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  1. Small discrete Estate renting a grandfathered Homestead, recently come available after 6 years, only $6900/week with full estate manager priveleges and benefits. Contact Gooden Uggla for more info http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Point%20Break/193/168/27
  2. I was hoping to confirm it before reporting it as a bug. Your "helpfullness" is noted.
  3. With the recent 1-point move in the lindex, we've all had to adjust our math for linden dollar sales that take a week and/or fast sales. One thing I noticed today as I sold at 249/USD is that the difference between the estimated sale and the actual sale was 2 cents. I've never seen that before on smallish amounts. I always round up a penny for quick sales because the lindex often over-estimated by a penny, but 2 cents? Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. For months, if you have multiple sell orders waiting on the lindex, and you want to cancel one of the more recent orders, you can't. The cancel order defaults to the oldest order and cancels that one. No matter which you choose.You can not cancel any but the oldest sell order. Even though I've sent tickets and bug reports, apparently Web Services are incapable of fixing this bug that they created. I know it's ridiculous to expect anything approaching competence from the web services people, but I feel it's important that the greater Commerce community knows about this major bug.
  5. That has nothing to do with what was posted here, just reporting the facts.
  6. The 1099K reporting rules that the lab just implimented that require filling out a w-9 form aren't new. In 2011 it was announced by the IRS that income earned on the internet would start being documented. In early 2012 (almost 2 years ago) the IRS issued those new guidelines and forms, and notified every eligible company they could find that the change was in place and that they would get the rest of 2012 to put in place their reporting regimes. One would assume the Lab was notified at this time, most certainly before the end of 2012... Yet, instead of notifying it's customers that their Lindex usage habits might might trigger a w-9 form request, as the IRS suggested at the time, the Lab waited until 45 days before the deadline and issued those requests with no notice whatsoever.
  7. Scroll down to "TIN Applied for" http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw9.pdf
  8. One of the most interesting facts I've received is that the Lab was supposed to start notifying US residents 2 years ago to expect this new tax rule to take effect in 2013, yet the Lab waited until 45 days from the deadline to notify the effected residents. We don't even have the chance to change our lindex usage patterns to fall beneath the reporting guidelines because the Lab chose not to follow the IRS policy. That's the part that galls me the most, I could have easily sold on the lindex less than 16 times a month, but I was never given the chance. The collossal incompetence is stunning in it's immensity.
  9. On the w-9 form where they want the TIN number, just write "applied for TIN" and when you get it from the IRS, send the Lab a ticket requesting your TIN niumber be added to your w-9 form. You'll be able to cash out for 60 days without a TIN.
  10. How's Mesh Deformer coming along?
  11. Where did my world go? Oh yeah, it's covered with an IM console. /Fail
  12. I didn't bother reading that mess. The fact that you wasted so much time responding just confirms the diagnosis. Good luck in your future therapy.
  13. That might be the longest and most condescending lecture on the forums that I've ever seen. It took you thousands of words of nonsensical opinion before getting to the point. The forum is not a good place to display serious personality issues. BTW, Good luck with that...
  14. Hi Maestro - We're having considerable problems with scripts, drawing, chat lag, worn assets, packet loss and lag spikes since this morning's roll.. I'm assuming that you're on it. Good Luck.
  15. The results of this sale will not end well, mark my words...
  16. This "Land Sale" by the Lab will actually result in a smaller grid by the end of the year. They're shooting themselves in the foot again... Estate owners will bail out of any empty full sims they have.
  17. This is going to cause sims to become abandoned by estate owners, everyone with a full sim for sale or rent now is going to bail out. Sims don't cost 1000 USD anyways, they're only about 500 USD on the secure transfer market. This will result in decreasing the size of the grid, and driving up private island rents. Bad idea all around. The usual for the Lab...
  18. CTSS3XXY Arun wrote: So what is the dashboard for? Links to sooo many SL websites and why so many different sign ins?.....Why not have one access by signing on our accounts and just click the links? Why do we have to repeatedly sign in and sign in? Because... That would make sense... Can't be having any of that!
  19. So... everything related to age verification, all the economy-destroying bullsh*t surrounding the forced ghetto at Zindra was a great big waste of time. Congrats LL, a new low, even for you...
  20. Interesting... only a year and a half after "fixing" search, it becomes yet another avenue for forcing a still not-ready V2 upon a customer base that has avoided it like the plague. Congratulations!
  21. I'll be happy to suggest the IRS tipline for tax cheats. You can contact the IRS toll free at 1-800-829-0433 if you suspect tax fraud. Good Luck Nany...
  22. Suella/Ciaran - Yes, we beta tested the new community platform with several Residents under NDA and their NDA is still in place. We will be sharing more about it in a few weeks tho! Chinco - Yes, I’ve received several requests for a Land User Group and evaluating who should lead the group and when to start it up. I’ll let you know more as I do. Ossian/Rauol/Jilla and the rest of folks who commented on Facebook.--We do not depend on Facebook/Twitter to communicate with you, but since so many of our Residents are using these social platforms, it makes sense for us to be where you are--from a communication perspective--in addition to being inworld and using inworld communication tools. Today, most smart businesses use social media to reach out to customers, get feedback, etc. and we are not only using them, but also providing clarity on which ones are best for different types of communication and audiences. That said, it’s completely opt-in. And, more importantly, using these social networks is an effective way to reach new potential customers and grow Second Life. That sounds pretty good to everyone, right? And, I understand about potential privacy concerns. You’re welcome to check out the Second Life Facebook page without Liking us and we always post cool stuff in the Destination Guide and on SL.com. Again, Facebook isn’t the only way we get the word out on happenings--just one more great feed to subscribe to, if you like. Maelstrom/Cully--Lindens scan the Forums frequently, but due to the overwhelming amount of activity in the Forums, it’s impossible for us to respond to each topic. As we roll out the new community platform, you’ll see sections to the new Forums added that correspond to some of the User Groups and the User Group lead will be responsible for reading the section on their area of expertise/focus and jump in periodically with comments. If you have feedback for us, I suggest you attend some of the User Groups. VooDoo/Nathaniel/Medhue/Ann/Mike--Great question! Clearly an oversight on my part for not mentioning it earlier. To join a User Group, you just pop into their public meetings listed on the User Group page. No sign up sheets and no hassle. And, no special passwords. And, Ann--glad you like the calendar! Toysolider--Wow. I think I need to reread this a few times. Very thoughtful and thorough response. You are absolutely right--the need to take a strategic look at all of our communication channels catalyzed much of what I shared today. It’s a start and it’s going to evolve and get better over time. I’m really looking forward to launching the new community platform and getting your thoughts re: how it addresses some of your core concerns. Let’s keep this dialogue going! I love it and will continue to reference this comment, and others here, as we move forward. Prok--I was waiting for you to chime in. I hear you and wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts on JIRA. Winter--I think you’re gonna like what you see. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when we launch the new Forums! Mike--Thanks for your thoughtful posts.. See my comments above to Toysoldier. WADE1/Janet - Wow, glad you’ve noticed. Thanks for sharing!! Lexbot--You’re absolutely right! One of the most important parts about User Groups is that we’re going to try to create a more representative group of Residents who can share their feedback and experiences from their unique perspectives. It’s up to each group, and the User Group leader, to determine what the right mix will be for each one. To everyone who has posted comments--I truly appreciate that you took the time to read the post and share your thoughts. Let’s keep the conversation going!! Hi Amanda, I'm listening to what you say and it's very important to me. Question is... do you believe me or am I just trying to calm you into being quiet and going away?
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