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  1. Or you can get one of the Text Clients. Some of them allow you to do many things without loading the whole interface, graphics and so on...
  2. Did you get them through the official Second Life website or through a third party website? Often other websites different from the official Second Life one need more time to process your request. For the moment keep waiting. If nothing happens contact the support (of the service you used) and see if they can help you.
  3. If what the other residents suggested won't help, try checking your graphic settings. Often we all think it's the sim's fault, but at the end we find out it can be a mix of our computer video card and ram plus our network. Try lowering your graphic settings in the viewer and if doesn't work check your video card.
  4. I might be wrong..but... I don't think the script can't handle your name. A list in a script can hold many names and/or UUIDs. The first thing that comes to my mind, since you have a long name,is: have you checked with your friend (the one who added you to the security) that he/she transmitted your name correctly to the script? Usually scripts want exact informations, a matter of a capital/small letter can bring the script to not recognize you. There are also scripts well compiled, able to recognize avatars even if they result in their list with a capital, instead or small and vice versa , l
  5. Hello all. I started using Maya recently and actually I'm having a problems saving my sculpt with the exporter script found in the wiki. Actually my problem is a common one "// Error: Object list must contain a surface and a texture". I get this error if I select the object using the button "select by hierarchy and combinations", that is the only one that allows me to select the whole object. If I use instead "select by object type" it will select only one face of the object and selecting them all at once I will get to export 1 sculpt map for each face (Top,Front
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