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  1. Everything you upload in second life has a UUID. It should be pretty simple when original creators supply the first UUID they ever uploaded compared to the dates of the files the thief has.
  2. Still does not mean the body will have a long life. Lots of people are not even aware about who they are and what happened before. Their tmp body did well as well and then everything went sideways. It was so bad that they had several sales at 500 L trying to get people to buy it.
  3. When buying a body its important to have quality customer service. I don't think there will be a lot of designers wanting to make clothes for the new legacy body for the simple fact that because of what happened with their tmp those items are barely selling now. Who wants to take the time to do a rig for a body that will have a short life.
  4. This is a good thing and if everyone gets on board it will reduce lag and performance on the servers. Polygons, scripts and texture memory were killing us. This affects all of us, even our computers life. Users complain without truly understanding, but frame rates WILL improve. Siddean Munro from Slink did a great job and other popular body brands are working hard to get their products ready. Once firestorm releases the new BoM release I am updating my viewer and ( sighs ) updating all my products with alpha support. Like anything beta there will be glitches but they will get ironed out and on we go ........ forward
  5. I will, thank you and I suggest others do the same. But mostly I will not take anything for granted. It seems to me that LL keep's on changing things. Only time will tell us what we are up against. As my mother use to say - We will cross that bridge when we get to it.
  6. The question does not, in itself, seem at all "silly," Onyx. I've spent literally hours and hours here over the past few weeks trying to assist residents coming in with questions, concerns, or misinformation about Tilia. The vast majority of those questions were from people who pretty clearly have not processed credit out of Second Life, and in most cases didn't even know what that term meant. Their confusion is pretty understandable. On top of that, yes, you are right, the available information is confusing, and it's actually not easy finding authoritative answers. Even LL's own blog post announcing Tilia contains incorrect information, as (for some unaccountable reason) it has not been updated since LL made a major change to the process, and exempted most residents from having to agree to the Tilia TOS. What triggered me a little, and I assume Qie, about your post is that you obviously do know something about this process, and should certainly know enough to be able to find the answers without first contributing, as you (unintentionally, I hope) did by airing misinformation about new fees. I'm sorry if my response seemed "bullying," but I'm getting awfully tired of doing this. One question for which I'd seriously like an answer is, where did you get the idea that there were likely, or even possibly, going to be new fees? At no point in this process has LL suggested anything of the sort. I don't want specific names or even groups -- but I'd really like to know how this misinformation is being spread around. And I'd love to know if any of it is malicious. I wasn't saying there would be additional fee's I was asking if there would be. LL sprung the last one on us and Tilia will need administrators, logically at some point I suspect there will be fee's attached to that as well. I did not spread such a rumor and I didn't hear of it either, it was a question I asked myself. To me it only seemed like a logical question.
  7. It does say in the Tilia TOS (and this is not unusual these days and I really HATE that) LL can change the TOS of Tilia at any time in the future. This was affirmed in the video, so yes, it does seem that the fee could be increased but ONLY if it is legal within the laws of the various states. Grumpity mentioned that each state was different and so that "not more than three dollars per month" estimate was dependent on the laws of the various states. So it isn't likely that they can just decide to make it $5.00 on their own for example. They have TOLD us anyway that they cannot. WATCH THE VIDEO. While LL has told us many things lately that they aren't following through on, I do believe that the RL laws will keep THAT kind of change from being arbitrary. AGAIN, for the people that will continue to use Tilia and process there USD balances to Paypal etc, they will need to stay alert. Also AGAIN, Premium members will not have to worry about the fee. So the CURRENT number of users that have to worry about this are very small. WATCH THE VIDEO I will and thank you Chic. Much appreciated
  8. I'm going to answer this on the (admittedly doubtful) assumption that, just maybe, it is an actual question. There is NO indication, and no reason to believe at this time, that LL, through Tilia or SL, is planning to add additional fees. In fact, on the contrary, LL has announced that Tilia's fees for credit processing are the same as those currently charged, and not additional to them. I quote from the very first FAQ in LL's "Official" Tilia thread: If you want a more detailed breakdown of the implications of the changes, check out the FAQ here, and most especially Inara Pey's detailed, comprehensive, and wonderfully well organized summary of the recent town hall on this subject. Finally, I'm going to echo Qie's point: if you already know enough to be aware that LL raised the fee for credit processing, you know enough to be able to find this information yourself, just as I, and most others on this thread, have. Personally, I can make allowance for residents who do not regularly process credit, because they are likely to be generally unaware of the entire process, and LL has not done a great job of passing this info on. It's pretty clear, however, that you have no such excuse. I am sorry if this question seemed silly to you but It was a legit question as I did put a ( ? ) It might be to others as well if they withdraw money from second life. After all Tilia will be handling the process. Yes I do know about the fee but this does not mean another fee will not be added on when Tilia takes effect. I did read about Tilia but I must have missed that as most of what I read was confusing to begin with and it went on and on ..... Its nice to have people helping others but those who ridicule while doing it just makes them look like bullies. Thank you for the informative response.
  9. Not at all its a concern. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked. I thought this thread was for people who had concerns and questions. If that rubs you the wrong way, all you had to do was ignore.
  10. Just a few weeks ago LL doubled the processing fee for cashing out from 2.5% to 5%. Are we going to have pay fee's to LL and to Tilia now ?
  11. Second life voice is vivox . Its been acting up last couple of days .... lots of breaking up sounds and frequent loss of voice all together.
  12. Banning could be useful if that also included others from being able to gift to the banned account. Otherwise its useless
  13. Nice idea . I would like to ban some people as well but what would be the use of a ban button when people can simply gift ?
  14. I get theses every single day . I have had up to 12 in one single day. They are swift to leave when my orb doesnt catch them and 9 times out of 10 they are 3000 feet up even though the landing is set to ground level :smileysurprised: talk about bizarre !!
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