meshes scaling, PE counts and hardware requirements, thats all you have to say? :matte-motes-whistle: If I could please everyone I would but to please the 30% of users who have low end computers by severly restricting mesh to low poly models will no doubt be a thorn in the side of the other 70% of our potential customers who demand highly detailed eyegasmic models. If there was a magic wand around that made glorified calculators better at rendering i would be swinging that mutha around like a monkey on steriods, but alas this is the real world and catering to 70% of the market is logical business sense. To give an 'extreme' example of whats possible with mesh and what we will be seeing in platforms like SL within the next 5 - 10 years. Yes thats really a mesh model
  22. Saw this the other day, I have to say for PE 4 its highly detailed yet small (it was about half my height). If it stays this way, which i hope it does, i would be happy to say that small meshes could infact be competative against scuplties. Now they just need to sort out the scaling issues and we could be set!
  23. Just out of curiosity I was wondering if we could get abit of info on which Server Release Candidate would be getting meshes first and if we are still on schedule for a partial rollout before the end of this month? I know Nyx said they hadnt changed thier plans and according to the wiki LeTigre has has 2 mesh updates thus far: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Beta/LeTigre While Magnum has had 1 update: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Beta/Magnum The reason I ask is because I am currently renting some land on Magnum but was intending to let it go until meshes had been released (seems a waste to rent it when i spend all of my SL time on the beta grid). I know its probably a long shot due to the 'unknowns' but it would be nice if a Linden could give us a clue to the rollout plans.
  24. Thanks for this! I started using maya after trying blender and its so much easier to use, I probably wont use it for rigged meshes but the scale trick was very handy.
  25. DanielRavenNest Noe wrote: I also think it is an error to base a triangle count of 250,000 for slow systems on a full region, when people on the low graphics setting have a default draw distance of 64m, and therefore only actually see 20% of a region at one time. In simple terms that is charging mesh for things the slower PCs cannot see or render. I agree, 250,000 triangles is nothing really, I play some games that use 8 times as much and it still looks and runs like a dream, in theory with the settings for low end users we should be allowed a million per region, or at least 500.000. Even if its too much for those 6 yr old cards they can turn down thier draw distance even more, or even better .. send thier computer off to a charity and upgrade to one thats actually capable of properly rendering 3D graphics, after all SL is a 3D platform..... I mean, you can get a 8 series nvidia for £20 for goodness sake, or a 9 series for £30 .. if these 'customers' can afford our stock, then surely they can afford a half decent graphics card.
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