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  1. I wonder how much all this technical blah appeals to ordinary sl users who maybe want to set up a little home, buy some cheap land, maybe explore a little without crashing every time they tp and without freezing every time they try to move and all at an exorbitant cost. What we need to see is an improvement in normal sl operation without the world becoming home to a mass of agendas for both elitist users and members of its own board.
  2. All I know is that since pathfinding was introducing the standard of 'gameplay' in sl - that is the everyday sl business of moving, exploring, tpping has plummeted and while all this 'new stuff' is introduced problems which people have complained about for years such as boundary crashes remain as bad as ever. Introduce new stuff when youve got the existing stuff running properly. The fiasco over increased gb usage when pathfinding was ntroduced was enough to demolish it in my opinion. Try tackling more important issues such as excessive tier fees before trying to sideline people with usles
  3. Good riddance theres a few more who could go with him...starting at the very top of the tree....
  4. The one person who wants the cattle prod at Lindens ( apart from the mysterious and nameless supervisor TJ Linden hides behind whenever I send him an email of complaint) is the CEO himself.... I dont recall a time in the last 5 years when the service in sl is as shoddy as it is now !!! And as one of your presidents once say in my opinion he needs a sign which says 'the buck stops here'
  5. Try asking em for recompense for the inconvenience...oh I forgot like all us other mugs you signed the TOS which practically means lindens can totally screw the service for ever and a day AND still expect your full tier....Ive been out of sl a month now and they still expect a full tier and membership too !! And the best of it is a bunch of a** lickers think its my fault that because lindens screwed their system ( and admitted it was their fault) that I went over my permitted gb usage.... 5 year with Lindens the majority of em paying full tier and membership... anyone remember the Tom an
  6. Oh it will help because it makes me feel a lot better after 5 years paying a **bleep**ty company whove basically treated me like crap and in my book the ones who dont help are the useless sheep like you who seem to think a company can do what it wants because it has 'terms of service....'consumers dont stand a chance with some of the people on this forum....
  7. Terms of service...the only point of them is to ensure Lindens dont have to fork out any dosh to people theyve crapped on... I know first hand...theyve really DUMPED on me
  8. Project 2 - the mission - 'to make SL as inaccesible to as many users as possible and see how many of them still lick linden a**'....coming to a virtual world near you ¬!!!!
  9. Good riddance.... stand up and speak your minds disatisfied customers of Second Life its about time Lindens Research were made to see theyre totally in the wrong here - they've deprived some customers of a service, theyve even admitted its their fault but they still expect to be paid and anyone who thinks thats right and proper is short of a few marbles....
  10. As I said 'something' has screwed SL I was told it was down to pathfinding by the people in the firestorm group who Ive always assumed to have more technical know how than me so any 'accusations' have come via them...Even Lindens help desk accredited the problem to pathfinding so you can have a word with them about 'nasty accusations too. Ive also been in regions where pathfinding is turned off...no problem. And whatever the problem Lindens have taken responsibility... and in my book you must be nuts if you think a company can take responsibility for a major fault and then wriggle out of payi
  11. The day I discovered this fault and asked what was happening in the Firestorm viewer group and someone who seemed to be in the know said they doubted Lindens would put the fault right on the mainland... Im beginning to concur with that suggestion. Oskar Linden cant even be bothered to answer those asking him about this quite politely.....
  12. Qie face it...whatever it is something screwed up sl big time and all we've had since is people blaming those who didnt watch their daily usage.... those who claim this that and the other help sort the problem out they dont and lindens insisting that they dont owe anyone any sort of recompense because the TOS we sign up to are a cop out and they dont guarantee a 'continuous service' in my case that means having been out of sl for three weeks now and running up my usage phenomenoally for the few minutes I have been in. Basically Im sick of all the apologists for a **bleep**ty second rate
  13. I really and trully hope theyve given him the boot.... then he can get back to his sims and we can see what the next one tries..... probably a new avvy for each premium member in the shape of a giant plywood cube....lag free and oblivious of draw distance....
  14. ... and dont tell me turning pathfinding off doesnt make a differerence...it does .. download a usage meter go to shady where its turned off take a reading of the usage...then try Gorgonzola a region where I own land and cant shut the wretched thing off or get live help to deactivate it either and watch those megabytes pile on.... turning draw distance down - negligible effect.
  15. Linden never fear about giving 'good' customer service when apologists for second rate second life are around.. I dont pay a 150 dollars a month ( not including membership premium) to turn my 'draw distance down' or anything else that reduces quality of service.... the answer to me seems simple turn that usless pathfinding off go test it on a beta grid and come back when it works properly.
  16. The reasoning is 'screw the 'community' we'll do it our way - because we can hide behind TOS and screw the payments out of the 'community'regardless.....'
  17. They should start with the CEO...under whose guidance SL has reached its lowest ebb.....
  18. p45 is a tax document people in england get from their employer when their employment is terminated.....its almost synonymous in that context with getting the chop..... or if Id said 'heads should roll'
  19. Another week at least offline but you greedy so and sos still expect full tier and membership from those of us who cant get in a damned disgrace !! in the parlance of england 'a few p45s should be being handed out here....'
  20. Everyones bandwidth is being devoured except the elite few who have the ability to turn pathfinding off .... whether its an inconvenience depends on the limits agreed with your isp... No wonders Roddy is hiding people in his home country are likely to have been hit hardest,,,,,
  21. Maybe he cant get on line because certain issues caused him to exceed his ISPs gb allowance....... who's going to tell Rddy to keep an eye on his usage
  22. And if they do everyone will be complaining about the lag they cause and trying to do what theyre attacking the op for doing .....
  23. Just spoken to my ISP to sort out extra gbs on my allowance. Having explained the situation my ISP reckons Lindens should at least give recompense for any gigabytes used over a usage limit.... how strange I agree with them... Cant be many companies who actually say they're liable for a problem then actually use their terms of service to get out of giving recompense to customers they cause a problem for.... and the latest news is that this problem looks as if its carrying on and on... Im beginning to think this is some crafty ploy to push islands where the elite have more control over these
  24. oh deary me ..... http://blog.nalates.net/2012/08/24/bad-news-on-bandwidth/#comment-40910
  25. Sorry but I think Lindens currently deserve everything they get............For lack of service in relation to the amount of money they get from me Lindens are almost unparalleled in terms of poor customer service. I think the only people who've come anywhere near are Hewlett Packard.
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