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  1. The Transformational Meditation Group has a Discord Server running. We stream our meditation sessions life from Second Life to Discord. The server has come in handy for people that want to join the meditations but can't be on SecondLife at that moment. We also have a great ranking and reputation system on the server. You can join here. https://discord.gg/dhjfCnu
  2. ***Heart-Brain Coherence meditation*** Time: 1:30pm SLT ( https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190121T1330&p1=224 ) Location in Second Life: TinRoof Retreat( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cinnabar Island/202/200/23 ) Discord: https://discord.gg/yA5VWe
  3. Wednesday January 16 _________________________ Chakra Tune-Up meditation - With Crystal Singing Bowls Time: 12pm SLT (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190116T12&p1=224) Location in Second Life: [Pleiadian Temple](http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Paris/118/127/622) ------------------------------------ Freestyle Guided Meditation - A short guided meditation in voice with background music. A nice weekly mindfulness practice. Time: 1pm SLT (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190116T13&p1=224) Location in Second Life: [TinRoof Retreat](http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cinnabar%20Island/202/200/23) Discord: https://discord.gg/9W3bbw ----------------------------------- Midweek Meditation - A different theme each week. A longer guided meditation in voice. One of our most popular meditation sessions in Second Life. Time: 2pm SLT (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190116T14&p1=224) Location in Second Life: [Zen Gardens](http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oligard/166/144/301) Discord: https://discord.gg/9W3bbw
  4. To celebrate Halloween I’m holding a special midweek meditation in Second Life today. The guided meditation we are going to do is called Contact Your Spirit Guide. I start with a short explanation on the various ways spirit guides are understood and then we do the meditation. Fun if you can meet in your Halloween Costume! The url to the location fo the Zen Gardens is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted%20Meadow/20/208/22 See the posted video for the times. #transformationalmeditation #meditation #spiritguides #secondlife #guidedmeditation #spirituality #halloween #spiritualguides #guides #spirits
  5. The Transformational Meditation Group with Elijah Pyrithea will be starting a weekly Chakra Tune-Up meditation every Wednesday 12pm at the Nirvana Island Pleiadian Temple . Elijah will be facilitating this 15-minute meditation with 7 beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls. This is a nice opportunity to balance yourself or to practice your mindfulness training with the help of the singing bowls. See you there! - Elijah P.
  6. Week 44: Events by the Transformational Meditation Group all times are in Second Life times (SLT) Tuesday: 12pm - 12:30pm - Noon Chakra Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls (@) Perfect Paradise Community Wednesday: 12pm - 12:30pm - Noon Chakra Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls (@) Forest of Eyeblinks, Lake Temple Wednesday: 2pm - 2:45pm - Midweek meditation (@) Zen Gardens Friday: 12pm - 12:30pm - Noon Chakra Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls (@) Perfect Paradise Community
  7. Join Elijah Pyrithea from the Transformational Meditation Group in a meditation session aimed at strengthening the communication with your inner voice. As always will Elijah connect spiritual beliefs with the latest in modern science. Everyone welcome. Date and time: June 2nd @ 2pm slt Duration: 30-40 minutes Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bieup/99/46/1502
  8. I totally understand your mistrust. It is well founded. Yet many I know don't share it and there is a reason for that.
  9. Therapist Elijah welcomes you to attend his Meditation Class! Title: Pain management. Description: An introduction too, and guided Meditation towards aiding pain and relaxation. Based on a Meditation by the UK National Health Service. For both physical as well as emotional pain. He will be guiding this class on Voice in our Learning Centre Building at 2:00 PM Second Life Time 16th May 2018. Estimated duration is around 45 to 50 minutes. Location; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sorens/45/87/21
  10. Why do you want to do that? If a person chooses to behave like an idiot in SL and is a loving and kind family dad in RL That's up to them. Why do you want to use energy to figure out who this person is in RL? You have to deal with him/her in SL nevertheless and the person in question would expect you to react to an idiot as that is the way he emotes and expresses himself towards you in SL And like @Fionalein also stated, the fear of a person becoming his/her character is not something to think lightly about. A dive in psychological and cognitive science from recent years shows that this can happen in reality and in fact, it has become a reality in some cases. Again. Feelings and emotions even if you act them out.. they are real if not to yourself it is to another person and if you repeat that cycle long enough you can become affected by these emotions and feelings yourself.
  11. Absolutely not assuming that. My point is that all emotions and feelings. If you fake them (faking is creating them nevertheless) or not are real emotions and feelings.
  12. SL is formed by those that are 'living' there. So I cannot say that SL is so typically American. However, the moment you have to deal with Linden Labs / Linden Research itself you get the all too familiar American cultural traits to deal with. One of those that irritates me is the lack of knowledge when it comes to everything that is outside of US borders. I haven't got a support ticket answered for quite a few days now because I had to reply by answering a control question where they asked my place of birth. Since this is a place in Europe, they do not understand apparently. Support is arrogant, judgemental and disrespectful compared to what I'm used to from the few European countries I've lived, also mostly because for most Americans, the USA is equal to the world/planet. Nothing much to do about this except for hoping that one day the US education system changes to be less narrowminded.
  13. Most of the people using their time to harras others are expecting and thriving on certain negative reactions back towards them. This fuels them into going on and on and on. I can only advice to ignore them or block them right away and don't worry too much about it. I'm known for being not normal, but what always helped me (when I want a bit of fun too) is to react in a friendly and inviting way. Telling them that you totally understand why they behave like that towards you, is a classic in my book. 9 out of 10 times that pisses them off and you get blocked by them. 1 out of 10 times they realise what they are doing and they go their way or even apologize. One time this resulted in a friendship even. If you want to try the above, just make sure that you can handle rude, all over the top accusations, up to death-threats and what more. Some want to try everything to get you angry and mad, but as long as you reply understanding and friendly they will eventually give up. Also, save the logs of the chat just in case the harasser tries to report you for harassing. Never happened to me yet though.
  14. If it should be short and in a way that doesn't give wrong interpretations I don't understand why people don't write: "I don't talk about RL in SL." or "My RL is off-topic". That means that you don't want to talk about RL in SL.
  15. For me, there is no SL vs RL. SL is part of your RL because you need something RL to be able to engage in SL. The only way to separate the two is by quitting SL or RL. The latter I won't recommend if you don't have a good reason for it. Also, you always take RL into SL. You can fake everything in SL but not your feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are always real no matter how you generate them. Even by faking things in SL you generate real emotions and feelings. And that's why one can use SL in therapeutic form. There have been posted many examples of how SL can change your RL life in a positive way. Many say they use SL to escape RL. But what they actually say is that they use SL to create feelings and emotions that make them forget or overwrite the feelings and emotions that RL is giving them. In my RL work I teach manifestation techniques and if you ever heard of Mind Movies then SL can be a mind movie on steroids if you design your SL world with a certain goal and learn how to take those feelings and emotions you generated in SL with you outside of SL. When it comes to relationships RL and SL the above applies as well. Fake and play all you want but you cannot fake the feelings and emotions you generate for yourself and others. So communication within your RL relationship(s) and SL relationship(s) is important in both 'realities'. I think the problems start with people that keep claiming that they keep SL and RL completely separate. Good luck with that, because how hard you try, reality will hit you on the head twice as hard from both RL and SL.
  16. After a 3 year retreat from SL I can write under that socially, things have changed quite a bit. I guess it mirrors the harsher climate we live in globally where there is fear and reluctance all around. We have become less talkative because we are more afraid to say something wrong, we find it harder to start a conversation because of fear of what the other person might think of us. When I first came into SL people could start a conversation or at least say hello without them having a tip-jar around them. Nowadays the ones that say hello are the ones doing it because of work / money. I like to read a person's profile and some people have interests that we could talk about, but people just are on ignore mode most of the time. Most likely also AFK. It is therefore not a surprise people start to feel isolated as we begin to live a more and more isolated live ourselves in RL as well. On a positive side, there are still people that value others and are open for a chat about whatever it may be. But this is mostly a community of people that the majority frown upon still and rather engage with as privately as possible out of fear what others might think of them.
  17. I'm stunned you found the same solution as previous responders had already given you. I'm even more surprised you accepted it as a solution. Nevertheless, I'm happy for you and hope you will in the future stop waving away the answers to your questions just because you think you are superior to others.
  18. Sorry mate but the solution to what you want has been given to you by different people in different ways already, but you all found them inadequate. But I'm beginning to think what you really want is trolling the forums.
  19. Yes so you want a script that only allows sitting for people that are in a certain range around a chair. That's perfectly possible. Like when they enter through the door they get access to a chair. Still, the whole reason why you want to make people's users experience so limited in SL is illogical to me. The end result is that people will sit on that chair. You're just making things difficult and create a problem that wasn't a problem in the first place.
  20. I noticed that. That's why I'm asking him if he understands himself.
  21. No offence but do you understand yourself? Sorry for my extreeeeeeemly low IQ, but can I ask you again why you want to restrict people to sit from a distance while you still want to allow them to sit in a certain area? Why do you want to restrict a feature that SL has while the end result (sitting) is the same nevertheless? It's like you only want to allow people to drink water from a plastic cup while everybody already has a glass of water in their hand to drink from. They will still drink the water, just not in the way you prefer it. If you don't like how SL works.... well there are most likely others who have made an SL clone where they don't allow you to sit from a distance. Again the solution to your issue has been given to you in the form of a script already. But apparently, that is not what you want either.
  22. I think in your case the solution is a furniture with scripts that only allows the owner to use it. I've seen a couple of those on the marketplace. It's not that special. And like one other bright individual already said here. There is always the cam feature so privacy is just a little less bad than using Facebook.
  23. And that is a problem? Maybe I should ask it this way. Why would you want to limit a person's freedom of movement in such a way on your sim? Doesn't sound very inviting. I understand you want to limit people access to a parcel or a certain area with a security orb, because you want to keep it private. But when you want people coming to your sim why restrict their movement by not allowing them to sit on a chair from a distance?
  24. Is there any reason why you want to limit the user experience of SL in such a way? If people want to sit they want to sit. Whether they go and sit from 100 meters away or from 1.5 meters away the end result is that they will sit.
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