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  1. I am learning scripting and I have found the following: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetMemoryLimit I want to limit the memory use of my scripts to reduce the lag they cause. My question is what is the relationship between memory and mono? If I limit the memory usage of the script will that reduce the mono time it creates? I'm viewing the mono my script is creating from the region estate manager console. What is the relationship memory vs mono?
  2. I need to find out the UUID of an object that I don't own. How would I go about this?
  3. I've heard that items marked NO COPY/NO MODIFY/TRANSFER can be copied when a sim restarts. People put them on the ground and then pick them up as the sim is going though it's restart countdown. Then when the sim restarts it has rolled back 10 minutes and the item is copied (1 in inventory, another on ground). Is this rumor true? :matte-motes-not-even: Please no rumors - facts only :)
  4. Yes, I would most highly recommend the Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt which are easily the biggest grid-wide hunts in Second Life. My experiences and those of people I know have been very positive :matte-motes-agape: They have about 30,000 active players per month. There's a huge social community behind it and they really combat and prevent bots! www.goldtokens.net
  5. Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt are the only ones worth considering!
  6. Personally I find fish hunt and gold hunt are FANTASTIC ways to earn linden!!!
  7. Actually my sales have gone up about 300% since using these services. It's within the TOS and whatever you may think about it these are real players leaving their opinions on my products. Frankly I will take that over armies of alts and rival merchants any day of the week! Not a perfect world? I suggest you re-enter the womb where it is safe and warm lol! :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  8. LarryLow Kappler wrote: PS: Even if it's allowed by LL, it's at least morally wrong, so please don't tell me about morals! Larry your profile states: "On the move! Got a lot to do detecting thieves. My clients are mostly merchants and creators, But feel free to IM me." Sounds like you've got some skin in the game to me..... Posting out of financial interest by any chance? Maybe this disrupts/negates your business in some way? Morals? :matte-motes-delicious: :matte-motes-bashful-cute::matte-motes-kiss::matte-motes-yawn:
  9. LarryLow Kappler wrote: Dubious practice to game the marketplace, however gaming the MP is allowed by LL so feel free to do what you want. But I would consider paying money for something that isn't relevant for the majority of customers. Most do not read reviews as well as they don’t write any, so why paying to get any? And hundreds of bogus reviews will definitely not increase sales. So there are no good reasons why to do it. It’s actually a waste of money. Actually Larry I have to politely disagree with you on that one. Reviews affect marketplace ranking. And actually someone is far more likely to buy something if it has a review than if it doesn't. Countless times I have passed up on buying something because it did not have a review to say that it was an decent product. Plus I am not sure that this is bogus reviews they are talking about here. I mean, one of the nice things in sl is that people do have morals about what they are doing for the most part. I will certainly be trying this with my store!
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