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  1. Thank you Thinkerer. I have read that article as part of my research but I'm simply looking for up to date suggestions regarding the currently available softwware for capture. Most of the information like this article is years old and I just want ot be certain I am getting the best tool for the job when i plunk down by 70 or 90 dollars. If you have any specific recommendations based on current offerings, I wpould very much appreciate it. Again, this is for use on a Mac and since i will be editing in Final Cut 7, I dont need it to be a full suite. Just a capture tool. Xe
  2. Hello, I am fairly new to machnima and to Second Life. I would like to capture some video but all of the information about video capture tools that i can find seems slightly dated. I would like to hear thoughts about what people think would be the right tool for the job right now. I will be editing in FCP7 so what i really need is something that either captures with presets that require no conversion for FCP7 or have a fairly painless setup where i can get those variables set. Obviously editing tools wont be much of a factor, just really just good and painless control over capture. oh yeah, i am doing this all on a Powerbook, so... Mac OX Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Xe
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