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  1. I retargeted a mocap to the SL Avatar (using Avatar) and the animation is working fine so far. When I play the animation and then sit on an object, it works like expected. But when I sit first, then play the animation, the avatar starts hovering and moves a bit forward. Can anybody help me please?
  2. I tried editing the text for one of my items in Marketplace. The changes are persistent in the editor window, but doesn't show up in the actual Marketplace listing, so the only way to update anything would be relisting. Anybody else encountered this?
  3. Gaia Clary wrote: Please be patient with us. promised! You do such a great job! It's amazing to have all those doors open to new stuff to build, even apart from all those avatar animation possibilities. This is just the first step: now the fingers are waiting to be animated...
  4. mh, I leave "Export with joints" unchecked, and then the bones keep the structure they have in Blender. Sounds a bit confusing for me, but you may give that a try...
  5. CandyangelChic wrote: I'm pulling my hair outat this point! UGH!! flexy hair? anyway, it's good for the performance
  6. have you been succesful with that setup, in the last 2 years? I'm looking into that too, and I'm not sure if it's worth the effort...
  7. I made an animation (.anim) in Blender and uploaded it. When I want to play it, it holds the first frame and plays on when I hit the stop button... it plays to the end, then stops, though I checked the loop button before exporting in blender. Can somebody please give me a hint? got it, have to set the loop start and ending...
  8. I managed to upolad a rigged object, it sits in place and can even be animated (though the hands are not in place, like they do in Blender...), I used Avastar 2.0.10  Using Avastar 2.0.11, the instrument always flips to the original boneposition (I use the wingbones and looks like this:
  9. I have an object, animated in Blender, making use of the wing bones with the help of avastar. It works ok in blender, but the object is a bit off in SL. The Avatar is the same size, I imported my Avatar into Blender for this. Can somebody point the direction to go, I have no clue at this point...
  10. after gathering a lot of information about Bento I have the imprsession that it's not only interesting for avatar builders and maybe clothes designer, but also for builders of other mesh attachments like weapons, musical instruments and similar objects that could make use of the ability to animate moving parts. the whole rigging stuff is completely new to me, and before I'll take my first steps into that subject I'd be happy if somebody could confirm my assumptions: It's possible to build and rig attachments that are not body parts I don't have to care about the bones that i don't use for
  11. Monti Messmer wrote: Und seit wann funktionieren hier Umlaute !!?? Monti ich glaube weiss es funktioniert nur das ä edit: durch Versuch verifiziert
  12. "go back to basics they are slowly killing this environment with total stupidity" brilliant idea, let's start with weekly downtime every wednesday
  13. that's my favourite subject ;-) you answered your question yourself, basically it's the seagull, as loud as heck. Most uploaded sounds are overly compressed and saturated, even if they are rather low in nature, so we all can't make use of the whole dynamic range (granted, that range is very limited...) and the acoustic environment is mostly playing at the top end of this range. The only way to get around is to play low sounds low and keep the top end of the range for really loud sounds... It's very similar to the fact that many ppl make their avatar much bigger than the given scale intends,
  14. Ich hab mal eine Reproduktion der "7000 Eichen" von Beuys (von einer Documenta aus den 80er Jahren) gesehen, war lustig. Es wuerde mich allerdings nicht wundern, wenn das nicht mehr existiert, ist schon 7 Jahre her...
  15. it's crazy right from the start, considering the origin...
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