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  1. I'm such a genius! :matte-motes-sunglasses-2: Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hm well, if I understood Drongle right (and do correct me if I am mistaken) a linkset made out of 4 objects means that the lowest possible LI is 2, right? (.minimum serverweight = 0.5 x 4 = 2 LI)
  3. Thanks, that clears things up for me.
  4. Herpes Melodie

    Mesh cost

    I had a question regarding land impact with meshes. I figured I could answer this question myself with testing and testing and testing, but I rather have a full explanation to make sure I understand everything properly, without confusion. I tried the wiki page as well, but couldn't find the answer to this specific question either. Land impact of mesh X is decided by different factors (the highest value of download weight, physics weight or server weight) Now lets say mesh X has 0.200 on each factor. If I duplicate mesh X in-world and link both meshes to each other, they'd have 0.400 on each fa
  5. Second Life relationships are all about having virtual pixel sex. The intimacy one shares with another by syncing his prim pen0r with a prim pen0r is just priceless; it are during these moments when you realize you are not alone in this virtual world. Back in the days when I lost my virtual virginity, even the preparations were fun! I was pen0r-shopping with six/seven girls and it was great fun. Eventually I ended up with one different prim pen0rs for every woman – safety and hygiene before everything.
  6. Not exactly solved, but it works for now. I switched to brute force (Global Illumination -> Final Gather -> Use cache) It's a different method of calculation and much more time consuming. It disables caching and performs a new final gathering for every shading point. The results however, are better, superior I might say, from what I have seen so far. Irradiance (the default setting) caches the irradiance at selected points in the scene and uses interpolation in between the points. If you have the time and have a moment available, I would appreciate it if you tested my scene yourself
  7. There is nothing humorous about this. And yes, I happen to be active on Gorean role-play sims, and on Midian, and on Crack Den. Unfortunately, your comment does not make a lot of sense, though. During Gorean role-play scenes, one doesn't need a collar for sexual gratification; one has a slave when one wishes, thus one can have his 'sexual gratification' when one wishes. After all, a woman can only respect a man who can reduce her to utter defeat, and only those men who are strong enough, will lash their women if she is displeasing. Those who don't, are weaklings!
  8. I am not sure. All I can make up from it is that he is being intimidated by his wifey. And the only reason why I am participating in this discussion with my thoughtful and informative advice, is because there are prim babies involved. However, now that I think about it, perhaps he is the one to blame! After all, she caused drama and made a huge scene because he allowed it! From what I have seen, most women don't know better and will make drama nonetheless. It's natural to them and thus they cannot be blamed. He however, should have taken his responsibility by keeping his wifey in tone. In ad
  9. You might be right! Why didn't I come up with such a logical explanation.
  10. How can you say that? If he would make an alt and goes undercover with a new, virtual life, he won't see his virtual babies growing up either.And those prim babies didn't ask for all these problems, don't you agree? The drama-causing woman, the mother of his prim babies, must be taught a lesson, she must realize that there are consequences attached to such silly actions, and this can only be archived by complete obedience from her side; in owning a woman, one must seize the initiative, one must force through an attack that is overwhelming and shattering; she must be crushed, devastated.
  11. I only use voice if the woman in question meets my requirements. After she has been qualified as useable material with some potential, she will make it to my Skype list.
  12. After paying a small financial compensation, feel free to join my harem.
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