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  1. Hi All, I am trying to figure out how to use the XML of my avatar in poser so that I can create custom animations that are sized correctly. I have figured out how to export the XML from SL but I don't know what to do with it now to make it usable in Poser. Poser also doesnt seem to know what to do with the XML. I use maya for my modeling and mesh stuff, but it is not able to read the file. Is there some trick or tutorial someone can point me out for how I can get this XML file into a format that I can use in Poser (or at least get it into Maya so I can export it as something Poser can ma
  2. Outstanding! When did they make this change?
  3. I had always thought the SL limit was 30 seconds for an animation, but I came across this page in the SL wiki. Has something changed that I dont know about or is this page just incorrect? What is the max number of frames/seconds? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Animation_Length_Limit Animations can have no more than 60 seconds worth of unique frames.Linear animations will therefore end in 60 seconds or less.Looped animations will only end when stopped.
  4. Innula, I do amnesties as necessary but it would be nice to not have to do so much administration on the "incorrigibles" who do keep coming back vs the one day old bored griefers. I am thinking I will just have to make my own system, but I am MEH about starting it, I have better things to do with my time. Can you set an automatically unban after X days? Have I missed this feature?
  5. Thanks for the reply Tammy, we do have a great staff in my sim. Every year around mid June it just gets a bit nuts as people come into summer. It's an adult sim that is also in the destination guide. My own fault for putting it in the destination guide I am sure but oh well, thems the breaks of advertising. We don't ban that easily but over time a limit of 300 avis at our level of traffic gets tight. I end up doing an annual amnesty, which isn't optimal. It would be nice to be able to go further, but SL just isnt set up for it. Perhaps in SL 3.0 that LL is working on they will come
  6. Freya, thanks, I had considered scripting something myself but I was thinking *somebody* must have addressed this already (crosses fingers). My sim gets very high traffic - like 50 thousand or more unique avatars a year. Crazy I know, but makes it very difficult to police sometimes. It is always worst at the beginning of summer as all the lil @$$h@ts have free time on their hands lol. If I don't find any viable products I will have to have something made I guess.
  7. Hi All, I am curious if there are any useful ban tools that can handle lists of more than 300-500 (the current in world parcel and estate limits) that don't make more lag than the griefers they are trying to prevent? Anybody have a good tool for it? I have looked around but most have max 100 which is not helpful. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. It will be a big ol pain in the ass for content creators to ramp up in the new system, but creators, if we think ahead this can be a boon not a bust. If you have proper tracking of your customers (even if just from this point forward) you could offer them discounts in the new system for the new items to put a good spin on it. Then they know if they go ahead and buy your item now, they can get it in the new system. I haven't throught the entire idea through yet, but I am sure there is a way to plan ahead for the change over. Sure many of us old timers have years and years of "the $h!t we
  9. Thanks to all who answered. After tinkering endlessly I gave up and left it two linksets. I did find an elegant solution though. i have EZ-Rez-It! (which is free and awesome) and I put it in the shadow prim (unlinked from the rest) and it is the rezzer. So users can rez the shadow, turn how they want, and then rez. It only adds three scripts to the whole thing and then all they have to do is just shift the bottom prim and everythign follows suit. One single prim would have been more elegant but this will have to do. I am tired of putzing around with it. Again, thanks to all who took
  10. string uuid = ""; // Put the sculpt maps UUID here. This will allow the script to reset without problems. (Should a user decide to reset it)makephantom() { if (llGetLinkNumber() < 2) return; llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE, PRIM_TYPE_BOX, 0, <0,1,0>, 0, <0,0,0>, <1,1,0>, <0,0,0>, PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, <0,0,0>,PRIM_TYPE,7] + [uuid] + llList2List(llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE]),2,2));}default { state_entry() { if (uuid == "") uuid = llList2String(llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE]),1); makephantom(); } collision_start(
  11. There is a little script you can drop into individual prims in a linkset to make those prims and only those with the script in phatom while the rest of the linkset stays solid. What i need is the inverse, to be able to set the whole linkset to phantom and have a script that would make three little prims solid.
  12. That acutally isnt the case. You can set some to type prim and some to type none and make them phantom. the problem is that it increases the land impact in an unacceptable (for me) manner.
  13. Hi All, I have a great little script i can put in a prim in a linkset to make that prim phantom. But I need to do it the other way around. I have a 70 prim object where i ONLY need three of the prims to be solid - and all the rest of the prims need to be phantom. Is there a script i can put in a *phantom* linkset to make just those three solid? I tried setting the phantom ones to prim type none and then prim on the solid ones (one of which is the root prim). but my object went from 70 prims to 128 boom. That will not do, as it is overprimmy to begin! The root prim does not have to be the
  14. Hi All, I have begun trying my hand at mesh creation and I am looking over the standard sizing - the five sizes to fit most avis. Here is the thing, is there some simple way to make the clothing once and make the other four just a morph without having to fuss with making the object (or at least editing it by hand) four more times? I saw "liquid mesh" jeans at redgrave, they offer just the one size and it fits well (which is VERY unusual for my avatar) - how is this done? Is there a straightforward way to make one size fits all (or at least most) without the blood sweat and tears?
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