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  1. I'll be happy to suggest the IRS tipline for tax cheats. You can contact the IRS toll free at 1-800-829-0433 if you suspect tax fraud. Good Luck Nany...
  2. Suella/Ciaran - Yes, we beta tested the new community platform with several Residents under NDA and their NDA is still in place. We will be sharing more about it in a few weeks tho! Chinco - Yes, I’ve received several requests for a Land User Group and evaluating who should lead the group and when to start it up. I’ll let you know more as I do. Ossian/Rauol/Jilla and the rest of folks who commented on Facebook.--We do not depend on Facebook/Twitter to communicate with you, but since so many of our Residents are using these social platforms, it makes sense for us to be where you are-
  3. Can people using OSX Tiger run the Snowstorm 2.5? Can't wait to see the reaction when you make XP users have to upgrade to use the official viewer...
  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but we've heard this before. I'll believe it when I see it...
  5. You're joking about Facebook, right? Please tell me it's April Fools come early...
  6. Welcome New Resident, The first days of wonder and exploring are the best times we all had... Hope you hang around for a while and learn what it is that keeps us in SL. Good luck.
  7. Unless you're running a Mac, then your "new tech" crashes every 5 minutes. Even on a Windows box, until these things can be performed with the same ease as V1, there's no way most of us who actually perform these tasks will move to V2: Hosting Events Being a DJ Playing Live Music Building Operating an Entertainment Venue Operating a Retail Business Operating an Estate Scripting As you see, those that attract people to SL and provide the content for the masses to enjoy are the ones left to adjust to all those bad decisions by the Lab Policymakers. I am enjoying the server improvement
  8. Those of us that run Macs would love to see the new stuff, too bad the V2 Mac viewer crashes every 2 minutes. 5 minutes if we're lucky... I love how you increase groups BEFORE actually fixing the group chat. There's nothing the lab won't do to try to coax users to switch to the crappy V2. Except actually fixing the crappy V2.
  9. Torley, I'm a big fan, we even made a game with a watermelon theme. I'll send you one if you like. You'd love it... However, until a Resident can run an Estate, operate a store, host live events, host a DJ, be a DJ, perform live music, build, animate, perform general tasks - or do most of the things that actually draw new residents into SL on a V2 viewer... I'll pass, it's just unable to match up to the V1.23. And I certainlty won't suggest that piece of feces 2.4 viewer. Man, it's bad... You ask us to accomplish the Lab's work for them, but you give us crappy tools. We deserve better.
  10. Good Luck Rod, your predecessor was a closet-case of incompetence and fabrications, so we don't really have much in the way of expectations. Leadership would be a good place to start, I suppose. I think we've had all our expectations beaten out of us. So many truly bad ideas were implemented because the Lab has been a "brick wall with a smiley-face painted on it" and refused to listen to it's own customers. Ignoring all the PR Happy-Talk, you'll get an eyeful of what the Lab is really like soon enough. If I had a hope... and I refuse to have any hope again for SL, been burned too many times.
  11. That's an awesome way to improve the crash numbers, I wonder when they'll think of that... *eye roll* I wouldn't trust any numbers that come out of the lab, not since they chose to remove the public metrics feeds. I'll stick to Tyche Shepard's numbers TYVM.
  12. So long Jack, Happy trails...
  13. If XStreet could manage it, why can't Linden Lab? Because Apotheus and Co. were actually competent and genuinely cared about having a superior product and providing services that the customers wanted.. Unlike "Commerce Team" that changes it's roster ever month. And provides "services" that no one wants and only serves to suck money out of pockets while providing less actual service.
  14. You're talking about one club sim, not a multi-use or residential estate sim (most of the Estates), there's a huge difference in Land-use that bears zero relation to your example. Graphic is correct, what you propose would not be practical across the majority of the Estates.
  15. Lack of intellegence and understanding of the basic premise on their part. You're just feeding a troll...
  16. Millions of adults are being asked to change a heckuva lot just for a few kids, not even half 1% of logins. I resent the hell out of that. The main point, one i probably should state stronger, is that the main grid was never intended for 16 year-olds - there are things that I run into on the grid that squick me out completely, and I have a pretty strong consititution for that sort of thing. Without any controls or oversight, the Lab is going to subject kids to stuff that they really shouldn't see or hear. I know for a fact that General sims aren't all exactly G like they're supposed to be.
  17. That's the 13-15 year-olds, the 16-17's can search adn IM anyone they want. 16 is not the age of consent in the US. Read more carefully please.
  18. All of this upheaval over a few hundred kids that no one wants. Feeling welcome yet? I guarantee you won't like the level of acceptance that teens get on the main grid.
  19. What you don't seem to understand, is that you aren't welcome by any standards to most adult residents. We signed up for an adults-only grid, and this is being forced upon us. The vast majority (looks like 90% or more) doesn't want you on the main grid. At. All. Feeling the love yet?
  20. The Lab lies a lot, this isn't news... It just stuns me that they're willing to upset a vast majority of resididents for a few hundred kids. Mindbogglingly stupid move.
  21. It's been said around various office hours that this is a cost cutting measure, and that the search b0rk-up was underway anyways, so adding more filters wasn't an expense. Typical Charlie-Foxtrot from the Lab. The residents have to clean up their mess (again).
  22. Philip has been heard, more than once, saying that he wants his kids to be able to use the grid. Like most of the truly stupid ideas the Lab has forced on us, it's usually something simple...
  23. Nope, I've never seen a group for a club or store on regular mature land have to bother with an 18+ age requirement, since everyone was supposed to already be an adult. And I seriously doubt more kids will come to SL than already have, it's too boring for most. PG should have been the Ghetto-ed setting, not Zindra.
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