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  1. Tried everything i was told to try. i even went to my bank .they tried to pay you i need help with this..
  2. I purchased a Hewitt Packard laptop it has windows 7 on it .CNU71124ML serial no.Its rebuilt i have tried to load the Linux viewer from SL. Its not working .. I t loaded to laptop but not working. I have been of SL for a while please help. Thank you
  3. that it was possible to do what i am trying to do. alli know is the person was name Serendipity she join Second Life 2-28-2008. Now if this person sent me and e-mail to my yahoo.com account is there something wrong with this picture. Well take a different look thank you,tech help, still miss you all
  4. also 2.0 portable hard drive with PC+Mac,Beta. I havent been able to acccess any info on hard drive setup, or allow access to any viewers of any kind ,or portal access. I will admit i am not tech. genius. But i learn new things every day. I need help . I only able to access this page, my profile page, my dashboard, SL Destination Guide, SL Market PLace,Onlive page, Well i was relly happy to get this far. Thaks to miss Serendipity ,she contacted me on SLUniversal page and gave the info to get me this far...Please thank her for me. Please Help i ned step by step info.on how to allow acess with SL address for viewer and portal info. Please thanks
  5. Please help i cant get connected with the viewer. i have been away to long Please help fast. my E-Mail is spencer_pray1535@yahoo.com,, or call me at 512-939-1963 Help please
  6. my menues for inventory and other menus wnt slide down in screen so i could save my outfitts. The only one that works for exspanding and reducing the menu window is communcation. Please help
  7. MeiLaie


    Because there is no words ( pay now ) on the billing page . i cant pay my bill, will you kindly let me know when its fix ,on my profile inbox page. Thank you very much Mei Laie R / B.L.S
  8. Hello, i been waiting up to 45 min. for a update that dont seem to be working. its from the creen simulator screen that acess SL. It says" There is a required update for yuor Second Life installation" at the bottom of the black square it says looking for update. Can you be so kind to tell me why it has to take so long 49 min.
  9. Your game cost to much i cant afford it. So i want be buying anything ,or will i be logging back after i log out.... Thank for the free trial.
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