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Found 8 results

  1. The Volcano Rock Club is moving to new digs and to celebrate the transition from the old to the new club we're doing what we always do at the VRC -- we're having a party! From 10 am-2 pm we'll throw a going away party at the old location featuring DJs Jazz and Tigger before TPing everyone to the new location to check out it out. One last time, your ride to the old location ... <a href="http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45" rel="noreferrer nofollow">maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45</a>
  2. Hello, (sorry, I'm not English mothertongue, so maybe my language is not perfect) below is a description of what I would like to do, what I did, and where I can't go on, on which I humbly ask for help from those who are more experienced than me. I'm building a mechanical apparatus (like an industrial machine) made up of two parts (actually every part is a set of linked prims): Part A, it is a fixed framework that acts as an external skeleton and support to the machine; Part B, is a mobile part that moves back and forth with only translation moving inside the frame. I created Part B, adding a simple LSL script that simulates an oscillator that goes back and forth with constant speed. So far, so good. When I integrated the two pieces, linking Part A and Part B between them, Part A, which should remain fixed, started to move solidly to Part B, which is not what I wanted ... I wanted Part A fixed and Part B flowing inside him. The "trivial" solution would obviously be to not link the 2 parts between them, but this poses a difficulty: if tomorrow I transfer the apparatus to someone (I do not say sell it, but also only as a gift), this someone must rezzare the two separate pieces and then place the moving part at the right coordinates within the frame. So it would be much more convenient to have it rezzed as a unique object. The question is: is there any way to do this? A single object with fixed Part A and mobile Part A, without both moving? If not, how can I make sure that it is still rezzed by someone who does not understand coordinates and positioning of prims, so with each piece already in the right position? Thanks for the patience of having read me this far, and thank you from now for any replies!
  3. ~SECONDLIFE's FINEST MUSIC CLUB~ Has all you need to get your weekend party going! So why stay at home, come down shake that body with us! We have the hottest DJs, Sexiest Host and the Friendliest VIPS~~ So if you want to have fun,while meeting great people.. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE THAN SOHO~ GET YOUR MUSIC FIX... TAXI: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Tides/48/80/22
  4. Hello! I have such a funny script, it works fine, but for some reason, every time I change the position of the object or just rez it from inventory, I have to reset the scripts. otherwise, the object either flies up to the sky or moves to its original position. why it happens? string animation; // the first animation in inventory will automatically be used // the animation name must be stored globally to be able to stop the animation when standing up integer k; integer flip = 1; list params; vector pos; integer link = 0; default { state_entry() { // set sit target, otherwise this will not work llSitTarget( < 0.0, 0.3, -1.0 > , <0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 1.0> );//*** ///ZERO_ROTATION params = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(LINK_ROOT, [PRIM_POSITION]); pos = llList2Vector(params, 0); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key av = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (av) //evaluated as true if not NULL_KEY or invalid { llRequestPermissions(av, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); llSetTimerEvent(0.02 + llFrand(0.1)); } else // avatar is standing up { if (animation) llStopAnimation(animation); // stop the started animation llResetScript(); // release the avatar animation permissions llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { animation = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0); // get the first animation from inventory if (animation) { llStopAnimation("sit"); // stop the default sit animation llStartAnimation(animation); } } } timer() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_ROOT, [PRIM_POSITION, pos + ((flip = -flip) * < 0.02, 0.01, 0.01 > )]); } }
  5. Hello! The problem solved! Hello! Help please I have a problem. I'm trying to upload through the Firestorm the roof with an exit to the top, but I can not do physics. I tried a simplified cubic physics and the same model. But the passage is not formed. Applied rotation and scale. Prim / Convex hull don't work. I press the analyze and without, it does not help. It will be the roof of the moving object, so I think the analyze needs to be done. I will be grateful for any help! Thank you! P.S. When uploading with cubic physics, I do not even see the outlines of these cubes. Two months ago I uploaded another model and every cube could be seen.
  6. Hi! I'm currently working on an RV vehicle that the user can drive around. The idea was for them to be able to park it up, open the side door and enter the interior while they're not driving. I've noticed the Physics Shape turns from PRIM to CONVEX while it's moving (as to be expected). But once it's no longer physical or moving, it doesn't return to it's PRIM physics shape. In an attempt to fix this I've scripted the RV to switch from CONVEX to PRIM when the side door is opened, however the Physics Shape doesn't seem to update. Once the RV is right-clicked it's Physics Shape will suddenly update and allow the avatar inside. So it seems objects that turn physical or move are set to convex, but afterwards it's impossible to change their physics shape with scripts until the object is next edited. Is this a bug? And has anyone found a work around? Thanks for any help!
  7. I saw on youtube that there was some animated hairs. So, i wonder what is the best way to to it.. I am new to Second Life and noticed that the ways to animate things are not so exciting.. I don't know much about this Animesh, but it looks like is still in beta.. right? And then the other way to animate would be uploading the mesh on various forms and join them togheter as one so it looks animated... This new Bento bones can be used to animate the hair ? I would really apreciate any help.
  8. Hello, How do i loop the llSetKeyFrameMotion i am trying to script elevator which is meant to move from 0 to 500 m smooth moving but finding hard to make it reach there. its either going above 1000m or not. here is the link was following the script.of course i was using the KFM_FORWARD http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dora_Gustafson/Harmonic_Oscillator_motion thank you.
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