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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shempo/72/14/56 Great piece of amazing double roadside.1888 sq m. Would appeal to anyone who likes to drive in sl. Also chances to expand and encompass one of the astounding 'Triple Peaks' affording great views of the adjoining regions. Letting it go very reluctantly to stay within our current tier limit.
  2. Lindens gifts are useless to long term members its like offering natives sea shells and baubles for their custom... What this customer wants is recognition of his long term support for Second Life a free yatch or house isn't going to wash, my inventory is overflowing with quality boats, ships, submarines and every variety of house. What's needed is a large increase in the free land allowance and a reduction in tiers - payable in my own currency to sidestep exchange issues. Reduce tiers and sell abandoned land - more customers, happier customers ultimately more money for Lindens its not rocket
  3. Lots of complaints about vigilantes, griefers etc suggestion make everyone who goes in pay the premium....maybe then you can cut tiers - currently extortionate - make it easy to track down griefers and cancel their 'subscription' if they cause problems.... Also will we see an end to ban lines and security orbs and the like so that people who want to explore in the new world can do so freely. The current ability of all land owners to deny access by adding names to the admittance list is more than enough to deal with people who dont leave when requested to..... On the payment side can we hav
  4. Hi For ages Ive been looking for an anim which lets me simply stand behind my partner and fondel her breasts... used to have one but it vanished whena build got broken up havent been able to find it again...( be exceptional if the animation also let her grind her backside into me at the same time :D ) Also looking with similar difficulty for a pole with 'hot erotic dances' which a couple can share...so far it's not been possible to find a dance pole like that which was intended for a male / female couple. Thanks.
  5. Loads of sea access - lovely landscaping marvellous views of the coastal area. Superb plot. 42112 sq, protected land http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queck/138/120/37
  6. Two portions of land with direct linden waterway access ...ideal for exploration.... Both in UBA http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uba/132/36/22 1888 sq m 17000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uba/129/19/22 2144 sq m 20,000L
  7. To try and speed the sale of this very nice 4032 sqm plot (on protected linden waterways- ideal for exploring) final reduction sees this plot now of the market for 32500,,,,,any lower we may as well keep it ourselves..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uba/140/18/22
  8. Still for sale...compare the prices yourself... protected water ...plenty of exploration opportunities.....you won't be disappointed.... Sl url in the thread...
  10. Smashing parcel adjoining protected linden water way channels ideal for exploration above or under the water... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uba/140/18/22 Price based on similar sized parcels of similar high quality however reasonable offers considered contact Maelstrom Janus or Cully Andel with any queries. Thanks.
  11. If you like a setting reminiscent of your favourite railway station look no further than this very cheap 5712sm m plot in TERSA.. While other prices along the track are ludicrously high our piece - ideal for wannabe train mechanics, casey joneses and station masters - is priced at 6k a generous 1.1 lindens per sq m..... So it's ALL ABOARD !! for Tersa - heres your ticket to ride... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tersa/130/182/90
  12. Now for sale at 17,000 lindens beautiful land - road connected and protected riverside. Fantastic area with more free land around for expansion. Smashing region..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poliahu/25/187/30
  13. Going to be a bit miserable living on mars ....hope they take a full set of surgeons..I imagine even removal of a wisdom tooth becomes a major nuisance unless youve taken a dentist......Hope they dont have the same problem Dark Star had with the supply of toilet paper....
  14. I had an idea which I thought was rather nifty and that would be to make it against TOS for anyone to block someone else living in the same region..with security orbs ban lines or anything else....I think its hardly fair to prevent anyone moving across their own home region.....
  15. Ive got salt hud very useful but occasionally megaprim sl used to come up with ones that salt didnt have...Prim search is good, it's a while since I used it though because megaprim sl always seemed to have more. Suggestions for in world building Ive got loads of 'em. For a start increase the variety of prim shapes with a seperate menu for polygons ..it should be a lot easier task to define a type of triangle for example - the formula for making an equiateral is a nightmare. Increase prim size - 64 is hopeless especially when youre working on a project like a space station... How about tape
  16. I honestly didnt expect to illicit 'cheeky bun' pics - theyre impressive though...the pics I mean ..well yes.... Meanwhile I have masses of crates containing megas its just easier to summon one up rather than rummage through them all.... but the megaprim site is a superb resource...be a shame to lose it Doesnt counter my argument that the inworld building system is become dull and stagnant... mesh was an easy cop out for lindens....
  17. Has the Megaprim .sl site been shut down I've not been able to log in for a couple of days... Real shame if the sites gone its a really useful building resource... Of course it might not be necessary if Lindens gave us a decent size of prim at least 150m... at the same time perhaps they could try tackling the totalling stagnant in world building system and sort out 99% hollowing too !!
  18. Looks a bit 'retro'...like an old apollo return module with a solar panel array...is this really the 'next gen' ?? Bit cramped for a trip to mars too Id have said......
  19. Doesnt it p*** you off that sl engineers can fiddle around with this but lag doesnt improve...tp crashes are as bad if not worse than ever...stable regional boundary crosses in vehicles are still near impossible...the inword building system is stuck in a state of stagnancy.... This to me is another one of those useless projects which will mean very little to the majority of sl users... How about some useful technical imprivements for those of us who like to build INWORLD..i.e. 99% hollowing, increasing the size of prims to 100 metres, increasing the range of prim shapes to include triangles
  20. This is the big announcement ??? What a load of rubbish... What about something which would benefit long term loyal users - lower tiers...improved quality of service.... A new CEO new tat....
  21. I dont get it - is the idea to give girls a fat gut and a cleavage they can run a railway train through ?? There's no way this is an improvement - the girl looks better before the fitted mesh unless the outfit she was wearing before actually inmproved on the avy she seems to have after fitted mesh....Whats actually been changed the girls avvy or the outfit ??
  22. Interesting that on another thread a user claims shes having the same problem as the person who started this thread....its intriguing what she has to say 'Yes, the viewer freezes because your connection is dropped. I had a similar problem about a week ago, but it lasted for a couples days only. I found out that SL network was sending bogus packets to my modem, trashing the connection until it dropped.' They were doing something like this last year ..... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/SL-and-Net-Crashes/m-p/2474251/highlight/false#M13641
  23. Sounds like Im having the same problem...how did you discover what was causing the problem ? i.e. that it originated from sl ??
  24. Oh and if the op happens to be paying premium membership and tier I think its pretty poor that lindens wouldnt care about his 'rant' ...and its a damn pretty shoddy show that Lindens dont use their own forums as mouthpiece.... probably because they know a large number of users would want to remonstrate vigourously and get some of their questions and concerns answered....
  25. How are you pray to what the majority are experiencing... Im having the same problems as the op and more besides....tps not working , lag at an appalling level crashes up to the worst level in the seven years Ive been here.... and if its down to this new server system I say put it back to how it was.....oh and I know quite a few more having the same problem....
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