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  1. Ok, thank you for responding.
  2. Hello, I'm pretty new to MP and I sell mostly gacha items, no copy of course. I mostly have no problems but I did get a delivery failed the other day with one item. The buyer did not pay anything but my item is no where to be found. Have I lost them item in SL space somewhere? Do I have any options to recover my item? Thank you to anyone that can help. ps, I will be leaving for work in a little bit, so if I don't answer....you know why. :)
  3. I don't know much about computer hardware or how to build a PC. Can you advise on the best computer to buy in the store for SL?
  4. Thank you Tari! And Dresden, you might be right. lol
  5. I'm reading up on it Rival...I'm not a builder so I'm kind of scared....but we'll see. TY!
  6. Thanks Ariel...I know I might have to do that in the end...such a pain in the rear.
  7. Hello, Is there an easy way to pack up and move a 6400 sqm sim full of buildings and stuff? :) I'm trying to move an entire shopping center the easiest way possible. Maybe a reliable moving company? Any suggestions?
  8. EASTER EGG HUNT 30+ Eggs filled with Lindens 1L - 100L to be found in each egg Across 2 sims Urban Flower Shopping Center and Cozy Island Byngo From now until Sunday (4/8 - 11:59SLT) HAPPY HUNTING ◕‿◕ Brought to you by Urban Flower & Cozy Island Byngo http://slurl.com/secondlife/lionheart%20timon/209/57/28/ (Urban Flower) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cozy%20Island/6/29/21/ ( Cozy Island Byngo)
  9. Advertising exec needed for two small brand new businesses. Looking for experienced person to help with advertising, group notices, postings, campaigns, magazine ads, and concepts. Loyal and active SLer. We are looking for serious applicants only. Join the Breezy.iNK family. Pay: 250L/wk schedule negotiable.
  10. Urban Flower Lounge & Bar looking for Singers, Poets, Spoken Word, Rappers, Comedians to perform at the lounge on Open Mic Night. Tips only is the pay at this time. But it's great practice and experience. Open Mic Nights are on Tues and Fridays 12-2p and 4-6p SLT Contact Flirt Wonder inworld.
  11. Hello all, Im looking for Byngo Hosts. Brand new Byngo Venue played on the beach. Hosts must have a great look...attire will be bathing suits/bikinis. Friendly, out going, and very active in SL. Contact Flirt Wonder via inworld for more info. Note preferred with a picture.
  12. Brand new Shopping center. We're looking for vendors (apparel, photo studio, gadgets, etc.) Stylish and Chic look There is a Lounge and Bar with games on premises. 5 Shops to choose from Starting Price, 500L/week (100 prims) 20x20 structure (Keep prims below 60 each week and get 10% off rent) Move-in special - Buy 3 weeks, get 1 week FREE http://slurl.com/secondlife/lionheart%20timon/209/57/28/ Contact me inworld if interested, or drop by and read the notecard in rental box.
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