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  1. I have a decent computer and improved graphics card, and have had this happen on a different computer as well, however it hasn't always been there for me, jus the last year and a half and it makes taking pictures a real hassle. http://www.flickr.com/photos/shiita/10981009065/ Is there a way I can fix this? Or is there a possibility this is just a client issue? Latest Client: Firestorm- Beta Computer: Windows 7 Home Premium, Alienware AURORA_R4 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB Type: 64-bit OS Previously when I had a much lower performance computer about two years ago, I never had this issue with a DOF glitch. The glitch has also followed me through several client patches and updates.
  2. I like takin pics. here's one I ended up takin last night. enjoy lol my vampire, Vladimir Aron de la Afumati... aka Aron, is a creepy Kindred from the Nosferatu line. this was taken in Club Revenant in Ravenhurst
  3. i've always had my soft spot for the leeches ;P i enjoy playing wolf, even played a werelion once, but I just find the challenge in playing vampires thrilling
  4. I'm also a big fan of Armand, also from the vampire chronicles
  5. alright..... let's boil this down to the lores then like i mentioned before. because everyone's going to have a personal preference an of course some of us might be a wee bit biased because of fanbase lol LKH: Werewolves are stronger an faster in anyform, but are much weaker in human form Vampires have stronger powers, an some have the ability to control the werewolves alltogether, making the vampires a deadlier foe. Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice): far as I recall, there wasn't really a vampire vs werewolves debate to begin with. though there were demons an a variety of other creatures (been a while since i've read the books, so correct me if i'm wrong) either way the vampires are the leading race in the mortal realm. The strongest with those that are the oldest. Vtm vs WoD: in this regard it again depends on the forms. garou (lycans) have about... 4 forms. Their human form is their weakest, followed by their feral form, then their Chronas form. Their strongest form is the Direwolf form. Where they are basicly this large wolf, about the size of a pony. if there is a garou old enough, they can have fetishes.. aka powers. Which makes them even stronger. in the recent direction of the lore, Gaia turned her back on the garou so many of them just don't have their fetishes anymore an are simply wild creatures, or more adapted to the way of human society. The kindred (vampires) have a variety of powers, but only in the garou's human form do they have the upper hand with any kind of power. an there are even werewolves that would serve the Wyrm an protect them. care to add a lore, then by all means add a lore an rough draft the differences based on the lore itself. my word is not law it's mearly what I personally gathered from reading into them. I could always be misinformed so if you really wish to learn an find out what lore brings what to the table, then you can research it OR go nab the books an get to readin, ya? ;P but in the end, each lore offers a variety of outlooks on which race is more 'powerful'. all in all, the cunning with vampires, since they are 'survivalists' is the fundamentals for making them stronger, while possibly always being the physicaly weaker. however looking at the VtM an WoD it's not always the case, because the garou (wolves) are the natural protectors of the land an earth so have a connection to it that the kindred do not, therefor making them stronger in a LOT of ways. concerning hybrids... well... many lores don't support it since they normaly lead to saying the two 'viruses' or race strain naturally fight off one another, so tends to either kill the host or you get one or the other since the strain killed off the other one. in some lores however... the hybrid can even be seen as being the weakest, while others they are viewed as the strongest. I personally follow lore that leads us to believe that hybrids are not even possible, so i don't have a personal opinion on the matter either lol
  6. I have a friend that is 45 that plays both a vampire an a werewolf. another that is 41 that plays a vampire, an i'm 24 an i play both as well. *shrugs* lol
  7. lol but then the creator wouldn't get more money haha i would enjoy something like that though... heck i'd love a HUD that wasn't neccessarily 'bloodlines' that I could play with during my rp that was interactive an gave multiple options an such. that'd be interesting
  8. Depends on the lore you're using. and the form they are using. most say that lycans are more Physically strong. but in human form are weaker than vampires, where in wolfman form are usually 2-5x stronger than an average vampire. to boil it down even more to a fictional science... it also depends on the age of said vampire an said lycan. as a whole race though... lookit the lore being used. ^u~ i'm personally TOTALLY unbiased though an think that in a 'power' sense... vampires are stronger. since physical strength wasn't the specified question ;P
  9. found another that inspirres me with my vampire. i'm big on musical inspiration with rp lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E56RDKzpHM&feature=youtu.be
  10. well a lot of people like the rp simply 'because' it's creepy. I know that while I don't rp child vampires or even regular children, the prospect of an innocent looking creature really turning out to be some vicious monster is the most baseline deceptive role a vampire player could take. they get away with a lot more an tend to be the most twisted an interesting characters one could play. I still wouldn't play one simply because I have my evenings my character leans more towards sensual play, an that's just a part of who I am as a player. I would never want anything like that to come through with a child avatar, so I forgo it alltogether. but the story that could be made with a child vampire is really quite fun an interesting on a 'story' sense. but we all got to keep in mind that it's simply a story, an those people that don't want to be involved with it can simply walk away from it *shrugs* I honestly think that if done well, it can be very entertaining. just depends on how the character is taken an played out.
  11. -Anne Rice -LKH -VtM -WoD i like to play them all, mix it up a little, take an move things around. but I like playing vampires with any one of those lores at various times. funtimes
  12. Lestat De Lioncourt of course he inspires a lot of my rp in many ways
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