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  1. What you receive for your rent: 1) Unlimited use, management and RP control of the xxxxxxxx sim and its contents. 2) Any monies you may receive from sub rental of houses or spaces herein is yours 3) Permission to construct and place one (and one only) skybox for your personal use. 4) Permission to construct and place a market skybox. 5) Our complete and unwavering support of you while under contract - regardless of RP events, personal conflicts that may occur. 6) Our best efforts to drive traffic to xxxxxxx 7) Our best efforts to help you succeed. if u look number one they say i reacive unlimited use and managment ..and they sent me that waring after a week ..and still i cant have estate right os sim..
  2. Hi all, i want to ask a question, a week ago i rented a whole sim from a landlord..and then today i get a warning from him something like this..it was a gorean sim..since i pay the tier can he terminate the rental aggrement?Can a rentel cancelled other then a reason of not paying tier?? Since my Sunday deadline for Rules to be completed has expired, you leave me no choice but to send you this: I have instructed Respi not to accept any further rent until two things have been done by you: 1) Sim rules have been posted and distributed to all citizens. 2) An executed Rental Agreement is received. The agreement was sent to you on Dec 10 Rules have been needed since Dec 15 If this not completed before Jan 28, I consider our "unexecuted agreement" to be Terminated.
  3. Hi i have a question.. does it able to send messages to a firend who is online from my Yahoo or msn .. if i m not on SL ..? thx
  4. thats not a big amount for me ..but he pissing about me.. we agreed on the land to rent for one moth and i will pay 2000L every week..adn he pay other ..after one week he told he has no money..as a favour i paid my part for one month first in stead of paying every week ) now he tells people that he didint get any money from me i rent the land by myself and stay there 1 week alone..but i get SS from my payment history.. and he cheats people and cant do anything for it..and he tellin my friends that i m a liar..omg..
  5. hi .. İ gave to a friends 3500L and after a week he gave back me 2000 back.. then he said he find a SIM and we can rent thee together and we agreed on i pat the first week and he will the other 3 weeks then i pait him 7000L more.. after a week he told me that he cant pay the tier and he has no money..and offer me to saty his fothers skybox..sure i ddint accept and he told me he ll pay me back my money.. sure he never paid back :))) i learned i cheated by him..so what can i do for it..i know i couldnt get monye back but he is telling my friends hat i didnt gave him money i rented there by myself .. i only want he dont do the same to other people..so is there anythign i can do for it ..?? thx for helps..
  6. i have that problem too..called the support number they want me to send ticket explaining the problem and ad my ID scan.. so why is for call supoort??? alost one week passed .. no mail no answer nothing..i get a mail containing a survey asking how i found the performance of supoort system..it like kidding with people.. still i dont know why my account hold on..they said age verification but is it taht hard ..and if u ask for people for age verification and choose the players by yourself why dont u do that at the beginining.. its hard to understand..i paid lready 100$ to get lindens and all gone ..more than that i opened another acount and i cant putlindens couse i m afrad of loodingthe new account too.. i m very upset
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