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  1. Six years ago when I joined SL, I was a guy who chose a girl avatar. Now, six years later, I'm a girl, playing with the same girl avatar. Was SL responsible for this? I don't know, at least I don't think so, I've always chosen a female carachter in any game, however, SL is not a game like any other and certainly does affect one on a mental level much more so than your everyday run off the mill games. I highly doubt SL was the cause of my gender dysphoria, although it most probably played a big role in making me reach my realization. I've spent a lot of time researching the affects of immersion of this level. I came accross a study, called the Proteus effect, which is all about how the avatar influences it's operator, although the study does not take gender identity into account, there certainly is a measurable influence generated by your avatar on yourself. well, that's my 2 cents worth
  2. So I got this idea the other day, when I tried to log on to SL, to find that some low life using the same ISP as me, and obviously the same IP pool has been banned. This is not a big deal as all I have to do is renew my IP. But this got me thinking, its totally ineffective, if I can bypass it so can the banned individual. Common knowledge really. Back in the day, noobs where locked in at orientation island, and couldn't access the main grid unless they "passed" all the tests. That being said, why cant LL make a prison island for banned individuals? like Australia, lol.. have them log in, but have them restricted to sharing their crappy existance with other griefers/unsavory folks on a secluded island, for as long as it takes for them to serve their prison term. Heehee, they could even get visitation rights if they behave, lol.
  3. Sounds to me what you want is to be a pony girl... you will be physically restricted, you will definately be lead around by your reins, you will be made to perform infront of an audience (public display) and, we dont have sex with our ponies..... If you're interested, find me, I have a very nice private ranch built just for my ponies.
  4. I'm waiting for the abolition of wealth/money/currency
  5. Ariel Vuissent wrote: The "easy" way would be open "about land" and return all of your own objects to you. However, this is a BAD IDEA. I did that once.... lost everything Nothing was returned to me, my entire parcel and all its content just dissapeared. over 120 000L$ lost
  6. Feldspar Millgrove wrote: hairstyle == image a hairstyle does not equal an image, its a 3d object an image is 2d, you'll look pretty stupid walking around with a picture of a hairstlye on your head as opposed to the real hairstyle. So no they're not the same
  7. in a nutshell: An item/object is copyrighted as that type of item/object. So, a hairstyle is copyrighted as a hairstyle. Taking a screenshot of an Avy wearing said hairstyle is not an infringement, because you are not re-creating the hairstyle, you are creating an image. hairstyle = hairstyle image != hairstyle
  8. You can tell by the sort of language they use, females use a different vocabulary set to men, females in general are also more likely to spell out an entire word, for instance "you're" vs "ur". Although, that being said, using linguistic patterns only work when both you and the other person are using the same native first language, and a man can learn to emulate a female style of chatting and vice versa, so it is not fool proof. The figures are not that staggering though, about 48% of people online emulate their RL selves, whereas 52% go for an opposite representation of themselves, and as stated by others, males are more likely to fall in the 52% category
  9. 3D printing... as in a tangible 3D model? like an action figure? I would pay copious amounts of money to be able to get my hands on an action figure of my SL avy Time for me to start searching the web to see if I can get me one of those
  10. gokhanh wrote: hi .. İ gave to a friends 3500L and after a week he gave back me 2000 back.. then he said he find a SIM and we can rent thee together and we agreed on i pat the first week and he will the other 3 weeks then i pait him 7000L more.. after a week he told me that he cant pay the tier and he has no money..and offer me to saty his fothers skybox..sure i ddint accept and he told me he ll pay me back my money.. sure he never paid back )) i learned i cheated by him..so what can i do for it..i know i couldnt get monye back but he is telling my friends hat i didnt gave him money i rented there by myself .. i only want he dont do the same to other people..so is there anythign i can do for it ..?? thx for helps.. lol, get better friends
  11. Ceka Cianci wrote: Luschious Nightfire wrote: I would not mind that feature, I mean your inventory is a folder in essence and everything goes in there, and its all messy anyway, heehee... so if it goes into one received items folder it would limit the caos and mayhem to just one folder, heehee... We have "recent items" and that is handy, but sometimes you crash or log off without checking those 10 items purchased on MP and when you log back on again it is hard finding the new amungst the old... at least thats how I roll with my messy inventory, if you crash ..just go to your recent items and choose show filter..then at the bottom of the filter just put in the hour or day you wish to go back to..those items will show up =) You can do that ?!?!? my life just got so much easier Thank you Ceka
  12. I would not mind that feature, I mean your inventory is a folder in essence and everything goes in there, and its all messy anyway, heehee... so if it goes into one received items folder it would limit the caos and mayhem to just one folder, heehee... We have "recent items" and that is handy, but sometimes you crash or log off without checking those 10 items purchased on MP and when you log back on again it is hard finding the new amungst the old... at least thats how I roll with my messy inventory,
  13. I3ree wrote: Doesn't the 1st Amendment apply on Twitter? Free speech. Internet = International network... including other countries outside the US .... oh nevermind.... :smileywink: btw congratulations on winning the World Series.... again... heeheee
  14. what perplexes me is that we are not allowed to name names in this forum, so what is the point? I mean really? they should rename this from missed connections to cryptic clues or soemthing similar... its just dumb, dumber than the vampire forum, and I thought that was a new low
  15. I would have to agree with Randal, for me it also seems as if Singularity is best when it comes to limited resources.. The only downside to Singularity I know of is it does not support multiple clothing layers (Unless there has been an update I dont know off)
  16. Domitan Redenblack wrote: When I came into SL, there were only V1 viewers, so everybody could help everybody else on the steep learning curve. Now I get asked "How do you do xyz in V2, or v3" and I have no idea (those work much worse for me on my small graphics chip) I don't think Linden considered that V2 is *not* easier to use than V1, *OR* that community support would be badly affected either. And to be honest, I do not see *any* features of V2 that are compelling. More Viewers = Less support for newbies; True or False? So what are you suggesting? That SL stagnates and never improve to keep up with current trends and technology? Are you still using Windows 3.1? Newbies dont know how to use a feature in V2 or V3 not because the viewers are less easy to navigate than V1. If they were newbies on V1 they still would not know how to use a feature, because they are newbs, not because one viewer is more difficult than another.
  17. I think you are confusing Adult and Adult topics with Vulgarity. Just because we are adults and we dabble in adult oriented matters, does not mean we are vulgar beings with a weak command of the English language. If one is unable to have an adult conversation without being vulgar and cussing, then maybe you are not as adult as you may think. And honestly... try to write like an adult, use your words man... "wanna", "unno", "inna" .... these do not fit into the vocabulary of any self respecting adult.
  18. So what does one do? do we report them or just ignore them? I'm partial to ignoring them myself, heehee seems less effort, but I cant help but think that this may end up biting me in the ass some wa,y some day. lol
  19. thukevekow wrote: Is it possible to change your Linden home? I've been living there for quite some time (2 years) but I still feel a bit ripped off. You see I chose the japanese themed home based on the images that was on display on the website when I signed up for premium, however when I finally got to see my home in world I was dissapointed. The japanese style homes consist of one rectangular room, from the outside they look like bouble story houses but they're not. I went to visit a friend in their Linden home with a different theme and their homes seem to be much better, multiple levels, consisting of more prims etc. I have added a second floor to my home with stairs and some interrior walls, but I am still losing out, because that impacts my prims usage. So basically I am suffering from buyers remorse and wonder if it is possible to pick a different themed house? WTF is this?? This is an exact copy of a post I made a few months ago. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Is-it-possible-to-change-your-Linden-home/m-p/1192931#M34210 I fail to see how copying and pasting my post is of any use to anyone? Please do enlighten me as to what it is that you are trying to achieve here?
  20. Charly Muggins wrote: Luschious was talking about a Brian Storm session. lol, my bad... brain storm... heehee poor Brian
  21. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: It was cleverly not named 'Special Events calendar. lol, so true... I suppose a DJ hosting a party can be viewed as an event, especially if its a well known DJ and he/she does not usually host at said venue, but can the same be said for resident dj's that work the same shift at the same club every day? But yes, besides the dj thing, its the other bits that should not be there. We have to pay to list a classified ad, yet we can post a classified for free in the events calendar and propably get more exposure in doing so. It just feels to me like LL comes up with a concept, but does not really think it through properly, they apply new ideas based on a perfect world scenario, when they should pay closer attention to Murphy's law, if a user can abuse a system, they will. Surely there was a brianstorming session, a design meeting, some development, UAT etc. being done to bring this feature to light, what a shame that all those man hours and resources has been wasted, as it is now no longer being used for its intended purpose
  22. Is it just me, or has the events calendar become a classifieds add space? It is being abused by many to the extent that it is becoming increasingly hard to find an actual event. I may be wrong, but according to me a sale is not an event, maybe a yard sale. A new dress for 69L$ is not an event, a DJ playing at a club is not an event, a club with a trivia ball and a 50K sploder is not an event, being invited to come naked to a nudist beach is not an event, these are business as usual. Live performers appearing at a venue, competitions, music concerts, a screening of a movie, monday night poker, a pony race, these are events, they are things that happen out of the norm, on a special occasion, something that involved planning, something with a definite start and end time, a happening, an event. I too could jump on the band wagon and list an event every hour on the hour to promote my club (and it can really do with the promotion, lol) I could say "Come join us for nothing special for the next hour at such and such where every day happenings happen every day all day long, bring your friends" but to me that is just wrong, and I feel some form of moderation should take place on the events calendar. Does anyone else feel the same? oh oh, one last gripe session... dont you just hate it when you use inworld search and you see those little icons indicating high, low or moderate traffic, and you get there and its a bunch of campers sitting around doing nothing? In my opinion a camper and a bot to boost traffic is one and the same thing
  23. Hello Dixie, Please refer to this post and see if it is of interest to you, if so we can meet in world and discuss http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Looking-for-a-Kitty-Cat/td-p/1199239
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