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  1. let it go....everyone, after some time spent in SL, has to deal with it, at least once....just as in some detective movies.....a random killing, no clues...but at the end there is always a motif ...the weirder the better
  2. thx for the reply Peter, you are right....i tried to get in contact to certain alien race copyright holder for that deep space cruiser parts but seams that will take some time till will get any respond....therefore i edited my post ......and decide to, while waiting for that copyright approval, use my personal drawings as a reference source...... so yes, please contact me inworld so we can discuss details cheers mate, Shtax
  3. Hello :) Need a custom MESH made parts for the vehicle, easy and simple for someone with skills in mesh creation but it has to be absolut perfect and precise craft. parts must meet following conditions: - FULL PERM only - mesh objects with baked shadow maps templates if interested please contact me inworld for more details, best, Shtax Waffle
  4. Looking for a very talented sculptor able to create organic realistic shapes such as animals or humans, either as sculpty or mesh as a full perm custom order. Please contact SHTAX Waffle inworld for details
  5. Serious scripter with skills and time to finish the project wanted for a custom work on a project. Please IM SHTAX Waffle inworld for more details.
  6. renting a parcel and my avi is the owner in "parcel details" but after trying to rezz (for example abc horse) getting message that the owner of the land(me)does not allow it, no group is deeded to land and the object multipies in my inventory creating sort of ghost objects copies after every rezzing attempt....after restarting the wiever (Firestorm), sometimes ,i can rez and everything is fine but then suddenly it happens all over again. is it sim where my land is or the viewer or some thing third making this mess? thx
  7. for a simple full perm script, please contact inworld SHTAX Waffle for details
  8. i did tell the landlord that i will move and abandon the land before my next tier term (March 13th).......and that i did that extra payment ( June ) month in a advance coz of my possible trip so not to be late in case i will not be online.......hes reaction was ok and that he will return it ....yet since then almost 4 weeks he is all but returning it.......i even abandoned land 3 days (March 10th) before the end of the regular tier date.....so he can rent it sooner........am i a fool trying to be correct and fair?
  9. I was renting a land and payed my tiers in time.......needed to go for a trip so payed my next month tier in advance, trip was canceled and i moved to a new land before that payed tier become actual........asked landowner to return it since it was payed in good faith in advance so i am not late with the tier..........he is refusing to do so..........13 k is maybe not too much for someone but it is for me and i think it is unfair form him to keep that money.........what i can do to get that money back? any legal method ? please advise.... many thx in advance Shtax
  10. oh ...that is working ........silly me.......many thanx
  11. Cant see what others are IM-ing when they are not on the friends list. I can see that they are typing but nothing appears in my chat window. Tried to contact support but thats impossible if not under given categories of problems and this is definatelly not. Please advise, thx SHTAX
  12. i expected some of the comments and they are perfectly ok, thank you very much for them but before i find "my way" of dealing with the problem i wanted to see if there is anything, not just only a tool but skill or knowledge that i can learn and incorporate in my building process. I can live with this issue as long i have the feeling that i did all that is to have it right.....those "objective" aspects and reasons why still, after i done max to avoid them, can see flickering and dotted lines are then sort of Gods will effect and will accept them as such. Real news for me is possibility to t
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to address this issue but for me its about building in SL so will post it here, Year and so ago i was pretty upset with the fact that no matter with what tool and how hard u try to accomplish alignment of two prims to be perfectly seamless there is always an angle or camera movement when those ugly flickering seams are visible.........and yes......i did use math,i did use copy function in the editor, i did use PrimDocker, Skidz Prims and few other available tools for precise alignment, i developed my own textures for masking the flickering lines, i tried to
  14. How to link sliding door with a script in a linkset for packing it in rez-faux? I know there is a 32 prins linkset limitation for a physical scripts but thats all i know :) please advise, many thanx, shtax
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